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Sweetening Poems

Sweetening Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sweetening poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sweetening.

New Poems

With Silver Gleams
With silver gleams
and golden beams
God gives us hope
with each new dawn

while birds flute
their nesting songs,

leaves bowing
to greening lawns

bees, buzzing and strumming blades, 
attracted by blossoms sweetening 
wilder glades...

Spring, a season of new life;
lifting dim hearts out of darkness
and strife--

Father, forgive...Read More
Categories: sweetening, christian, faith, inspirational, love, religious, truth, wisdom,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member When God Calls
 Silent and docile, like the lamb
The trees sit focused on the afternoon breeze
Arms tossing to and fro amid the gusts
Whispering softly to all who pass by

Quiet and mild, like the lamb
The trees begin to bend their hands
Down toward the...Read More
Categories: sweetening, autumn, death, faith, god, i am, inspirational,
Form: Personification
Premium Member A Cedar Waxwing
             sweetening the morn

       with honey-drenched melody...

               ...Read More
Categories: sweetening, animal, bird, music, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member His Presence
The morning dawns with dewdrop…
Sparkling like a tear in the eye,
A glimmer of hope rising up…
As the sunshine breaks across the sky.

As the light caresses the hills…
Hastening through clouds and tree limbs,
A sensation of faith sprinkles hearts…
Sweetening the day the...Read More
Categories: sweetening, blessing, god, jesus, love, metaphor, simile, sunshine,
Form: Free verse
Amandla Stanberg : Burning heart
Your pupils are like the sun
When peeping at prime of the day-
Liveliness it strikes in turn,
As her gaze touches the summer's day.

Your smiles are like honey,
But not like honey:
Sweetening a battered heart.
Yet, it's your cheapest art.

Your voice is the communion
Of...Read More
Categories: sweetening, love,
Form: Sonnet

Very near, yet so far
Amid the mighty waves of peculiar sea
I stood still waiting for you to see me

You took hold of the little girl's shivering hand
And made her dance among the waves away from the shore sand

I remained silent, building a sand castle,
Collecting...Read More
Categories: sweetening, first love,
Form: Rhyme
Watching the Winter Wonderland
"The winter wonderland here, through every window, 
The home filled with it's own wonderland,
With the music of old and cheer.
The Douglas fur with many colors,
The sweetening smell from the oven.
All is well, 
Happy Holidays."...Read More
Categories: sweetening, 11th grade,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Demagogue
Divisive, just like in the sad past
Ethnicity, yet again is his mast
Mouth sweetening for more votes to cast
Assuring in words to flabbergast
Glories used, which ended in a blast
Only to capture their poor hearts fast
God, always mentioned from first to last
Underneath...Read More
Categories: sweetening, betrayal, evil, life, political, spoken word, wisdom,
Form: Acrostic
Amandla Stenberg
Amandla Stenberg


My eyes often 
Have been whipped with beauty:
Eyes graced with illuminations,
Smiles stirring emotions,
Lips as of the soft hay,
Caressing the voluptuous day.
      But beauties are flawed:
       Distinct from yours.


Your...Read More
Categories: sweetening, appreciation,
Form: Lyric
My sleepless nights are gift for you
Your hiding face behind opened door kills me
If you think who you were who I was 
Our Hearts were one
We were breathing from a one nose
Our feelings were one
Our steps were one in that time
Now I can't see you from...Read More
Categories: sweetening, absence, age, anxiety, confusion, cry, feelings, for
Form: Free verse

A Love's Dialogue
Unique: I need someone to hold me and tell
me it's alright.
I need someone to hold my hands and feel
my pain.
I need someone to kiss away my pain.
I need someone to look into my eyes and tell
me my faults.
I need someone...Read More
Categories: sweetening, allusion,
Form: Dramatic Verse
An Adieu That Hurts
Yes,my sin swallowed me;
Like the toad-the adder's meal.

When first you summoned me:
Even of your love to feel.

Loan was your Love and assests;
You'd siad; 'Maybe he'll be an asset'.

But after the Lent love laced with
Pride weighed me down with strife:

Pulling me...Read More
Categories: sweetening, allusion,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Come to my bed
Patronizing her inner streets with cool lust-hawking
she’s compromising flaunted standards with kiss-talking
gentle but impolite
a sweetening soft fight
started like a hard script ending in sweet love making.
...Read More
Categories: sweetening, love, lust, romance, romantic, senses, sensual, sexy,
Form: Limerick
Sugar on Rye Bread
When growing up my twin
brother and I would get 
up early for breakfast while
our mom was trying to get
some sleep from her graveyard 
shift at the hospital as a nurse.

We would meet in our kitchen
on Saturday mornings and 
sprinkle sugar...Read More
Categories: sweetening, humor,
Form: Free verse
Waiting For You, the Return of the Light
Written for the Winter Solstice sunrise at Avebury, Wiltshire, England

I have waited for you
Where no shadow seeps
Deep in the earth
Where the slow damp creeps
Under the stones
Where the sunlight sleeps
I have waited for you

I have listened for you
In the eaglet’s cry
In...Read More
Categories: sweetening, england, light, longing, nature, psychological, spiritual, winter,
Form: Rhyme
The Wall
Wherever I come
At home
Or outdoors 
No shore nor apple 
No cloud nor maple
Only boundaries to appall
The inexorable wall

Neither dream nor dance 
You are allowed 
Lance upon the wall
Stops you from being a sky 
Where you can fly
The wall stands to...Read More
Categories: sweetening, allah, allusion, anxiety, confusion, emotions, ocean, river,
Form: Free verse
Dangling edges
sharpening remarks
spewing anger
seething kettle
whistling tunes
chiming remorse
overflowing bath
steaming kettle
whining brewing
coffees  aromatherapy
sweetening words
silencing librarys
cataloging books
shelving memories
reoccurring nightmares
unfolding pages
turning lies
waiting patiently
sitting under
currents churning
butter spreading
distasteful rumors
floating boats
sinking emotions
erupting fights
unsettling anger
surfacing tears
dropping arms
dealing cards
reading palm 
trees rustling
breeze blowing
bubbles forming
habits repeating
cycles abusing
boundaries encircling
egos clashing
symbols...Read More
Categories: sweetening, confusion, courage, destiny, fire, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Slice of Carrot Cake
Slice of
Carrot cake
Melts in my mouth 
Sweetening taste buds with sugar delight

...Read More
Categories: sweetening, food,
Form: Tetractys
Early Morning
Early morning shivers
Steadied by steaming tea
Sweetening my tongue
Warming me 

The Towhee is calling
telling me to drink my tea
I tell him I have
Stop pestering me

The morning sky is crisp
Pine needles are dancing
Birds are all singing
Squirrels are all prancing

Light through the leaves
Painting...Read More
Categories: sweetening, environment, morning,
Form: Quatrain
In as much I couldn't tell you more,
More of you I feel every moment beside you,
More of my mind thinking and talking about you,
More of that smile from that your smiling face,
More of your kindness in it perfect expression.
More of...Read More
Categories: sweetening, art, beautiful, lonely, love, true love,
Form: Rhyme
Love Seen with Blinded Eyes
 Since the first time our eyes met I felt a connection
This connection..something unseen yet all along I knew it was there
 Just as real as the raindrops I hear 
They fall to the muddy ground outside
 Sheets of it...Read More
Categories: sweetening, beauty, blessing, devotion, emotions, for him, happy,
Form: Free verse
Me and My Rambling
Isn't this what the Bible predicted? A false God and chaos

and plagues and bad weather and detriment caused to our 

climate by global warming and pollution. We aren't supposed 

to be messing around with mother nature. Hasn't Trump

figured out that...Read More
Categories: sweetening, happiness, humorous,
Form: Blank verse
Bringing Families Closer With Cake
The smooth curves of the round cake decorated with icing.

The appealing smell of coconut and chocolate mixed together. 

The beauty of brown flowers amid a glaze of nuts and coconut.

The eagerness of the child and the smiling mother for a...Read More
Categories: sweetening, emotions, family, love,
Form: Free verse
Pain of Night, Joy of Morning

He is now a band of sky, 
a bird, a cloud, a stream of blue 
drifting by in midafternoon,
a dragonfly, a butterfly, a speck of light dancing by, 
an abandoned sheet of loose leaf paper
with a poem scribbled on it,...Read More
Categories: sweetening, change, father daughter, inspiration, spiritual, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FLATTER

Number 2:


Watch that extra sweet tongue
That curls and swings and stirs
Sweetening the high strung
In clever touch that spurs

Leon Enriquez
15 December 2014
...Read More
Categories: sweetening, character,
Form: Epigram