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Tableau Poems

Tableau Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tableau poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tableau.

New Poems

Premium Member Innocent Children are the Largest Victims
No blood would ooze out if cut by blade
No flesh below to sink, nothing inside shakes
Bare bones protruding here and there like spikes
Vacant look in the eyes
Yet the body breathes and survives;
Skeleton like children of Somalia, one of the African...Read More
Categories: tableau, africa,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Lovers Then And Now
There among fragrant blossoms
Where exotic blooms grow,
Rare songbirds are trilling
Fair melodies in rondeau.

Two lovers are meeting,
Who knows what they plan?
True love finds its pathway,
Do not such things scan.

Compare this young couple,
Unaware in their tableau,
Share their fate with another
Affair from long...Read More
Categories: tableau, bird, dream, flower, garden, house, love,
Form: Lento
Starry Rondeau

In stellar skies the nights bestow
our firmament’s majestic show
with portraits of creations past
that stretch into the heavens vast
surpassing Michelangelo.

We yearn this welkin world to know
through avid searching to and fro
and seek a sculpted cosmic cast
in stellar skies.

Withal, the astral art...Read More
Categories: tableau, art, creation, life, science, space, stars, world,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Seaside Setting
Squalling seagulls sip the morning sunshine,
Disturbing the tranquility below,
Where ripples break the surface of the brine;
Some fishing boats complete the day's tableau.

Disturbing the tranquility below,
The noisy gulls dive down towards the sea,
Some fishing boats complete the day's tableau
In typical summer...Read More
Categories: tableau, bird, boat, fishing, flying, sea, sunshine,
Form: Pantoum
Stellar Cradle

Rock-a-bye starlets where the Swan flies.
Like earthly Sun, your day will arise.
Bright shall you reign, before your light dies.
So shine in your cradle high in the skies.

Cygnus OB2, the place you dwell
cozily clustered in cloudy shell,
houses a host of oldsters...Read More
Categories: tableau, baby, birth, fantasy, song, space, stars, world,
Form: Verse

Premium Member After Easter

Hawkish angels with golden bows
chase away shawnee and wolves.
A sinewy faith built the rough and ready.
We were pleased to claim this land
for Jesus.

Despite the tornadoes,
we continued to raise
Midwest cities
from a leather flogged bible.
We were conceived in closets
where ancestral bones watched.
Buried...Read More
Categories: tableau, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Private Hell
The private hell is construed
from the warped inner truth
verity gone as consequence
in the landscape that grace forgot

“a lie” says the honest man
without the reference of the condemned
who knows worth has been lost
against the angst of inner thoughts

this tableau without regard
for...Read More
Categories: tableau, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Blue Becomes
Blue becomes monochrome
painted across a sad tableau
from one side to the next
except where public gaze applies

these flashes absent of the hues
is not enough to compensate
for the drowning in the sea
filled with azure of all degrees

still the remainder present a nod
a...Read More
Categories: tableau, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Road to Avalon
Gnarled apple trees uncurl and stretch
uplifted by yellow-green spring-flecks,
and cider-signs smile from every side 
as the road to Avalon eases my ride
through this tableau of tumbledown lushness.

The stone walls snooze in unhurried haze
while the daisies play chase round the sun-rays,
and...Read More
Categories: tableau, beauty, england, spring,
Form: Verse
Garden Tableau
The birds are chirping;
The bees are buzzing.
The flowers are grown.
The sun is shining;
Veggies are growing. 
Fresh green everywhere.
...Read More
Categories: tableau, sunshine,
Form: Free verse

Desert Tableau
The sun is shining
Down on the hot sand.
A slight breeze comes through.
Dust floats through the air.
Cactus’s slowly sways.
Snakes slither around.
...Read More
Categories: tableau, day,
Form: I do not know?

Lank shimmery hair flows off her shoulders
Cascading aloft sweet midnight zephyr
Alone she sits perched on seaside boulders
Under somber moonlight where he'd left her

Night after night she's at the rendezvous
Serene silhouette against the skyline
Amorously bidding her love adieu
Should by design the...Read More
Categories: tableau, death, fate, longing, lost love, sad, sea,
Form: Sonnet
A lady of a certain age whose life you think you really know
she lives her life with secrets and some of these appear below

On the surface she is brusque and rather bumptious, never smiles
but deep inside her broken heart cannot...Read More
Categories: tableau, crazy, deep, lost love, murder,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Park Bench At Christmas
The Park Bench At Christmas

While sitting on a park
     bench after snow
I watch how lamplight makes
     the landscape glow.
As polar gales descend 
    in crystal dreams
When snowfall frosts the...Read More
Categories: tableau, beauty, snow, tree, winter,
Form: Couplet

Shadows kiss a world
almost finished with night,
shifting in a slow pool
of inky fingerprints 
Faint rustles stir,
not quite seen - 
murmurs, not quite heard
A slow drip of light eases
onto the world, washing
away bits of a night
ready to retire to its bed
Night...Read More
Categories: tableau, earth, writing,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member 00110000 00110001
0n th1s br1ght early m0rn1ng, 1 s00n see
h0w l1fe's gr1m gl0w can s1gh such gl00m 1n me,
Th0ugh catb1rds s1ng w1th a s0ft ch1m1ng fl0w,
n0 t1m1d m00n w1ll 0utsh1ne my tableau.

N0 stark wh1n1ng s0unds 1n small plast1c r00ms,
wh0 sp1t b1nate c0de...Read More
Categories: tableau, computer,
Form: Sonnet
To Linger Still
Majestic sun to linger still
                         My wish for days ahead
As summer starts to lose its will
...Read More
Categories: tableau, appreciation, seasons, summer,
Form: Rhyme
Battle of Egos

This tableau of 
Mental images, of 
Fixed scenes, this
“Battle of Egos” is
Relentlessly looping
In my mind.

An annual gathering of kith and kin
Created a backdrop of statue-like characters
Blindly unaware of a
Crisis stirring.

Off to the side, there are the mothers,
Pillars of love for...Read More
Categories: tableau, anger, betrayal, change, father son, grief, loss,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Lingering Still

A breathtaking moment unfolds, 
like a beautiful incredible tableau

I am lingering still,
just reminiscing about love

. . And the first thing you notice will never be, 
the moon's glitter placing me in a spotlight, 
or even the waves dancing wildly with...Read More
Categories: tableau, love, romance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bird of Prey
A cerulean heron
perches in cloisonne
among jade shoots
of a topaz tree
as shadows of platinum fish
undulate in silence
of teal waters.
The tableau of moonstone,
fulgid in azure sky,
hovers in citrine dusk
above pearl clouds 
and indigo coastal bluffs.
Night's onyx falls quickly;
the food chain pauses
until sun's...Read More
Categories: tableau, bird, imagery,
Form: Ekphrasis
Facing the Darkness
The face in the mirror has changed 
No longer do I see a handsome youth
Instead I see the ravages of age
Hair falling out and turning grey
Lines in my forehead 
Well, I'm holding up pretty well
considering that have touched the face...Read More
Categories: tableau, courage, dark, death,
Form: Free verse
My Forsythia
She was called Forsythia
     Born on the first of spring
Hair spun of yellow gold
     Her presence made us sing

New life on horizon
     In beauty may she grow
Radiant diviner
...Read More
Categories: tableau, beautiful, flower, spring,
Form: Rhyme
In This Poetic Intent Herein I've Partly Failed
Upon this fairly scribal yet oversize, 
Very squarish or rectangular tablet, 
Do I scribble and scrawl these very words, 
And those of the completeness of at least a brace, 
A twain, a pair of poems, though
These are, after a fashion,...Read More
Categories: tableau, art,
Form: I do not know?
Thus Ominous And Elliptical Be The Tone of This
Species sundry sentential 
Line the lost lowered loft
Whose weary wayward-ceiled 
Roof raises itself over the lot:
The diverse specimen bottles of pharmaceutic potations,
Mortared and mixed as by the Hawthornean sawbones 
And apothecary, yclept, poetically rendered: "The Quack Haunted." 
(Aye,) Haunted and...Read More
Categories: tableau, absence, age, america, angst, anxiety, art, autumn,
Form: I do not know?
Through my Window
From my bay window, each pane holds my small world
window leaks anticipation out and in this glassy casement
here seasons show their multi-colored faces in a whisper
Trees liberated from weight of their leaves, I eavesdrop...
wintertime's icy snowflakes tint my windows...Read More
Categories: tableau, beauty, change, home, spring, winter,
Form: Free verse