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Turnover Poems

Turnover Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of turnover poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for turnover.

New Poems

green oboe

Two cups of minced bell peppers, red and yellow(one cup each). Two cups of green onions. Quarter cup of minced garlic,two cups of cooked chopped bacon.three cups of sour cream,two...Read More
Categories: turnover, africa, america, art, assonance, bible, food, gospel,
Form: Ballad

Trump and Approach Are Superficial
Trump and Approach Are Superficial

Started at beginning and point that is initial,
His approach and appearance are superficial;
Trouble up stirred,
With each word;
Statements Trump made had been prejudicial.

James Horn
Retired Veteran
BA Sociology, Psychology Minor
MA Urban Economics

I really met the requirements
for a BA in...Read More
Categories: turnover, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Trump Born A Beginner
Trump Born A Beginner

Trump had been  born a beginner;
Prayed at dinner to remain thinner;
He ended being,
Not worth seeing
Is now President and big, fat sinner.

Trump is in another  period of denial;
As President he is constantly on trial;
Habits  bad,
That...Read More
Categories: turnover, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member I, am a Warrior
I am a survivor, a warrior,
no matter how far I fall in this life!
My short time full of hurts and scars,
all my journals read like memoirs;
I endured the wreck of childhood,
before many tombs-   I have stood;
I have walked...Read More
Categories: turnover, courage, life, strength,
Form: Ballad
1984 and beyond
     I awake to the sound of birds singing.  A faint memory of my dreamworld still      remains, the feeling of being held under water at a FEMA " Re-education" camp....Read More
Categories: turnover, political,
Form: Prose

Green the color of life
Green loved to travel
Was very influential 
Had a multi-billion dollar turnover,
His coverage spread,
Becoming ruler of the earth,
His beauty was astounding
Attracted many,
Very impressive,
People would travel for miles 
Just to look at him,
Or even stroll by,
He must hold the secret of life,
Without...Read More
Categories: turnover, poems,
Form: Personification
Law of causality was 
seeking answers from the 
rites of flowers. Why do a black powder 
and glass sharpnels interrupt 
the turnover of bliss, 
when I held the sacred 
lotus in my hand ?

Somebody brings moon 
at halt. A loud...Read More
Categories: turnover, art,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Authority
All powers are wrapped in a grasp to
Umbrella an interest for a common goal
Taking every step with virtually no bureaucracy
Holding the baton of command and instructions, so that
On no account are decisions challenged
Rights and responsibilities, directed by it for an
Instant...Read More
Categories: turnover, political, power,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member A new key
Why~ Now- huh
Did you turnover- your mind
Perfection went side ways
For us to be in solitary, may I say
Go from loving, to nothing, to something
It doesn't add up, rose bush~ I hold back
Pomegranate, became sour, and bitter
Listen~ Understand, my heart

Shall~ I...Read More
Categories: turnover, change, confusion, writing,
Form: Free verse
Behind the words
Some people say I'm to dark,
and I'm not talking about my skin,
its what I writing with my pen.

I know my words
 can sometimes come out to strong,
but I'm like "oops sorry,
I'll just turnover the page and start a new song."

But...Read More
Categories: turnover, courage, imagery,
Form: Narrative
This cross mark of identity, staid lore
the last encounter, recognizing's score
memorable, the lost, the size of war
turnover my resolve, feeling's what for!

My holding on to being, rich or poor
the nights, the restless feeling, the encore
refuse the past, reopen some lost...Read More
Categories: turnover, future, history, war,
Form: Monorhyme
Bankrupt Inner Lives
Bankrupt Inner Lives
                   by Odin Roark

At night
The vacuous feel only their emptiness
Lining up in the dark
Beside stanchions of velvet rope
As condor sentries...Read More
Categories: turnover, life, drug,
Form: Free verse
Dream Keys
Dream Keys
      by Odin Roark

A NY mantra
Rent the rentable
Move the movable
Key the keyable


Four-wall-guardian of yesterday’s youth
Vacuous cellmates of old age loneliness
All part of a cyclic maze
All having a key
Urban life’s Rubik’s Cube turnover

Today’s the day

“Two...Read More
Categories: turnover, dream,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Job - part 2
On the plane I meditated or at least I tried to.  Most of the time I get a seat to myself.  These days it’s just a ****ing Greyhound in the sky.  I am not the most handsome...Read More
Categories: turnover, death, desire, first love,
Form: Narrative
Before to even know
We have already began
Have you found a role?
Beyond all who shall want

Given the many roles we play
The many scenes to be playing out
Have you not seen the other way?
Did your deepen thought simply cloud?

I do see several...Read More
Categories: turnover, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Do I Know About Being German
Born American, sixth generation of great-grands all German,
not much liking sausage or sauerkraut, English speaking all the way,

except the Germany of my ancestry was fought over and broken
so I’m a bit of France, Germany, Poland, Hungary all the Holy

Roman empire,...Read More
Categories: turnover, america, community, drink, farm, food, grandfather, grandmother,
Form: Couplet
Spindle time as sowing illusions
Drowning in a sea of images
The measures that raise life seconds
Human is the animate doll who conquered the presence

Life from the past back to the present
From the present for the future
Turnover outlined by destiny
Like an hourglass...Read More
Categories: turnover, inspirational, life, life,
Form: Free verse

What the world waits for
A miracle    new Eden
A great revival
An influx of innocence
Like a great enchanting wave

Like starting over
Adam and eve    the tree    snake
Virgin nakedness
Dark clouds give way to blue...Read More
Categories: turnover, fantasy
Form: Free verse
Laying quietly in the dark
Alone in bed on my right side
Listening to the tinnitus
In my ear, praying sleep will come;
Not that I have obligations
To meet in the early morning;
I am an old retired dude
With a lot of time on my...Read More
Categories: turnover, angst
Form: Verse
Until Then
The girl of my dreams and
I became an insomniac

Everyday I exalted her and
These days no more contrary...

Caressing her beauty but
Obscured to the ethereal sight
Deaf to the harmonious voice

I search for her but
Everytime I turnover
I descend

Blood bolting through veins
Anxiety attack with
Each...Read More
Categories: turnover, love
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Beaten not Forgotten
For BATTER or worse!
Tired of facing this bat-less ball
My life tied up and beaten to a pole, 
like the color black, the pain is endlessly
Facing life with no possibility
Facing life's judgment
The envy of all matters
A slave to my grave,...Read More
Categories: turnover, america, art, bullying, depression, life,
Form: Rhyme
I like fruit
Apple crisp or apple crumble
They are both desserts
That will make me stumble

Apple turnover or apple pie
They are both foods
That make me feel high

Apple cider or apple juice
They are both drinks
That make me feel loose

Candied apples or apples in caramel
Both are...Read More
Categories: turnover, foodme, me,
Form: Free verse
i am here
I speak for many
But not for all 
He was a military veteran
Awaiting a September fall
I put my song in your heart
My heart is your song
Until I crawl beaten
Back into your womb
Days they seem to stretch
For how long
Could I have been...Read More
Categories: turnover, dedication, inspirational, life, music, son, song-timejourney,
Form: Free verse
It bounced off the truck
And then rolled down the highway
Apple turnover


How 'bout them apples
When Jonathan McIntosh
Won the spelling bee


Apple of my eye
Jenny had the sweetest smile
For another guy


Right down to the core
When that apple crossed the plate
An infield dribble


Just one...Read More
Categories: turnover, food, funny
Form: Haiku
All Blacks 27 Ireland 17...its a try!
they're looking cool, 
the haka, with passion lots 
of aggression, 

All blacks looking to disrupt, 
opening minutes of the game, 

hands on the ball, 
first out of the line outs 
lovely little chip 

chip it's on... 
playing advantage 
it's hosing...Read More
Categories: turnover, passion, ireland,
Form: Lyric