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Synergies Poems

Synergies Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of synergies poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for synergies.

New Poems

Lost and Found
birth begot obsidian night
myself grew blind to dawning light
eclipse shrouded and buried sight
twilight descended ushering spite

terror resides inside as guilt
behind the walls suppression built
crumbling walls fall the tables' tilt
foundations fallen are not rebuilt 

challenges to climb are stepping-stones
conquered peaks strengthen...Read More
Categories: synergies, life,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Aloha INDIA

 ALOHA to my friends in INDIA, I hope this message is received with the understanding that recent interactions have vastly expounded because many have participated with my sponsored contest and as such, there is a cause that the synergies,...Read More
Categories: synergies, beautiful, people, perspective,
Form: Narrative
GOD Greatest Of Divinity
The power of existence,
time and intelligence.
Forming creation, beyond any imagination.
Dimensions that be planned, never to understand,
with universes that extend and expand.

Synergies and energies,
energies that create, control and regenerate.
Living, being, giving, receiving and dying.
All with imperfections and each own corrections,
generations after...Read More
Categories: synergies, blessing, care, creation, deep, destiny, god, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Decussate Dreamscapes
Spiraling simulations surfacing,
scattering synthetic secretions...

Constitution compiling constructs,
chimera copulations condescending…

Hope harvesting hallucinations,
halcyon harmonics hovering…

Eternities embracing ethereal etchings,
engulfing endometrium’s echo…

Dissociation disrupting dreams,
daunting deflective deception…

Illicit Illusions idling,
identical igneous illusory immanent…

Astral ambient abode,
abeyant assimilation abductions arising…

Licentious lethargic lioness longing,
levitating luring landscapes…

Sculptural synergies succumbing,
sensual sensations...Read More
Categories: synergies, deep, dream, imagery,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Flighty Entertainments
Why does flight feel more lightly entertaining,
yet less engaging,
than fighting?

Laissez-faire thoughts lighter
than ponderous confronting ruminations,

I would not expect a babbling infant
to understand why
WinWin cooperation deeply entertains
for learning health-enhancing cultures,
ego/eco-therapeutic religious experience,
bicamerally democratic government,
multicultural compassion-nurturing
Golden Rule co-governance.

This omnipresent co-relational laundry list...Read More
Categories: synergies, earth, engagement, health, joy, peace, political, psychological,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member What is Love
Love is the blueness of the star sapphire sky
Where the moon bathes upon the indigo oceans
The tenderness of your voice and charismatic cry
Echoing ecstasy's of your ethereal emotions

Love is the strumming of a celestial symphony
Where our hearts pulsate within the...Read More
Categories: synergies, blue, love, sunshine,
Form: Sonnet
Fly High The Flag of Hope
In the grand scheme of our lives, forces of despair battle forces of hope for supremacy to determine the direction in which the pendulum of fate swings to bless, buttress and caress hope, to harness synergies hope builds with trust,...Read More
Categories: synergies, poems,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Symphonies of Sorrows
Symphonies of Sorrows

Lost within lachrymal leviathans facing omnipotent oblivions
Embryonic extracts of eternal synergies of divine dominions
Where hemorrhaging hearts accumulate admits effete exile
Held in captivity by the metaphysical matrix a deceptive defile

Maculate manifestations into dormant damaged dimensions
Harboring hypocrisy through parasitic pandemic...Read More
Categories: synergies, angst, destiny, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
Archaic Eulogies and Their Synergies
Live on Facebook
I post rubbish
To caress the spook
Who dares to finish

The sleep I lose
In the wee hours of nights
Disturbed by the booze
I swill in my fights

Against strictures
Society calls taboos
In lampoon literatures
That scorn the tattoos

Adorning my arms
My torso, my neck
Without the...Read More
Categories: synergies, poems,
Form: Free verse
Didnt we all become poets

      Madmen leaked a rash of sky-blue puddle,
      fatally cloistered the hat's flu-hubble

To wit:

      the half-time, half-life smile of she, and the other half-wonder of...Read More
Categories: synergies, poetry,
Form: Didactic

Premium Member EarthJazz Commons
ZeroSum Spirit
bicameral begins
playing through Ego-Eco Me.

Nondual trinitarian bilaterality
of a Mother Scaling Tree
forecasting and shadowing
healthy branching
and rooting properties.

Spirit consciousness,
DNA with RNA tribal strings
of multicolored cooperative intelligence.

developing psychology
WiseElder WinWin GoldenRulology.

full-mooned Boody
multiregenerational cosmos
where ev'rything grows living out
and fades dying in

LeftEgo Zero RightEco
political psycho...Read More
Categories: synergies, addiction, community, health, humor, integrity, music, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Courageous Resilience
Like so many of my colleagues,
I have finally started "Community Resilience Reader"
edited by Daniel Lerch
of the Post Carbon Institute.

So far I would not compare "Reader" favorably
with publications available from Permaculture Designers
planting and harvesting polycultural slow-grown outcomes
about how to, 
and why...Read More
Categories: synergies, caregiving, earth, education, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Those Who Listen
If we,
especially in China, Russia, and USA,
were more cooperatively in charge
among our EarthSouled selves,
and less about competitively charging at,
shooting at each other
and our homes
and gardens,
less rapacious supremacy 
against formerly extended cooperative family farmlands
and forests;

Punishing each other and ourselves
for lack of...Read More
Categories: synergies, age, america, health, integrity, mental illness, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Therapeutic Designs
Permaculture Designers
give first priority
to facilitating
and mentoring
long-term cooperative returns
for ZeroZone therapeutic investments
and traumatic divestments.

Our maps may include many zones
and these may have subclimates 
currently a mix of healthy and pathological
at the beginning and end
of each designing day and project
we assume this...Read More
Categories: synergies, deep, education, health, light, passion, peace, usa,
Form: Political Verse
A Lovers Dream
“In my lovers arms I dream a gentle dream
Together we are nothing will come between
Heart to heart and soul to soul
A forever kiss that never gets old
In my lovers arms I drift on a sea of tranquility
Upon her breasts I...Read More
Categories: synergies, dream, love,
Form: Rhyme

CREMATION  -  Poem for a Husband and Probably his Wife, Also

He wants his bones
	No more grown
To her, he groans…
	Wants loss of bones

That is, Cremation!

He wants to lose
	That precious body
	No chance for a last toddy
That route couldn’t keep
	Those healthy...Read More
Categories: synergies, death,
Form: ABC
Birth of a river

Have the vision,
to climb the mountain top.
You have the strength,
to navigate life.
Through planes, valleys,
ravines and rugged path.

The treacherous slope,
of the mountain face.
Conquer the pinnacle. 
Look below the planes,
ravines and valleys beneath.

And in awe behold,
the mysteries of...Read More
Categories: synergies, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tangled Vines
Relationships are like ivy -
        Changing directions;
            Clinging to the objects around them.

Sometimes, they enhance and beautify the...Read More
Categories: synergies, relationship,
Form: Free verse
“I See,” said a blind man to his deaf Spouse, emphatically
I hear the S-rhetoric She replied Sarcastically
The symptoms and signs of Stagnation 
The Syndrome of intermittent Systems and Structures
Signing and later whining or wining
Structural adjustment and subsidies
The...Read More
Categories: synergies, allegory, prayer,
Form: Cowboy
Reversed Nucleus
Just a free form notion, 
A sky mold, hanging high.
Dome around, the heart of town. 
Recipes so tasty,
Diners, dives, meals, and high fives. 
Alley cats saving 9 lives.
Its the city life.
Bustling night, rustling unlike leaves. 
Street lights, Endless streets....Read More
Categories: synergies, lifeme, city, me,
Form: I do not know?
Inside my mind are traces of memories , godlike thoughts and limitless synergies. How can I 
explain this gift?, inspirational thoughts freeze framed in time carried up by heavenly lifts. I 
can't explain my gift, it's too complex , my...Read More
Categories: synergies, fantasyme, inspirational, time, me, time, wisdom,
Form: I do not know?
Interpretations and Intentions
Memories refreshed as the pictures-scenes flickered. Reality stood still as time
reversed-rewound. Memories connected, thoughts reassembled, moments rearranged.

Brains reprocessed those beautiful, lovely smiles and terrible tortures, the tense and
engulfing moments that were discerning with time. Minds were filled with
intentions-motives. Hearts digressed-shifted.

Moments...Read More
Categories: synergies, on writing and words
Form: I do not know?
Latin Lover
The heat of your breath hitting against me
Firing up my insides...seethingly sexy
Against my neck fascination begins
Bearing your silken Latin mocha skin
Wanton chocolate eyes melt me again

Dozens of synergies and elements connect
None I have had ...ever had this effect

Feeling like a...Read More
Categories: synergies, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, people, visionaryme, me,
Form: Rhyme