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Tailgate Poems

Tailgate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tailgate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tailgate.

New Poems

Premium Member One date too many
she spoke of her man who rode a horse
to date her one night
no carriage in place for her to sit
she smacked the horse’s rear
her man was ridden out of sight.

she spoke of her man who had horse
and wagon on her...Read More
Categories: tailgate, funny,
Form: Rhyme

National Beer Day
Today’s a day to shout and cheer
And naturally, to have a beer
For it’s the day, across the land,
When Prohibition lost its stand.

We owe it all to F.D.R.
And whether you are in a bar,
At home or at a tailgate party,
Fill your...Read More
Categories: tailgate, celebration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Road Rage
Road Rage
By: Tom Wright

The latest phenomenon
Of “Britches” day and age,
Was his life’s first encounter?
With the tag Road Rage;

It had happened one night
Or was it early morning?
It began without inkling,
Thought, plan, or warning.

“Britches” couldn’t recall
If hour was early or late,
But someone...Read More
Categories: tailgate, funny,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Winter's Teasing Silence

As I sit here
looking out into the cold,
all motion except the flow of sight 
seem to be frozen still; even the wind
appears to have blown into a rest stop.

All sounds—
the adversaries of silence—
seem to have gone into retreat;
leaving an eerie...Read More
Categories: tailgate, imagery, metaphor, nature, silence, sound, wind, winter,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Anticipating Autumn
With temps in the nineties for four solid weeks,
and nary a raindrop forever it seems;
our outlook is bleak and to this our mood speaks
of these late summer months and their endless extremes
as the visions of autumn are filling our dreams....Read More
Categories: tailgate, autumn, longing,
Form: Quintain (English)

Ready Set Go
Ready set go, pick yourself up off of that floor
Because you probably drank to much the night before
You have an alcohol problem you can't ignore

Put your pants on one leg at a time 
Now make sure you can walk a...Read More
Categories: tailgate, 10th grade, anxiety, blessing, confidence, depression, dream,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Field Trip to the Civic Center
Do not be self-conscious or anything, but I have got my big ,rotatorof an eye on you.
I know your mama and yourdad, and I’m willing to let them know if you are not being true.
I cannot tell you that it...Read More
Categories: tailgate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Rhyme
country night
Dirt road
Pick up truck
Blue jean baby
 By my side, Harvest moon lights up the night
My tailgate down, our swinging cowboy boots
A Gentle breeze
Sweet kisses
You and
...Read More
Categories: tailgate, farm,
Form: Tetractys
Tailgates and Porch Swings
Out in the driveway
Sits my old pickup truck
Whose tailgates the first place
I learned about love

Its held on with cables 
That are rusted and worn
While its seen better days 
Its weathered the storm

That old rusty tailgate
Helped see me through
When I lost...Read More
Categories: tailgate, character, journey, life,
Form: Lyric
49 years past; a puppy was bought, picked up out of his pen on a pet shop floor;
he had honey brown eyes & an inquisitive way. He grew to be so loyal and true, how can I say, with just...Read More
Categories: tailgate, adventure, memory, pets,
Form: Rhyme

Road Trip
Let’s take a
Road trip

I want to go
Far away,
Even to
Outer space
Where we can
Race the stars
The night sky-
I’ll fly you
On clouds,
Drift soft
On winds
Or burrow
Deep in the
A landmark
Unto myself-

I’ll show you my
Favorite things
Kisses in the rain,
Point out the places
That I have been,
And which...Read More
Categories: tailgate, adventure, fear, racism, spoken word, travel,
Form: Free verse
Southern Tales -
He drops the tailgate on that old GMC truck
using it as a makeshift workbench
He tinkers with an old icemaker 
determined to bring it back to it's former glory
He whistles an old country tune as he works with contentment
His screwdriver slips...Read More
Categories: tailgate, blessing, culture, family, freedom, happiness, nostalgia, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Driving School
Learn it
Earn it

Road signs

Parking 101

Text messages
Back Off!
Jail bait

Officer on duty

Contest for March of the Footles-- Sponsored by Timothy Hicks
...Read More
Categories: tailgate, car, people, teen, teenage,
Form: Footle
A Wedding During Football Season
A Wedding During Football Season

By Elton Camp

It has often wisely been said
Football season’s no time to wed

Let’s make one thing quite clear
It’s only four months of the year

So a wedding on the day of a game
Is so incredibly selfish and...Read More
Categories: tailgate, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Tailgate Party
Poet:  Ken Jordan
Poem:  Tailgate Party
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan
written:  January/2015

It's my 
tailgate party

you're welcome 
to come -

Music's blasting,

a hot

Webber Grill
In the 
parking lot -

Got my 
game day apron 


Oak wood Q'd
Baby Back 

Slow grilled 

Sweet Hickory 
BBQ sauce -

laced with
half cup 
Jim Beam 
Whiskey -

this party
is Popp'in

a Deep Pot
Baked Beans;

Maple flavored,
Thick Center 
beacon strips

Natural...Read More
Categories: tailgate, food, football, happy,
Form: Prose
First light
Inspired by "First light" 
Green tape instrumentals 
record by Evidence of Dilated 

Plan my escape out the depths 
of inferno
Time wasted as fast as 
cigarettes burning
As a fan of this form of art, 
back in the day
Listened, learnt, wrote a...Read More
Categories: tailgate, hip hop
Form: Rhyme
Big Mike
Big mike got away again                                   ...Read More
Categories: tailgate, adventure, childhood, family, fish, grandfather, joy, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Things That Annoy Me
I reckon you could call me an old curmudgeon but that's alright!
I've been around four score and three and I have earned that right!
There are many things that annoy me but I'll mention just a few.
Hang in there with me...Read More
Categories: tailgate, how i feel, humorous, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Life right now is a sorry state
But at times its been great
I'd be okay except for Fate
Upon my nerves she does grate

Don't like her but I wouldn't sat hate
If I do she'll add more freight
Trust me boys, no good blind...Read More
Categories: tailgate, fun, funny, , fate,
Form: Monorhyme
Dreams of My New Year
I usually don’t make them, resolutions I mean
With the best of intentions they begin and end as a dream
But as I reflect on the year that just ended
Many of my actions leave me offended
So I will start on this new...Read More
Categories: tailgate, life, new year, people, new years day,
Form: Light Verse
Game Day
Mighty Ducks win the game
Pass the ball perfect the play
There's so much riding on your fame
Men clad in armor win the day

The crowds are grumbling they've all gone wild
The stripes bad call has hardened your trial
Yard by yard your penalties...Read More
Categories: tailgate, football,
Form: Quatrain
Down the Interstate Lickety-Split
Down the Interstate Lickety-Split

By Elton Camp 

What folly, on the Interstate, it is to try
Driving as if laws of physics don’t apply

To travel in some high-speed wolf pack
A modicum of good sense does lack

Driving only feet from the vehicle ahead
Results...Read More
Categories: tailgate, travel,
Form: Rhyme
My Children are Mexicans
out in the county and up the highway
anger hangs like lost voodoo over Miami
dances on bumperstickers
floats on airwaves
scars faces with perpetual glares
colors perceptions darkly
alters moods and
drives young men to football coaches
then army recruiters

anger that beats stepchildren
hunts coyotes for pleasure
and hangs...Read More
Categories: tailgate, social, children, son, old, lost, wife, children,
Form: Free verse
Another season has started and he's ready to go.
For the Bobwhite Quail is this hunters foe.
He's one beautiful dog,but he's not for show,
for not many of birds have out smarted old-Joe.

He's been lying in the yard now for months on...Read More
Categories: tailgate, friendship, happiness, dog, bird, bird, dog, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Am Bored With Boors
I looked up the word 'boor' in my Funk n' Wagnalls to verify the truth.
I found that, "A 'boor' is one who's ill-bred, crude and somewhat uncouth!"
I find boors obnoxious and inconsiderate jerks when they flaunt their gall!
Their disgusting, rude...Read More
Categories: tailgate, funnyme,
Form: Rhyme