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Swallowed Poems

Swallowed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swallowed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swallowed.

New Poems

Premium Member One Who Knows
Before civilization imprinted on you,
before speech swallowed your thoughts,
before a million rules and regulations
strangled your spirit and stripped your flesh.

There was a place
where the uncontrollable laughter lies,
where mirth hides behind each corner and
where spontaneity springs full force.

To return to the...Read More
Categories: swallowed, mythology,
Form: Free verse

how I wish you were real
how I wish you were real
then i would share with you my pain

I would tell you of my life
battered by the pelting rains 
and torn in the raging storm
in the pieces my mind is

I would tell you of the many...Read More
Categories: swallowed, best friend, betrayal, inspiration,
Form: Narrative
Chair Yoga Skeleton
?A soul in flight soars above the grimy midnight mist only to be swallowed by audacious moonlight droplets.
Heart, mind and artery
skip seamlessly across a canvass wet and damp,
soaking up the wild blue mildew spot flood.
Chair yoga skeleton figure,
quaking in mid-air,
much...Read More
Categories: swallowed, character, dedication, deep, destiny, devotion, dream, emotions,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Blind Man Turns

"Blind Man Turns"

Rest easy in my lull, Love

is not the gentle goodnight, Love

in the beguiling
silence of Lost Lovers' Woods

It is the war we 
all wager

in each other

We run from it
We run to it

The Labyrinth
we all are

striding fresh 
through...Read More
Categories: swallowed, love,
Form: Free verse
Should we shed the boy and be a man?
Shoot of spirit wild -to be tamed in the tamed land.
Where is the proof that this cynical evolution;
this cyclical passthrough is a strengthened constitution.
A blur and a blink of vision to the...Read More
Categories: swallowed, birth, child, child abuse, childhood, first love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Headless Hession at Sleepy Hollow

Legend around these parts strike terror in some
When I first heard it I swallowed my gum
What was his name? I asked. No one knew
He comes out at night in the fog of blue hue.

He’s the ghost of a Hessian soldier...Read More
Categories: swallowed, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Anesthesiology 101
The physician mixed a kiddie 'cocktail'
The young patient swallowed it and turned pale
   He quickly went under
   But the doc had blundered
He'd put in a pint of hundred-proof ale...Read More
Categories: swallowed, drink, health,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Two Dementia Patients Share the Memory of Water

Two glasses of water
wait to be touched by hands and lips.

The water itself remembers the taste 
of Fixodent, the salty funk
of being swallowed into a body
so blind to itself
that thoughts have dimmed to patches
of slowly shuttering lights.
It is then that...Read More
Categories: swallowed, poetry,
Form: Free verse
fell through fly through floor
I fell down hit rock bottom swallowed me whole the old me forgotten never stopping as I drop below rotten to a molten core where lava pours rather sore as I downward soar but ask myself what’s volcanic ash when...Read More
Categories: swallowed, mental illness,
Form: Rhyme
Fear is draining
Swallowed fear down my throat 
In the whirlpool of my stomach 
Striking lighting in my chest 
Sending earthquakes along my skin 
Hair stands on end. Alert.
Fears a draining thing. 
A fight for my sanity against evil that doesnt exist.
Labored...Read More
Categories: swallowed, abuse, anxiety, childhood, depression, poetry,
Form: I do not know?

Daylight Savings Time March 8th 2020
Daylight Savings Time – March 8th,   2020

Two o'clock anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi 
hour hand clock sprung forward sixty minutes 
round about same of month every year, what a bum
er, an inconvenient truth diverged from this chum
purposelessly manipulating...Read More
Categories: swallowed, 11th grade, 12th grade, america, father, health,
Form: Free verse
Preface: There is entirely too much water being consumed.  People should be satisfied with thirst and being dry.  They should think about desert sand, romancing dunes and bleached bones in repose.

People become inflated with hydration
Leaving faucets on,...Read More
Categories: swallowed, abuse, conflict, drink, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Heart In A Box
Can’t you hear the pounding the beating 
Trapped within this four sided structure
Tears and screams are fleeing

Awaiting a soldier to free this simple heart 
Caught inside a box no way out
Hoof beats in the distance ending or start

Awaiting a rescue...Read More
Categories: swallowed, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Mother- Killer
Why do you care so much for how I look?
Is it so that I can be attractive enough to get married?
I wish sometimes that you would care about my life as much as you care about my weight.
Just for one...Read More
Categories: swallowed, depression, emotions, mother daughter, mum,
Form: Free verse
Stay away from me
Verse 1
All the butterflies in my stomach
Were swallowed by
a black hole
That's instead of my heart
it's pulling me in

Fell head over heals
In love with him
I'm a poor fool
I don't want to
be dragged into this
It's bad luck to win

Please stay away...Read More
Categories: swallowed, emotions, heartbroken, how i feel, poetess, sad
Form: Lyric
Winds tied up my lover
The embrace scratches my soul
She is holding on for dear life
My bruised ego pushes her off
The hurt is swallowed like a pill

Them lies did us in eventually
The bloodied vision my fate
The rain beating us so heavily
Lightening severing my soul...
Levitating spinning...Read More
Categories: swallowed, deep, feelings, introspection, meaningful,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Robin Mouse and King Snake
Robin Mouse scurried through the forest cautiously
A vicious rumor said that king snake was after him.
He got his bow and arrows out and tiptoed gingerly.
Fully recognizing how fast king snake could come out of those leaves
Finishing him off before he...Read More
Categories: swallowed, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member On Gossamer Wings of Hope
     Yesterday, I was a Phoenix
         except I had no wings;
           beset by pessimism,
    ...Read More
Categories: swallowed, allegory, faith, freedom, hope, inspiration, motivation, strength,
Form: Personification
Premium Member truth, swallowed - JM
"Reality is something you rise above." -Liza Minelli

you'll beat drugs she said ...

                    if you only knew, thought I,

  ...Read More
Categories: swallowed, drug, wisdom,
Form: Senryu
Streets come alive in neon pink at night
Sidewalks drink up rains remains
In alley ways in covered shadows
Tall buildings stand too close for comfort

The cracks between the swallowed light
Hold their sins together in a somber prayer

Concrete thoughts of heaven hang
Gothic dark...Read More
Categories: swallowed, appreciation, blessing, business, devotion, god, sin,
Form: Free verse
No longer true
I almost drowned in my tears when my heart came out of my mouth. Pain too much to bear, I couldn't but hold back as it went south. My fears came crashing down as I braced myself for a fall....Read More
Categories: swallowed, deep, emotions, feelings, for him, love hurts,
Form: Lyric

All of my true best friends are dead
Swallowed by this world
Choked by their own tongues
Which couldn't speak their torment
Which couldn't voice their dread

All the powerful ones said,
After all, 
It's all inside your head
Keep it inside
You don't deserve your tears

A guilt...Read More
Categories: swallowed, best friend, depression, heartbroken, psychological, women,
Form: Blank verse
I know you
I know you are a champion
You have conquered fields and won crowns
You have been carried up by crowds
Walked on deserts,
Touched your tongue on burning coal
And eaten hot pepper, bare
Been happy and you’ve frowned
Been lost and found
You have flown above clear...Read More
Categories: swallowed, identity, inspiration, life, love,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Out of Time
It was a beautiful day for a picnic in the park,
We all thought we would stay there until dark.

Just enjoying the peace of a late summer bliss,
Like a departing lover engages you with a kiss!

We lunched on good food, and...Read More
Categories: swallowed, adventure, bird, family, fantasy, imagery, journey, time,
Form: Couplet

       A hasty glance and still my heart leaped up
       Brought tempest and I was swept away.
  ...Read More
Categories: swallowed, appreciation, first love, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme