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Swindle Poems

Swindle Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swindle poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swindle.

New Poems

Premium Member Poetry Is Not a Test
A Contest is a learning tool
Not a test of your work
If only one reads your poem
You have already won



I love to enter them they are fun
1st place or N/A I have already won
To be disappointed for a loss
Just means...Read More
Categories: swindle, cheer up,
Form: Free verse

In our Dead church
Our attendance is a mere formality, a routine unconnected to the hearts 
We sing, but not to the True God,
We pray with wondering Hearts 
Even Prayers are dead, it is a mere routine of minutes 
The fervency is gone, we...Read More
Categories: swindle, analogy, anxiety, death, devotion, gospel, jesus, memory,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member A Reformed Chicken Thief
He was a chicken thief now and then.
Until he met a beautiful twin.
Pretended he’d changed.
Marriage was arranged.
Taught his children how to swindle men.

...Read More
Categories: swindle, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Limerick
When they speak up and out about their feelings, 
about our children, stop, telling us to close our mouths and be quiet:
"Shut up" you say... I will never shut up! 

Until I am speaking a language from the spirit world....Read More
Categories: swindle, abuse, bullying, corruption, emotions, immigration,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Big Bloody Piffle

The secret to life is really quite simple
All we need do is cheat and swindle
No telling how far we can go
Become the leader of the show
Embarrass a nation, so big bloody piffle

...Read More
Categories: swindle, giggle,
Form: Limerick

Murderous Sprees
Murderous Sprees...
sinister Population Control, Sans Cosmic Creator?

Maybe,... I shudder to think
up the sleeve and ornate cufflink
of divine maker, a deliberate pitch
to foist Homo sapien on brink
viz self destruction,

asper bedlam upon Earth that doth stink
a hellish conspiracy linkedin with tragedy
namely sinister...Read More
Categories: swindle, america, anger, discrimination, education, judgement, prejudice, rights,
Form: Political Verse
The Grinder Monkey No Longer Dances for Change
Mothers everywhere
The grinder box is growing louder 
In the voice of antiquity.
Don’t you hear it over the gears of the midnight carousel.
The monkey won’t be moving from window ceil
To window ceil collecting change
So, you better teach your babes to...Read More
Categories: swindle, abortion, atheist, birth, children, corruption, future,
Form: Free verse
Less Than Nothing

Les C. More back from the vay-cay holidays,
giving my poetry peeps
a look-see at an odd Klondike meet

He ain’t nothing but
small potatoes
Trying to live
big-talk lettuce large

His backsliding snowshoes
walk so holey
That short con grifter grin
spin tall tales — 
Green giant beanstalk
talk guacamole-y

Mucho...Read More
Categories: swindle, adventure, character, fun, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
My dream
I had a dream once
One that included me rich and happy
I laughed about it sure but I had it
It actually felt real and inspiring 
You were my bride in a home of a beautiful pride
A pride with two little me...Read More
Categories: swindle, africa, childhood, depression, imagery, remember,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Big Bloody Piffle

The secret to life is really quite simple
All we need do is to cheat and swindle
No telling how far we can go
Become the leader of the show
Embarrass a nation, so big bloody piffle

...Read More
Categories: swindle, giggle,
Form: Limerick

Asylum Thoughts
In a cemetery,
a boy is holding a lurking flower
he carved his father's face on his palm. 
He waited for the mouth of the grave to open
so he could use a basket to gather his tears. 
He crossed many oceans to...Read More
Categories: swindle, absence, age,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member kimo therapy

sweet friend, feeling beyond devastated
  your bruised heart weak and beaten
     your body your worst foe

how I would love to take away your pain -
  fight...   can't let this swindle you
 ...Read More
Categories: swindle, cancer, confidence, encouraging, friendship love, hope, pain,
Form: Kimo
Smells Like Government

Rancid lemon rope squeeze
around a rotten tomato neck tie,
crooked odor bow hanging out of place 
Acid reflux raisin tax bleed;
dripping spoiled, milquetoast lies
out a sour-twisted, prune puckered face

Tart tongue 
sulfur speak disorderly,
dirty saliva fingers in the propaganda pie
Such a bowel...Read More
Categories: swindle, corruption, satire, truth, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Gangly Ghosts
Gangly ghosts galumphing in our lives 
With outstretched knives and chives
Fumble and mumble

Encouraging us crates of lager to quaff and drink
Tomes of pornography for our eyes to dabble
Contaminated thoughts for us to think and slink
Trouble and rabble to double in...Read More
Categories: swindle, poems,
Form: Free verse
Good Versus Evil

The prequel
Of good vs. evil
Did they ever consider each other equal?
One side peaceful
The other deceitful

In the beginning
Neither side was really winning
As the globe continued spinning

With things that were living
Meanwhile one was only taking and one was giving
Back to the Earth...Read More
Categories: swindle, dark, perspective, poetry, rap, word play, words,
Form: Rhyme
The letter C formula
Matter molding space 
True inspiration and Natural instinct 
Measurements of times spatial dispersion
Relative to the experimental person
variables making various groups lie
hiding from the unexperienced eye
If you find, the correct formula of life
that spikes my sparks inside 
Guard it witts your...Read More
Categories: swindle, angel,
Form: Free verse
Wrong Thugs and Harmony

Ganksta fools
coming at you incorrect
like thugs

Political dull tools:
Criminal IQ fakers
showing total disrespect — 
Tick-tock bugs

Clock benders of societal rules,
indecent lawmakers
Cut the bogus tax check ...
Pinocchio ears on tapped phones,
sporting a swag orange rug

Bandito style old school,
Ruble.con hustle takers
pad the pimped...Read More
Categories: swindle, hip hop, political, symbolism, truth,
Form: Free verse
My Right, My Bite and My Fight
My right, my plight, my fight, my sight how I use and choose to burn bundles of my life’s candle
Matters little what fleas and fees tongue waggers tag and drag, what doubt dream dousers doodle
My right, my tight, my blight,...Read More
Categories: swindle, poems,
Form: Free verse
WARfare OF the WEak
Casualties of the aftermath...A Terrorist message, "Not in words"
We 'will' be continually eliminated.  Humans nature; Consistent
Why are we a target?    Propaganda...Can deceive
What is it, they 'really' want?    Notoriety...Will achieve
Curious...Read More
Categories: swindle, allusion, america, humanity, war,
Form: Rhyme
Don't Vex X
Don't vex your ex
When love from grace falls
Cos Semtex
Strikes love walls

Once so mighty, so sprightly
Stood proud to defeat any cumulus cloud
Which off balance slightly
Couldn't speak or spell aloud

In defence of the right
Love from her heart demanded
In a grip so tight...Read More
Categories: swindle, poems,
Form: Free verse
My new year
If there is life there 
must be an encounteration.
Even the moons and 
the suns, all get to return 
back if they passed 
to their eventual 
transportation. The morning
lights shunned and pass 
like flying clouds. When the 
deadlines had past during...Read More
Categories: swindle, africa,
Form: ABC
Let's Sing Happy New Year
Let's sing gladly together the song, ‘Happy New Year'
Every year as in the coming of this New Year; 
This is the shortest and wishing song of the year
You need not take much time to sing, o, dear! 
But take long...Read More
Categories: swindle, new year, new years day, song,
Form: Verse
Skynard told me, when I was young
To live my life but to live a simple one
Lord knows I've tried but I took a different road
Life can be a mess or beauty can take your breath
But I've had to carry a...Read More
Categories: swindle, adventure,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member My Precious, Darling Nissan Boy
My precious, darling Nissan boy,
one day I knew you wouldn’t last.
Although I thought it just a ploy,
a swindle planned to take my cash.

Barely you made it down the street,
my precious, darling Nissan boy.
The tire met fender to a beat,
marking the...Read More
Categories: swindle, car, goodbye, loss,
Form: Quatern
How Sambo Made His Millions
Ladies and Gentlemen, good folks gather round!
What I have here to show you is worth every pound.
It will soothe your dry bunions, seal your canoe,
Moisten your leather, and stretch your shampoo.
At my own huge expense, from India to thee,
The famous,...Read More
Categories: swindle, work,
Form: Rhyme