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Sweethearts Poems

Sweethearts Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sweethearts poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sweethearts.

New Poems

Sweethearts’ grand fellowship*
Exposes wondrous engagement
Coiled around trust's grip and love’s partnership
Beautifying fidelity along faith-commitment.

Within couples’ sweet friendship
Shared along caring fulfillment
There flourishes intimate relationship
Bringing fruits blossoming by endearment.

Anchored upon blissful prenuptial workmanship
Lovers delight toward family-building management
Reared upon strong, solid, sound companionship
Nurturing...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, blessing, christian, engagement, faith, god, jesus, true
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Happiness
I love to wander
amongst meadows and fields,
the sky's like blue satin
the lake's like a sheet.
The air's pleasantly cool,
as birds chirp and glide
and crickets, as is their wont
invent an orchestral chant.

There in a bower
two young lovers meet,
their arms are entwined
in a...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Lava Flows

The Lava Flows

The lava flows of Hawaii,
Fresh surrounds of a coral sea,
A fern forest midst rising mist,
Place where orchids and sweethearts tryst,
Tempestuous flames apogee.

Entertaining birds are carefree,
Verdant vales, mountain trails, sightsee,
Paradise echoes beauty's gist,
The lava flows.

People observe Queen's Jubilee,
As a...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, life, natural disasters, nature,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member VALENTINE define
With a look,a kiss,a smile
sweethearts stay awhile

In hug,caress and touch
Love much...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, love,
Form: Couplet
Viola Viscera
We set foot on dry grass at the cockcrow 
 of a nascent union. 
Cheek to cheek as Cupid towers over,
shooting arrows at a dyad draped in fire,
gliding through the tundras of charred weeds,
 fin-like petals quake beneath our feet.
The...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, celebration, creation, emotions, environment, inspiration, life, light,
Form: Prose Poetry

Wonders of IX A
Millennium is a box of wonders which crave
To get knowledge, values, principle and love.
In my satchel I have eight wonders that drive
Me crazy, frenzied, rabid. But lo how I love
All of them. Composed, wise sane and...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, 9th grade, childhood, school,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Cheers For The New Year
Cheers For The New Year

We cheer the New Year at twelve a.m.
Twirling noise makers and blowing ticklers     
And make resolutions we plan to engram.

And party away wearing silly tams
Singing Auld Lang Syne with our sweethearts
And cheer...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, new year, new years day,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Christmas Songs from the Past
River chopped
Into rugged blocks
Of ice and powdered snow
Under a covered bridge
The tap of horse’s hooves overhead

Rapids froze in place, agony on her face

A boy growing tall in his sleep
Under the crisp white clean sheets
His daddy’s shoes he dreams to fill

Stockings...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, christmas, holiday, home, memory, nostalgia, remember, song,
Form: Free verse
I wish you a real merry Christmas
I wish you a real merry Christmas
As it said you've saved from Purposes
Being pure, quiet and moving around
Or staying peacefully under the Sun

I have been being full of dreams indeed
No hurtful things or worries going around
I live always in the...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, assonance, christmas, dream, romance, sweet love, true
Form: Verse
Premium Member Disarray
We have had news from the Front late today,
Brought by one of the Duke's trusted aides,
That the French army is in disarray,
As the threat from Napoleon fades.

It seems it was a most dreadful display,
Dead men on that battlefield laid,
A sense...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, conflict, death, england, soldier,
Form: Rhyme

Exactly 19 years to the day, November 17th 2000, I wrote this poem for my Future Husband, Elias Proxenos.
We were sweethearts from our early twenties, but fate wasn’t ready for us yet.  
We parted, each one of us got...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, husband, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Glorious George
My TV Soap is on again tonight,
Pretty faces playing different parts,
Of course it's not exactly dynamite,
Just gals looking for sweethearts:
They're having problems finding "Mr. Right",
Can't find George Clooney counterparts,
The blokes they meet are not dynamite,
Not exactly dishy, not exactly smart,
So...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, boyfriend, film, funny love, girl, heart, lonely,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member A Little Wildflower
"The flowers left thick at nightfall in the wood
This Eastertide call into mind the men
Now far from home, who, with their sweethearts,
Have gathered them and will do never again".

Edward Thomas.

          ...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, beautiful, blue, easter, flower,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Lovers Drink

Tempting balm tonics reposed fantasist,
Panacea liquifies mirage views,
Crafts allusive lofts energies persist,
Twain heart's favor lips a desire to schmooze.

Elixir defines the gist of lovers,
Exposes the length of listed measures,
Hearts and souls, supernatural pleasures,
Cascade gifted juice as meant lips puckers.

Charts a...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, deep, desire, fate, magic, motivation, romantic love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Whose Heart Beats Entranced

  "Only from the Heart you can touch the sky"  Rumi
      Whose heart beats entranced, as a thrumming sound
    And seeks the honey of a silken kiss
...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, flower, heart, kiss,
Form: Roundel
Tales From The Multiverse: April 15, 1912
I step outside to get some air
upon the ship’s fine teakwood deck,
the North Atlantic air bites deep,
I raise my collar ’round my neck.

Remind myself that it’s April,
and that it must be near midnight,
the long bow seems a lovely place
to stretch...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, anxiety, fear, history, imagery, night, ocean, science
Form: Narrative
Premium Member MY HEART IS FULL

My heart is full at this moment 
Richly pleased of the bestowment. 
No empty spots, there is nothing 
More I need to be just beaming.
My heart is full of meaningful 
Labyrinth maze, a breathless pull.

My heart is full joyously grand
When...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, bereavement, children, grandchild, love, marriage,
Form: Rhyme
It could be good, it could be sweet
It could be good, it could be sweet,
But I’m not sure that I’m in love
with you and you are all I need
that you’re my half, that you’re my half.
I am not sure you are the one
You didn’t say I love...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, emotions, feelings, hope, love, sensual, sweet, sympathy,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Cordial reception
If I am not here to see
Let him in, my little chickadee
If the bell rings twice it’s a pair
Don’t shut them out, its’ not fair

If I don’t hear this little bird
He’ll fly away, not leaving a word,
From whence he came,...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, appreciation, bird,
Form: Rhyme
Our Family Reunions Are Strange, Part I
I will sometimes be asked how it came about
that my children have one set of grandparents,
and I know just what you are thinking now,
but hear me out, an all of this will make sense.

I’m explaining this for one final time
to...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, confusion, family, humor, love, marriage, relationship, surreal,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Golden Oldies
Dimes drop, records begin to drop
Rhythm to stroll,  jivin’ to hip hop
Slow to jitterbug,  boogaloo  to rock
Twistin’ Chubby and rock around the clock

The Platters sing, you hold her close
Eye to eye, love’s first dose
Beach Boys up next,...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, music, nostalgia, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I've Lived a Long Happy Life
medallion dreams now turned to grey,
wild flower scented sheets once laid
on the line held with clothesline wood pins,
now all I can do is hang on to that rope line
for dear life;
      (gripping goodbyes)

I sit at...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, angel, life, love, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Life Was Full of Gratitude and Love
medallion dreams now turned to grey,
wild flower scented sheets once laid
on the line held with clothesline wood pins,
now all I can do is hang on to that rope line
for dear life;
      (gripping goodbyes)

I sit at...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, death, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member First Valentine
First Valentine

The brandishing green of winter grass,
So wielding in its way
As it guiles the hearts of first lovers
To hold hands on a sunny day;
Fantasy of a Valentine.

In this time nature produces no red,
Save the berries on a few winter bushes,
Apples...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, valentines day,
Form: Carpe Diem
Premium Member Candy And Flowers

Valentine's day should be a holiday
an amorous celebration of love.
A time to extol blessings from above
and suspend reality for one day.

Chocolates and scented roses revive
passion, triggering erotic feelings.
Cupid's arrow pierces amours dealings,
unleashing desire, hungry and alive!

The exchanging of candy and...Read More
Categories: sweethearts, 10th grade, beautiful, culture, emotions, feelings, imagery,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme