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BoBo's Comeuppance

A Rottweiler  Shepard mix
longsuffering had proven to be
With the Doberman pup, a red one,
won on a gambling spree

Rocky the mix and BoBo
 coexisted for a time
As any two male dogs can manage
till BoBo reached his prime

Suddenly all manners
right out the door
Or respect for the one
The younger Used to adore

Who would allow him as pup
his tail to bite
Sleeping all day
Keep him up half the night

  On a road trip  in
 the trucks bed they lay
Appearing that all fine 
No emotions  on display

As Rocky got out first 
As is the Alphas right
BoBo shot with no warning
his testes  to savagely bite

Poor Rocky was loaded
to go to the vet
my mom left in charge
Of the  deranged pet

A heavily sedated dog returned
It's angry owner as well
As soon as the tailgate dropped
Rocky unleashed some karma Hell

Young BoBo was hit
So hard and so fast
He rolled for three or four feet,then Old Rocky
indelicately performed his amigos vasectomy neat

The challenge given and answered
Settled the rest of their days
respect that's earned we should not forget
Should machismo get in the way

Copyright © Vickey Rhymer