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Syringe Poems

Syringe Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syringe poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syringe.

New Poems

United State of Denial
El Presidente don’t Tennessee 
nothing bad coming,
tho’ the global orbitals
saw viral things very differently

Happy talk tongue taters
do eerily 
Idaho ear mash liquor please

Delaware drunk on denial,
so Iowa unaware
that the body litmus test
is gonna crimson cost higher

The Ivory home
(with the igloo...Read More
Categories: syringe, america, death, leadership, sick,
Form: Elegy

Premium Member Heirloom Whispers
In the antique store
an old physician’s desk,
walnut and marble-topped,
holding the remnants of a life
of service; 
stories etched in 
wood, metal and stone.

Next to part of an old syringe,
a can of ether, half full;
it’s lid rusted shut
and a stethoscope
sporting the cracked...Read More
Categories: syringe, appreciation, memory, places, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Addicted to Hypocrisy
Heroin lies the irony — 
Segregated babies are weaned on
doctrine of Equality

Emancipated notion on the nod:
A false sense of freedom
is taught in every syringe-scattered schoolyard

Children of the cold, concrete jungle  cry hard ...
opiate tears of injected fentanyl medium
Misled by...Read More
Categories: syringe, identity, metaphor, perspective, truth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
A Gap in the Gyre -- part 1
An old hotel in Portland
Rain hitting street lamps
The buzzer
Surveillance camera
“Can I get a room?”

It used to be called the "Burnside Triangle" back when it was still gay

Bump Bump da Bump da bump
Nightclubs bangin’
Young twinks in their twenties
They chat and drink
The...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, drug, recovery from,
Form: Concrete
Magic Dance: Part 1
Dancing was my favorite pastime.    
On the dancing floor
I would clog, and I would shimmy 
till my feet were sore.

But one day my dancing ended.  
I've myself to blame.
Here's the story of my failure 
and my...Read More
Categories: syringe, dance,
Form: Rhyme

The morning dew makes the brightness dim
The morning sunshine struggles to permeate the clouded atmosphere
Dews clumps visibility and the fog demands fog light for vehicular commuters
Yes! On top of the highest man exhibited location
In Ghana, Abetifi; the topmost...Read More
Categories: syringe, 3rd grade, 4th grade, confusion, culture, society,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Captive
The memory of your warm kisses embraces my fear
As I lay in this huge bed, in the middle of nowhere
Crashing surf calms me as I try to close my eyes to sleep
But anxiety grips me, I cannot settle, my fear...Read More
Categories: syringe, fear, grief, mental illness,
Form: Rhyme
The Way up is Down
Being Desperate to succeed,
Means desperate to foresee.

To foresee the rudiments of success,
On steady look and not on swift races.

Though sense organs react to tranny's pains,
If they endure, it results to plenty gains.

As tolerance life's span has no limit,
That's why success...Read More
Categories: syringe, allusion, anger, blessing, books, care, character, courage,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Sufficient Self
As a youngster he had dreamt of moving to a potato farm in Ireland

To escape from the brown rot of German post-world war II contamination

Just another plot on the map to sufficient existence and to break rusty chains

Blight or might...Read More
Categories: syringe, dark,
Form: Free verse
Children so rough
He gave birth to five children
Each one enjoys being rough
None enjoys being humble
Fire lives leaking bottom of saucepans
Knife spends time cutting flesh of beasts
Shoe prefers hurting customers with big feet
Syringe loves piercing bottoms of patients
Rust enjoys destroying steel goods
...Read More
Categories: syringe, metaphor, violence,
Form: Imagism

Premium Member the emptying
jails-asylums are bleeding out because of naivety,
now the unhinged and mad dogs 
are working out their kinks
on the neckbones of society

nowhere is safe for your sons and daughters
not even pine needle trails, where they seek peace
there's phantoms in the trees-...Read More
Categories: syringe, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Pain throbbing thru every spot 
One minute cold the next I'm hot
I chose the drug this is what I got
Bad decision again has me caught

Caught between life and wanting it's end
For now on this drug I fully depend
So much time...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, drug, evil, heartbroken,
Form: Prose

Give me all of one thing, and I’d gladly 
give up all of the others.

Not for me the monotony of variety, 
the trying, the sampling, the dabbling, 
the skimming over surfaces.
Experience is nothing without intensity.

Give me a drowning then, 
in...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, anxiety, confusion, desire, devotion, life, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Love Lust and a Broken Heart
Love Lust and 
a broken heart

Robot feelings
and missing parts

rotten insides 
and bloodstained art

we stand together but
we're worlds apart

Divided by the sun and moon
high on sadness 
lost in gloom
toxic energy immune
baby growing in a poisoned womb
we play each other like a...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, drug, feelings, poetry, truth,
Form: Rhyme
The evil I enjoy
Writing to you about the evil I enjoy.
More like knowing the hate I have for fever.
On this sick bed I curse fever.
For employing my body against me.
I sneezed a hundred last night.
Accompanied by a boiling temperature.
And multiple lining's covering my...Read More
Categories: syringe, emotions, pain, psychological, recovery from, sick,
Form: Free verse
Straight Jacket Situation

With a disorderly, syringe-induced slap,
dark thoughts welcomed 
a groggy passenger to the padded wall madness

Foggy-eyed from the spinal needle tap,
involuntary entrance
was the court-ordered cure for a mental regress

It’s a downright straight-up
bedlam orientation
Dr. Jekyll told me it can sometimes get this...Read More
Categories: syringe, allusion, mental illness, psychological, scary,
Form: Free verse
Little church in the middle of nowhere, empty car in the parking lot.
Hundreds of empty souls and their memories have wandered in between halls and pews; teeth gnashing lies, angry hands signing love while simultaneously forcing their words down your...Read More
Categories: syringe, america, religious,
Form: I do not know?
My Gallery
My Gallery

In upper part of my body
A cognitive bell rings
From a dial-up connection of live wires;
The modem is working just
To repeatedly provide the facsimile of
Barren and bald paths;
Inner lumbering of daily freight
Coiling, clutching upward;
There is no vivacity
The vital force has...Read More
Categories: syringe, 12th grade, conflict, confusion, depression, fate, fear,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Limoncello Deluxe Velvet Comfort Divine
There you are 
you’re sitting down 
feet planted firmly on the ground
staring at a blank screen 
wrists held just so, 
your anxiously poised
ready to go 
writing all that you have inside
your blinking 
liquorice windows

All you are hearing 
is white noise
fingers...Read More
Categories: syringe, desire, fantasy, imagery, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Pain throbbing thru every spot 
One minute cold the next I'm hot
I chose the drug this is what I got
Bad decision again has me caught

Caught between life and wanting it's end
For now on this drug I fully depend
So much time...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, death, drug, suicide,
Form: Prose
Where are my dolls
Little sweet Lucy..four small. 
Her pink teddy bear.. and her Barbie doll. 
Pushed strollers of fun. traipse of malls. 
Then a Topsy turvy evil.. stifles her a thrall. 

She cries, " Where are my dolls? " 

Crawls a...Read More
Categories: syringe, child, death, destiny, emotions, fairy, girl, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Brainstorm Colors

Waking, she inspects the color under her sweater
and sighs that vague orange is still wearing her.
Orange can’t be her friend until it reveals its core.
While white is already a friend, the floating ones
aloofly speak of odd concerns she cannot pattern.
At...Read More
Categories: syringe, abuse, angst, betrayal, color, confusion, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Harry's Addiction
Written By: Harry Berry

 All ya think yous know my pain, but no one really knows, for those of you that think you do, let me tell ya how it goes, The sickness is unbearable, you'll never know the feeling,...Read More
Categories: syringe, addiction, drug,
Form: Concrete
Psychedelic Dried Pride

Purple reign
falling on fallow,
divided tulip fields

Lavender pain
drench the shallow,
paper fortified hills

Crimson parched lips
cling unto the violet dew kiss
of a long-anticipated 
famine relief scarlet promise

Burgundy pillar hope
caught betwixt a rosy red sunset,
and a misty dawn twilight blue moon

Pale firmament  ...Read More
Categories: syringe, allusion, imagery, surreal, word play,
Form: Burlesque
A team of doctors entered my house
A team of doctors entered my house
each one with a syringe on his rear
not one was wearing doctor’s coat
the language they talked were strange

When they began their work by force
I told them I was healthy and strong
the leader shut my...Read More
Categories: syringe, satire, violence,
Form: Elegy