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Tainted Poems

Tainted Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tainted poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tainted.

New Poems

Death Through My Life Part TWO
As an adolescent I grew with the knowledge of existence of soul within,
My life tainted with dirt and filth, consciously and unwittingly,
Unawares I must have bitter experiences of mocking dangers,
The tenets of life on earth had always veiled the truth...Read More
Categories: tainted, christian, death, god, grave, heaven,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Healing a Trumpian God
I remember several prayers
to invoke God's blessings on America
as a reminder of traditional political mindfulness?
Fundamental awareness of our economic investments
in win/win GoldenRule
positive social-psychological security.

No one "keeps"
or "makes"
this confederation of uniting states great,
unless we democratically cooperate with them
for mutually developing resonant...Read More
Categories: tainted, education, faith, health, hope, integrity, religion, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Suffering and Death of Jesus
Searching vainly, the dark enthralled with death, 
Moral fervor and forthrightness deep breath.
In utter silence, stealth into its depths 
Drawing breath, soon all His knowledge in breadth. 

Amidst the Garden of Gethsemane, 
Distraught His strength falter growing angst pain; 
Looking...Read More
Categories: tainted, abuse, angst, jesus,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Taoist Skills
Yin listens for baseline safety,
absence of aggression,

While Yang speaks up
and out
for social
economic significance
without tainted infamy;
saintly synergetic
means not sinnerly energetic.

Yet ego safety
rests more likely yin flowing
in our autonomous insignificance
through resonant democratic choice-making
co-passionate Yang political health
economic wealth
worshiping sacred transcendence
of felt and needed...Read More
Categories: tainted, culture, earth, fate, health, political, power, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Bruise Nature's Best
lusty lips laced
tainted tuning trace
felon features foiled
bleeding blurry boils
hoity hanker hoisted
voluptuous vying birth

sumptuous smile seeped'n 
nocturnal nature's acme
latter leering heed

apt posture pulses
etched entourage contracting
bruised beauty bleeding

even saucy silhouette
bruise nature's best.

Note: Of my tasty and delicious...Read More
Categories: tainted, beauty,
Form: Sonnet


I am as one, on this today 
As I'll ever get to be
Just sat here, in contemplation 
With a cup of Assam tea
Memories which flooding back
With finite coloured clarity
Chance scatterings of whispered wind,
Which laughs at his own vulgarity
Permutations which fill...Read More
Categories: tainted, analogy, assonance, hyperbole,
Form: Rhyme
Planted: Real Poetry To Live By
I play with shadows
under guise of light and dark
ripened under a half-met sun
ripp'd where tainted thoughts dare run

looking down,
barren to thrust
flowers slain and seeds lay rough
all the while
the weeds won't grow


her toil
in muddy soil
patted pasties put, dripp'd in soot
dirtied mouths...Read More
Categories: tainted, giggle, growth,
Form: Epic
april 3 poems
April 3 Poems

Humor keeps us sane
it is a piece of what we need to do
to prevent us from getting 
the dreaded corona virus
coming up your nose

Pensively prompt - unpublished

creative talents unleashed

First Kiss with My wife

It was 1982 
when I first...Read More
Categories: tainted, anxiety, april, poems,
Form: Free verse
I am A Boy Living In A Country
I’m a boy living in a country where
We get emotional over every government move
And every government move is chartered over our emotions
Emotions are chastised whether it or let be
One trying to correct the wrong,
But nay, one man ain’t a power...Read More
Categories: tainted, celebration, corruption, dedication, discrimination, family, fantasy, spoken
Form: Free verse
the bullies gathered
an obese boy left distraught

*a controversy
child’s presenter with one hand
courageous spirit

handicaps abused
the carers without a heart
innocence tainted

impressive actress
children of the lesser God
being deaf and dumb

Children of a Lesser God Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Craig Cornish 

*Claire "Cerrie" Burnell (born...Read More
Categories: tainted, abuse, health, mental illness, prejudice,
Form: Senryu

This Nautical Life

The angry blue sea was never for me
 as I flipped through the national rag
 But something still niggled as I imagined and giggled
 to the call of an old briny hag

It was just two weeks later, when dear mother...Read More
Categories: tainted, drink, innocence, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Seductive Syllables' Creed
eerie aura augmented
felon feature fermented
cremating callous contractions
drooling drips punctured
hoity relief reeled
vying voluptuous acme

tainted tongue trained'n
decking damped trail
fostered feelings feign

porous pulchritude birthed
crisp conception pivoted
mystic smirk aided

syntactic silhouette seeped'n
seductive syllables' creed.

Note: Dedicated to a dickhead I cherish: Oreoluwa....Read More
Categories: tainted, hero,
Form: Sonnet
Inferno hatred
Inferno hatred
By: Christopher Nickles
As the night gets late
Everything fills with hate
Aware of all the stakes
I will do all it takes
Youll see the depths of my hatred
To release all which I created
Come and ride, got room for all
Be cautious, wont stop...Read More
Categories: tainted, anger, evil, hate,
Form: Rhyme
"Do what you have to do the lame police officer
Uttered to the abusive man standing beside me
"Speak to your JP she said to the man who has abused me. I still cannot get over the shock of the abusive man
Standing...Read More
Categories: tainted, abuse, betrayal, business, character, devotion, endurance, environment,
Form: Narrative
Imperial heiress waving the dry handkerchief,
how flows your infectious desires ... 
spreading oh so much malignant sawdust grief

Holding darkly the pestilent flame
closely to the pox-tinted looking glass
Scorch thy self-acclaimed name
into the pantheon sky of kingdoms past

See thy haughty visage
lunar bathing...Read More
Categories: tainted, allusion, fear, humanity, imagery,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Corona and Social Distancing
There sneaked a micro organism into the lives of human kind from elsewhere,
Who made it intruded is still a mystery, yet it’s fate of the world
That life on earth is engulfed with thorns and bruises?
They say: It’s from bats, some...Read More
Categories: tainted, confidence, courage, endurance, environment, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member You Will Never See This
Somewhere along the way we lost it
and I cry wondering if I could have stopped it.

Just my hindsight saw it all unfold.
For years now it has been more than my heart can hold.

Mentally, your voiced views batter me.
Emotionally, your behaviors...Read More
Categories: tainted, angst, change, conflict, emotions, love, mother daughter,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Pestilence
Sheer madness
Panic and chaos
Tainted with sadness
A wave of pestilence
Sweeping through our lands
The so called experts and Government
Don’t fully understand
Has now cursed the populous
Got out of hand
Excessive greed
Disregards common sense
And necessities of basic need
Panic buying
Leaves others without
And many dying
The media machine...Read More
Categories: tainted, angst, anxiety, sick,
Form: I do not know?
Seeing all the beauties of the world
Seeing all beauties of the world
Before they get tainted 

Wondering around like a bird
Exploring things__ nobody has seen before 

Paintings the world around,
With your own brush,
Molding it like an artist 

Learning new things like a little child
Curious enough to reach...Read More
Categories: tainted, beautiful, imagination, love, magic, myth,
Form: Free verse
The betrayal has cut to the bone
It never leaves my soul 
I try to go about my daily life
But the pain creeps up 
It cuts like a knife
It invades even my dreams
Memories that were happy
Have been decimated
Reminders have been tainted
Joy...Read More
Categories: tainted, angst, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
i saw you across the street, once
I could be the dead poet
The one that haunts your heart 
The one they write stories about.
I could be the star-crossed love of your life.
I could ruin you 
With my words like knives. 
If it’s any consolation, 
I wouldn’t want...Read More
Categories: tainted, dark, desire, magic, soulmate,
Form: Free verse
Such Sassy Trends
like callous comet
bully cloud belched
punctured pills puked
vying nauseated view
dark dances drool
squashing strained mood

like taunted torrent
rustic rain rent
wanky waves melt

gaunt boulevard growling
tainted trees throwing
hoisted hampered hankering

such sassy trends
coached Dimash's crest.

Note: Dedicated to Dimash Kudeibergen...Read More
Categories: tainted, hero,
Form: Sonnet
Our Roots
You fell at the fingertips
Of our loving family's arms,
Like a raindrop cascading,
From a weakened leaf.
Our roots became buried
In complications and disagreement,
They envied the attention
That the world above them was fed instead.
I'd scan the room for you,
Only to be faced with...Read More
Categories: tainted, family,
Form: Free verse
Hidden Hand Inurned
Snake oily palms
got a-plenty 
under the table plans

Synthetic sly reptilian smile
bewitching many
Picking pockets with a hidden hand

Real filthy lucre fingernails 
have the zircon gluttonous glow
that enticingly Endora sells 

Dirty laundered money
boa clutches 
that unclean epidermal soul

Those cobra soundbytes ain’t adder...Read More
Categories: tainted, allusion, corruption, money, perspective,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Lost Lanky Ink
eerie syllables spanked
by tainted trance
nocturnal nature puked
bounty boo blew
hoisting haggard rhymes
porous perfection chided 

life like limb
lusty labium crippled
vying velocity tripped

dark days damped
traced gullible dance
drooling death pat 

pulpy pen dripped
lost lanky ink.

Note: Dedicated to John...Read More
Categories: tainted, hero,
Form: Sonnet