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True Love Poems

True Love Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about true love. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for true love.

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New Poems

What if
The human heart…the young human heart. I look at our lives, the confusion we live in. Falling in and out of love, having friends..with benefits…dreaming of perfect relationships…unrealistic ones. Sometimes I wonder what kind of children we’re gonna make if...Read More
Categories: true love, devotion, engagement, friendship love,
Form: Narrative

by michael r. burch

these are the days of doom
u seldom leave ur room
u live in perpetual gloom

yet also the days of hope
how to cope?
u pray and u grope

toward self illumination ...
becoming an angel
(pure love)

and yet You must love Your Self

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Categories: true love, angel, depression, heaven, hope, love, recovery from,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase
She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase

BEHOLD- she that a torn heart can repair,
a Venus that bright stars envy and praise
she that reflects morn's firstborn golden rays
sumptuous love, beyond mortal compare!

Soft as silk glistening as fallen dew
blithe spirit, born...Read More
Categories: true love, appreciation, beauty, inspiration, love, passion, romantic, sensual,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Free Verse On Love
You have loved me, always,
as you did throughout our spring-
so lush and green-
when nothing was too hard for us
to keep our love
alive and new.

All through the summer of our life,
as children blessed
our married years,
and tending to them became first-
you did...Read More
Categories: inspirational, true love,
Form: Free verse
Peeping Lolita
A virile young lass and her beau
Sought to share their true love in a show
They covered their faces, and hid all the places
Where cameras would film status quo

Copyright ©2020 Donald E Abbott
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Categories: true love, giggle, humorous,
Form: Limerick

Reality driven
Reality driven.

Hand on heart I love you.
From the start my love has been true.
So beautiful, as soon as we met.
You caught me looking and I was trapped in your net.

Stuck to you through thick and thin.
You are on my mind...Read More
Categories: true love, desire, i love you, love, passion, relationship,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Free Verse on Love
I’ve never felt this way before.
The joy comes from the depths of my soul.
I don’t know how to explain this feeling.
It’s a feeling that is beyond words of description.

I’ve never imagined so much passion from the heart.
It’s almost like I’ve...Read More
Categories: true love, blessing, inspiration, inspirational, love, romance, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member You make me feel
You make me feel like dreams…
Are being brought to life…
Like the moment that we met…
Ended all my worst strife.

You make me feel like true joy…
Has been kindled in my soul,
Bringing about those precious moments…
Reminding me that my heart is in...Read More
Categories: true love, blessing, love, passion, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
The Butterfly
Butterfly, Butterfly, Oh! so fair
On gossamer wings you flit on the air
Soaring serenely high up above
Tell me, please tell me, where is my true love?

With my arms wrapped around you
You started to weep
And the tears that you shed
Flowed down your...Read More
Categories: true love, lost love, romance,
Form: Madah
It was more than a decade ago...
Mom by faith was transported to God's celestial kingdom 
now, she's joined by beloved Dad in blissful fellowship
awaiting loved ones for an eternal reunion midst worship* of grateful praise. 

*Revelation 15:4 Who shall not...Read More
Categories: true love, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true
Form: Verse
(Verse 1)
I just want to be 
Involved in something romantically
With someone who wants to be
In this together with me
Oh I 
Want to be with a guy 
Who understands why 
Why he chose 
To be with me whoa
Promise to give all...Read More
Categories: age, beautiful, butterfly, true love, uplifting, voice,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A LONELY STAR

‘You are the tea leaves I am the tea pot I the tiny snowflake and you the snow’ _Maria Williams

her days her nights now empty 
how would she carry on

without him by her side

life had been a roller coaster
together they...Read More
Categories: true love, death, heartbroken, lonely, lost love, together, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member You by my side
You By My Side.
With you by my side
The world suddenly disappears
Angels sing and stars appear
When I hold your hand
Makes me feel a giant of a man
For it says to the world
I’m your boy and you, my girl
And when our lips...Read More
Categories: true love, love, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Finding True Love

Greatest thrill is to find true love
No need for questions, a sign from above
Never mistaken
Senses awaken
Tingling inside, known as a buzz

...Read More
Categories: true love, love,
Form: Limerick
Without your eyes, there is no Grand Canyon or Redwood
With SELF, there is both selfishness and selflessness
Stop thinking, start meditating: I have taken, what may I give?
Jesus chose to yield His will, to obey Father. In Jesus I rest
The Incarnation,...Read More
Categories: bible, education, jesus, meaningful, self, true love,
Form: Epigram
In Touch With My Soul
I feel the aftermath of sadness written upon my heart
It's the feeling you get when no one is communicating with you
And you have to read the signs and wonders to know what is happening around you, sometimes it is hard...Read More
Categories: true love, 3rd grade, endurance, england, loneliness, power, travel,
Form: Narrative
I Loved A Girl Here
I loved a girl here and nobody will ever know
You climbed that tree 
to get a better view
I didn't have to 
I was looking at EVERYTHING I wanted to see

I loved a girl here in this field of green
Naked on...Read More
Categories: true love, longing, lost love, love, romantic love, true
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member HOME
Good morning love,
I'm here thinking about you.
About when we first met,
when I first saw you and knew.

You encased my heart,
you took my world by surprise.
I will forever be lost,
in those beautiful brown eyes.

You are my true love, 
my dearest best...Read More
Categories: death, love, true love,
Form: Rhyme
Love Sestet
you walked out of my dreams
into my life that day
the day that changed my life
when you became my wife
and filled my life with love
that date I met true love

...Read More
Categories: true love, how i feel, love, lust,
Form: Sestina
I want our lives to be a wonderful chronicle 
          Cuz’ all you are to me is but a miracle 

I want our lives to be void of obstacles 
 ...Read More
Categories: true love, adventure, cute love, desire, relationship, romantic love,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Bon Jovi: Always
Bon Jovi: Always

This Romeo is bleeding, but you don't see his blood,
For it is pulsating in him, finding ways to join his love,
Way out is found, a kind of gift, bottled by a crying dove,
Romeo dies and Juliet rise, and...Read More
Categories: true love, emotions, love, song, together,
Form: Lyric
Blessed with God’s wondrous goodness
my three siblings and I* were privileged 
to bask in our parents’ graciousness
gladly we indeed acknowledged.

Love prevailed in all corners of our home
may it be North, East, South or West*
securing us well inside haven-dome
where we share...Read More
Categories: true love, appreciation, blessing, childhood, christian, family, god, true
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member stepping stones
Stepping Stones

Invest one’s words whilst
Disengaging spent brain mode;
Discover Haiku. 

Walk midst new flora,
Engaging sensory brain;
Discover freedom.

Test out thoughts anew,
Embracing strange views unleashed;
Discover mercy.

Follow trekking stones,
Entranced with fierce, sleeping giants;
Discover courage.

Look askance at
Passing points of brutal pain;
Discover heartbeats.

Feel pure cashmere shawl
Wrap...Read More
Categories: true love, life, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Saving herself for the right man in her life
as she prays always from day to night
God, please send me the right man that is right for me
as I seek your grace and seeks destiny
one day soon the right man shall...Read More
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, friendship, marriage, true love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rise Above It - LM
Rise Above It

born with no legs- born with no arms
reality left many qualms

he rose above reality-
a famous man, he came to be

he found true love- who would have guessed
two children born- a marriage blessed

all 'round the world, he motivates-
each audience-...Read More
Categories: true love, inspiration, motivation, uplifting,
Form: Couplet