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Swathes Poems

Swathes Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swathes poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swathes.

New Poems

that crab nip
upon fingertips
as sunlight tilts his hat
and nighttime makes his start
drinking liquid
from the passing breeze
unanticipated tremble of the knees
Squawked yawn as seagull retires
and sound swathes
its way
through quicksand air
Slip your chill
past neckline
nomadic course down spine
Wrap your silk cotton
darkness around
safe but...Read More
Categories: swathes, poetry,
Form: Free verse

To Win By Losing, or The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Part II
...Through the woodlands the riflemen did steam,
reinforcing General Greene’s second line,
the British pressed on, still on the attack,
but they had quite the devil of a time.

Marching through forest that broke up their ranks,
while Americans poured on musket balls,
the dead and...Read More
Categories: swathes, america, conflict, courage, freedom, history, patriotic, war,
Form: Epic
Read - emption
Sumptuous suggestions straddle stagnancy
Summoned by engaging pages
Susceptible skulls imbibe vibrancy
Surmounting latitude notion ravages

Authors serve smorgasbord swathes of research 
Reading's pizza fuses flavours opposing
Issues investigated, valid views aptly asserted
Essays stretch perception, anomaly concepts provoking

Unfurling knowledge tunes recognition's accord
Rhizomes capacitate vertical fronds...Read More
Categories: swathes, books, education,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
I Am Not A Robot Part 2
Me a zombie?
Just a viral doofus poseur,
Brainiac and hacker on the loose tapping into other genie lamps,
Wireless Stikbot floater skipping ID challenge.
Hurdles that authenticate saliva from a silicone palate.
Trojan horse webber getting kicks from pop up photos and their tick...Read More
Categories: swathes, color, computer, creation, fantasy, fun, imagery, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry
Swathe Of Stillness

Whistling wind plays flute in
orchestra of air
where flying on music
birds in blue share.

Music flows rippling in
broken heart in despair
as stillness swathes soul
with bliss so rare.

November 26, 2019
Contest : McWhirtle Me
Sponsor : Charles Messina...Read More
Categories: swathes, analogy, bird, heartbreak, music,
Form: McWhirtle

With each screaming note of pain
The darkness fills her broken frame
insipid oil glints and gleams
and streams
like blackened rainbow dreams
each pitch change
her quest for enlightenment
almost spent
but continues without pause
as darkness buries knife claws
Fingers forged in burning hours of lost childhood
But still...Read More
Categories: swathes, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Halloween Moon

The northern wind blows gently,
summer haze drifts by and by,
autumn flashes colors on tree canopy,
mystique satin swathes the night sky.

Crescent silver moon rises high,
cradles the cat with black fur,
on its jade eyes sparks of fire lie
like emerald flare of shooting...Read More
Categories: swathes, halloween, moon,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mites upon the flotsam
We are mites upon the flotsam - 
mites who long to know 
the diamond wind which carved the stars

We are blips in boundless aeons -
blips who dream of clutching 
shining swathes of space and time

We are momentary nothings,
we might as...Read More
Categories: swathes, humanity, universe,
Form: Free verse
I've Never Been To Africa
I've lived where orange blossoms fall
and flutter on the streets of Spain.
In Germany I've seen the wall,
and snow-capped mountains from the train.
I've known Bahamas' sunlight gleam
where palm trees shift in sultry air,
but Africa, exotic dream—
imagination takes me there.
I see...Read More
Categories: swathes, africa, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Daniel Morgan's Masterpiece, Part II
...The sharp-shooters opened on him first,
Cutting down fifteen of his dragoons,
Tartleton ordered a grand charged,
with his infantry now on the move.

The sharp-shooters fired and fell back,
were absorbed in the second line,
who had been ordered to fire twice,
then get out of...Read More
Categories: swathes, america, conflict, hero, history, patriotic, success, war,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Dandelion Dreams
Swathes of golden dandelions 
tumble wildly over the hillsides
in a waterfall of yellow hues
that sparkle through 
dew laden grass, gleaming 
with fresh simplicity. 

As dandelions sway in the wind
soft murmurings of melodies 
resound, rustling and tossing petals 
like wild notes...Read More
Categories: swathes, dream, flower,
Form: Free verse
Summer longing
I dream of summer often on never ending cold grey days
Longing to again be awakened by a yellow early morning sun
Not eyes prised open seemingly in the middle of the night

Leave behind icy blasts that invade and chill me inside...Read More
Categories: swathes, holiday, joy, longing, seasons, summer, winter,
Form: Free verse
The Taylor
The Taylor’s an ordinary man
He spends his time in his workshop
Or on the cobblestone streets, searching
For lengths of exotic fabrics and shimmering threads
His hands are covered in bruises
Made from the pricks of needles over and over

The Taylor’s an ordinary man
He...Read More
Categories: swathes, dream, england, jobs,
Form: Free verse
Delai Lamas bench, Anglesey
So the records say on a past day,
The Dalai Lama sat on a peaceful bench, not that far away!

I had to find out if he was right,
So set off to sit on this Anglesey delight,

When I got to Llanbadrig church,
The...Read More
Categories: swathes, appreciation, beauty, faith, inspiration, memorial day,
Form: Couplet

           you locked 
           up shadows
           in old...Read More
Categories: swathes, beautiful, change, strength,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Slam rhyming rap battle trump
If you want to talk smack
Best bring your , A - Game Jack

I know everyone hate's to see a grown man cry
But you have chosen to do battle with Mr Fly
Sorry Standard rules don't apply to me

I have been spiting...Read More
Categories: swathes, slam,
Form: Free verse
A Vision Turned Into Carrion
Mornings of great days bathe in sublime sunrise
Inspiring confidence and glowing with swathes of hope
That good tidings of a magnanimous size
Were afoot on the slope

Where sadness struts its stuff
Brandishing pessimism and nihilism
If the going went tough
In the context of sadism...Read More
Categories: swathes, poems,
Form: Free verse
Spring Lady
Pots of geraniums down the front steps
peeking from the windowsills
the hanging baskets on the front verandas
or the back porches,
Ravishing beds of fragrant shrubs
adorning the sidewalks,
Swathes of jewel-like crocus flowers
throughout lawns and rockeries,
Patches of cheeriest golden daffodils,
The deciduous magnolias blooming...
There are...Read More
Categories: swathes, spring,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kaleidoscope of Abstract Hues
Astound me with visual auroras
swathes of rainbows in chorus
that leap across lofty skies
strange intriguing patterns that rise
iridescent visions of midnight forests.

Mind bending colors turn sinister 
haunting hues no longer minister
I awaken from dystopian dreams
seeking solace from simple means
I bask inside...Read More
Categories: swathes, color, dream, light,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Our Fire-Mother - A Sunshine Sonnet
Her warm caress is soft, serene and silent,
Yet, in her heart, explosions - constant, violent -
Birth mighty swathes of elements each second,
Our fire-mother, furious and fecund.

She looms, eight hundred thousand miles wide,
Tops fifteen million kelvin deep inside,
A fusion furnace spiralling...Read More
Categories: swathes, mother, sun, universe,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Beannchor Looks On, Fabulous Pivoting Place
  molten times, vulcanising immensity, vast plateau
  belly-belching landform
  oceans, shallow seas and lakes swell up and down
  land-bridging, submerging
  any one place moving astride, stutter-shifting
  continental drifting world
  climate changes over faster...Read More
Categories: swathes, future, history, ireland, places, sea, society,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Cynic Speaks of Love
A sonnet for cynics, for Valentine's Day

The Cynic speaks of Love; What lie is this
But lust dressed up in silky swathes of lace
In pretty words, and promises of bliss
Come pouting in her petticoats, her face
All flushed with rouge and scarlet...Read More
Categories: swathes, desire, heart, love, lust, magic, sexy, valentines
Form: Sonnet
Hope is in the Air
For some reason
I woke up feeling
extremely good today
it feels as if removing
a layer of silk veil
shrouding my face
allowing it to just float away
like a dead autumn leaf
Seeing a bit clearly
the umpteen possibilities
swirl in my mind's eye
all I have to do...Read More
Categories: swathes, autumn, blessing, clothes, destiny, fate, hope, self,
Form: Prose
Premium Member stormbears

great swathes of rain
pushed, herded by gale gusts
from the north edging on arctic

moves down on polar bear paws
rumble, tumble dark across my sky
whispering vestiges of autumn

scatters sulky heat before them
brushes aside trees and grasses 
balls of hail rat ta tat...Read More
Categories: swathes, autumn,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member JUST A HOBBY
Flowing swathes swarm and wind
Bloom blush brilliant through my mind;
As expressions in outward flow
Stir sensations hid below;
Emotions made manifest arrayed,
displayed and essayed;
With poignant passion slashed
On my canvas unabashed....Read More
Categories: swathes, art,
Form: Free verse