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Syrupy Poems

Syrupy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syrupy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syrupy.

New Poems

Premium Member I am Not Concerned
Eight degrees currently
I am not concerned
feeding on my sausage corndog
wrapped in syrupy pancake batter
enjoying the warmth of my house
in no hurry to face the bitter winter day
probably a zillion calories in each nibble
do not care in the least
love this marvelous...Read More
Categories: syrupy, weather,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member LIFE AND DEATH
Life! Life! Sip wine with red lips.
Sigh with swiveling hips.
Gyration of your generation
With no sign of the cross veneration.

Dusk’s poison does color you sallow.
The first mate gouged off your halo.
The syrupy cabernet sticks in your throat.
Tonight like too many, he’s...Read More
Categories: syrupy, death, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dining Out
Carnivore lay in wait like,
the feline among the sparrows.
“Come sip my nectar,
sweet syrupy elixir
it’s free for the taking,
a desirous sensation
to lull you to sleep”
sings Darlingtonia.

Within ruby pitcher,
tendril awaits,
a cavernous throat
dining on insects,
perhaps a frog or 
tree shrew
for the gullet
of unassuming...Read More
Categories: syrupy, flower, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Escape from the City
Mountains with vibrant floras
Led down to fruit laden orchards
In the verdant vales below.
I heard her then, a syrupy song
Of tender love and feats of old.
I stood beneath an apple tree
As her song wafted on the breeze,
Sliding in and around the...Read More
Categories: syrupy, beauty, farm,
Form: Free verse

An odd thing in the sky 
An alien aircraft
Four webbed wings and two enormous 
compound eyes 
An elongated twig of a frame
A dragonfly 
Cold blooded
Outdating the dinosaur  and mankind 
A catcher of prey in midair
Butterfly, moth , fly
And...Read More
Categories: syrupy, blessing, creation, fairy, flying, happiness, identity, love,
Form: Narrative

Scintillating Sunflowers
Scintillating Sunflowers



Contest:	Tautogram Poems Poetry Contest
Sponsor:	Eve Roper...Read More
Categories: syrupy, flower, summer, sun,
Form: Alliteration
From the heart
A loving heart is the truest wisdom.
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
A sun had risen,
Some bit of ice or mercury had melted.
One stormy wind had come
When a sigh came out from deep...Read More
Categories: syrupy, faith, family, fantasy, fate, relationship, true love,
Form: Romanticism
Nonpareil les belles lettres spellbinds
Nonpareil les belles-lettres spellbinds

Adherence regarding credo
to finish reading arbitrarily
self selected book beginning
to end silent promise made
otherwise, I experience guilt
analogous violating unwritten

law, said private oath binds me
against challenging non binding
unspoken promise additionally
never flipping thru pages reading
conclusion, viz aforementioned
unspoken vow never abrogated,

no...Read More
Categories: syrupy, 11th grade, 12th grade, appreciation, imagination, judgement,
Form: Elegy
The Sunhive

Glorious golden, wheaten, woven.
The Sunhive hangs, safe and secure, in the cradling arms of the old tree.

Full of syrupy sweetness, strength and wisdom of its small, mantled gold and black, dwellers.

At its warm soft womblike centre the bees, in safety...Read More
Categories: syrupy, nature,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member My Dear Toast
My dear toast,
you have no need to leap
out of my hand in such a
cavalier fashion.

My plate is not a 
syrupy swimming pool; 
besides, there are two bites of you left;
why start screaming for 
something sweet now?  
“It’s your fault”,...Read More
Categories: syrupy, cute, food, funny, humorous, imagery, imagination, uplifting,
Form: Prose

Pure Southern Girl
She's a pure Southern girl
Fried deep in hospitality 
Beautiful as a magnolia bloom
Standing tall in majesty

Talks with a sweet syrupy drawl
As cane sugar seeps from her pores
Cute as a button and that is not all
Picture perfect as the girl next...Read More
Categories: syrupy, girl, life,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Ode to an Heroic Trio: A Contra Diction
Hear Me, O Muse, no moos or cluckings, muckings or horns of fog

Do sound the clamoring claxons of the bardics that be written by William McGonagal o’ the Bog,

That Laird of Lamentations Disastrous, that Scot Wha’ Hey Nonny Nonny,

Laureate of...Read More
Categories: syrupy, hero, hyperbole, nonsense, satire, silly, writing,
Form: Light Verse
Menthol Breakdown

Warlords love the crack cackling sound ...
faint vapors smelled worldwide, 
when twine toking on the choking peace pipe

Lying lips huffing and puffing,
blowing smoke out the barrel rear end

Frontal sphincter holes
open and close ... 
Pre-negotiated spoils fanning the wind

Rub two cancer...Read More
Categories: syrupy, dark, death, truth, wisdom,
Form: Ode
Ode to a Persimmon
Ode to a Persimmon

Ripe, juicy, pulpy persimmon…
plump berry, mini orange sun. 
Syrupy sweet delicious delight
dangling golden in day’s bright light,
on blue-green leafy branch up high,
glossy under a summer sky.

Fleshy ambrosial enchantress,
nectar of Pomona, fruit goddess. 
Like a bee to honey...Read More
Categories: syrupy, fruit, tribute,
Form: Ode
So Many Words
It’s nice to be cared for,
But sometimes it’s nicer to care.
And I did for you.

Not the way you said you did,
Using those words as a weapon against me,
Leaving with every piece of me.

How many times,
Did I feel like,
I have to...Read More
Categories: syrupy, how i feel, love, love hurts, miss
Form: Free verse
My tongue flaunts a fur-trimmed coat
of smoldering, ginger-scented rhinestones,
bragging and boasting
about how fashionable it chooses to be
when a Chime ventures
into the dank, cavernous throne room.
Gilded lions guard the gate,
cowering upon beholding those decadent,
syrupy, muted Chimes.
Zingy, flashy, and so trendy.
Glowing like...Read More
Categories: syrupy, candy, color, imagery, light,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Back In The Saddle

Back in the saddle, a familiar old tune
Ain't as agile as when I was a young buffoon
Drove girls squirrelly
With lingo so syrupy
Talk of the town even made old grannies swoon

...Read More
Categories: syrupy, happy,
Form: Limerick
Caribbean Pundit: Thankful Tribute
Pan: Betel. Or quintessentially creole, made anew, pan-American music
Aloo: also Native American, the staff of life, versatile with curry
Naan: often translated roti, chapati, dhaalpuri, but not rotisserie
Dholak: the drums that doubled (not Doubles) as tassa, for Hosay
I : I, too,...Read More
Categories: syrupy, 12th grade, allegory, america, character, columbus day,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Languid Lapping
Languid waves lapping the shore, syrupy 
Lulling winds in hiatus, abeyant
Water clinging, sad to let go, sticky
Silence piercing, unnerving the gulls to mute, tranquillity
The wetness lingers on, soaking in, clammy
Water colors seemingly apt for painting such a scene, self portrait
Prevailing...Read More
Categories: syrupy, sea, water, wind,
Form: Free verse
The Light of Laughter
Beautiful memories will always remain florid every night and morn,
Like a cooling...Read More
Categories: syrupy, fantasy,
Form: I do not know?
Something had to give
Or, it was going to break
…explode into fragments so sharp they could sever gravity
The machine had been running on vapors for far too long
Nothing oiled
Nothing lubed
Everything got too hot too quickly
Everything groaned, screeched, & whined as it...Read More
Categories: syrupy, absence, angst, break up, change, goodbye, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Other Ocean
"The Other Ocean'

She’s on the other side
On another Ocean
The colour in the light
Hides the burning 
fire in her eyes

She’s slowly falling into line 
Clock keeping time
Days bleed into empty pages
failing Blank Verse Rhyme
Sugar from her lips
her song becomes
her sweetest crime

On...Read More
Categories: syrupy, imagery, love, ocean, romance, sensual, song, sound,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Home Again
      I am home ...

Oh, my heart ...
        pray, hush its cadence ...
            for the sacred sake...Read More
Categories: syrupy, heart, loneliness, lost love, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Superfluous Activity

Dripping words so sugary,
light and fluffy insincerity
Laying it on drizzling thick
with a butter knife tongue
Caramel verbal plums ... yum-yum
You got red cherry cheeks,
dispensing vanilla frosting tasty speech
Blowing out mint bubblicious charm
when you start cinnamon chewing your gums
Sweet Alabama apple pie...Read More
Categories: syrupy, food, humorous, metaphor, word play,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Merrily Streaming
Merrily Streaming

Merrily streaming good movies along, 
HD, SD and sometimes black and white,
barring sweetheart films with syrupy song,
only far away adventure excites,
a night panorama of grandest sights.


English Quintain, Any Theme - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Sara Kendrick ...Read More
Categories: syrupy, happiness, how i feel,
Form: Quintain (English)