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Susurrus Poems

Susurrus Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of susurrus poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for susurrus.

New Poems

If there was no poetry
if a tree falls and there is no one to hear it
not even the merest susurrus
for a poet to capture the moment
the spell of redamancy would be broken
the world, as we know it, would not exist
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Categories: susurrus, poetry, poets,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Susurrus
Heart yearns for a remedy to help it unwind,
as thoughts drift to forgotten forests of the mind.
Distant visions with hues of a sepia tone,
soul senses tranquil nourishment of being home.

Sweet serene scents feel like a delicate dream,
as light cascades through...Read More
Categories: susurrus, nature, nostalgia,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member The Page Turner in the Shade
illuminating the whodunnit
with an old timey lantern -
     her Nancy Drew silhouette
            prim and proper.

this giant suspenser -
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Categories: susurrus, books, light,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cosmic Wings
Cosmic Wings

Susurrus songs of delightful dragonflies with flash dances
Through flowering fields with passionate prances
Glowing with sanguine opulence, we glimpse gallant glances
We capture them in conversation in composing literary lace lances 
Mother nature bestows to them picturesque chalices overflowing with cornucopia...Read More
Categories: susurrus, butterfly, imagery, nature,
Form: Monorhyme
The Sound of Autumn
The youth get old quickly while learning goes slowly,
Of even a single minute or second we can’t make light.
When in dreamlike spring we still indulge contentedly,
Susurrus leaves of phoenix trees touch the steps in sight.
(tran.)...Read More
Categories: susurrus, analogy, autumn, philosophy,
Form: Didactic

Premium Member Autumn Afterglow
Autumn Afterglow

As halcyon summer days 
    wave goodbye
Bucolic trees seen from 
    an autumn sky
Become a cynosure 
    of colored bliss
So heat of summer days 
    we will...Read More
Categories: susurrus, autumn, beauty, october, seasons, sky, tree,
Form: Rhyme

from afar, leaves like uncounted catatonic fires  
huddled close
pinned to the chill air

a pointillist’s love affair with a hundred shades of red

the ground is a fresh wound, edgeless 

a breeze worries the boughs 
stokes the hanging flames into quivering...Read More
Categories: susurrus, autumn, color, funeral, imagery, nature, seasons, summer,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Il Pleut
Il PLeut

It rains torrentially
after long drought and disorder;
it rains drenching the empathetic 
scraggy soil of the heart
it rains moistening the rocks of anger
crags of revenge and cracks of depravity
it rains covering the jealous holes with purity
healing the undesirable crevices of...Read More
Categories: susurrus, rain,
Form: Prose Poetry
Morning Mind Matter
It’s half past four in the morning.
Thoughts swirl in my head,
Not one a epiphany.
I can’t help but to wish every day
Radiated the petrichor
That smells like home and happiness.
The susurrus of night swirls in my ears,
So painfully present
I cannot seem to...Read More
Categories: susurrus, art, beauty, deep, happy, life, morning, night,
Form: Free verse
All Alone
All alone, in the surreal, rayless eventide, gnarly, disheveled hands gouging from the rooted Earth, tongue forever tied. Melancholia echoing through Gods breath, despondency wrenching your azure-splashed jeans, the susurrus of the Devil's proclamation chirping out sadistic demeans.
All alone, breathlessly...Read More
Categories: susurrus, betrayal, depression,
Form: Free verse

The Lost Princess

I felt his susurrus
Under my feet
The world as I had known it before
Is nullified
Stranger still is 
This feeling of not being quite mortified
Mortem does mean death in my language
Yet the poisonous river
Is the death personified
I am the lost...Read More
Categories: susurrus, allegory, allusion, appreciation, beautiful, history, inspiration, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pickled Raspberry Musings
Caged magnetic daydreams of lucid migration;

I’ve been there before.  It’s forbidden:

Orchard carved calligraphy crisply cut -
Spiraled surface-scratched immortality 
Dimly azure, aglow on videotape,
Red, blue, green.  Nature’s baby grand.
An organic player-piano ceaseless 
In mellow tone, perched potpourri hillside,
Plucking raspberry...Read More
Categories: susurrus, bird,
Form: Free verse
Special Feeling
special susurrus
so suave spicy whispery
hot way in return

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Categories: susurrus, romance,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member I Dream of Dreams
I dream of a place where dancers embrace,
Waltzing together incipient lights,
Music transposed echoed heavenly grace,
Accompanies first harmonious nights;

I dream of lilacs and lavender mist,
Adrift susurrus shoreline’s infinite breeze,
Flowing compassion through time reminisced,
That journeys taken be traveled with ease:

I dream of...Read More
Categories: susurrus, lost love,
Form: Sonnet
in the dawning of the sun
the stars within me rise
light hues of reds and blues
as sail with blurring stars,
susurrus of silky movements  
awakens me to her morning song
our kisses rising with our hearts
and through our love into the silence
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Categories: susurrus, beauty, blue, light, morning, silence, star,
Form: Free verse
The Clandestine Life of the burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owls are found in open, dry grasslands, agricultural and range lands, and desert habitats often associated with burrowing animals, particularly prairie dogs, ground squirrels and badgers.

Yes, I love a hole in the ground
(I didn't even dig it.) 
but also...Read More
Categories: susurrus, bird, earth, humor, nature,
Form: Free verse
On a Crisp Autumn Evening
The susurrus breeze 
of spring’s ingénue trees 
now rasps and wheezes,
rustling sparse leaves as
the trees, now crones,
rest brittle bones,
primed for winter’s coming.
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Categories: susurrus, autumn, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Sensing the Divine
Is the universe
God’s dream,
or is this a being
whose sole
imperative is
to comprehend itself—
susurrus reverberating
through spacetime’s
faint and gossamer web—
arrayed for us
as law and truth?
Will I ever know?
Will I understand,
if I do?
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Categories: susurrus, creation, dream, god, space, spiritual, universe,
Form: Free verse
The Man Who Spoke in Whispers
(for Jim Ducker)

The growth plundered your voice,
robbing it of tone; you spoke
in well-articulated whispers, inhaling
through that tube thing in your throat.

You shone, in spite of it all.
No self-pity, even near the end,
after years of speaking to us
in breaths the way...Read More
Categories: susurrus, absence, bereavement, best friend, farewell, friendship, grief,
Form: Free verse
Scene One:

Fingertip touches
under salt sun,
a volunteer hostage,
wrapped in white.
She leans in,
“Stay as long as you like,
dead on this wet cedar slab,
feet toward Japan.”

Scene Two:

Writing in shadow,
deep pain alive,
heart on the killing floor,
still beating.
She closes me tight
in her white apron,
leans down,
“Stay...Read More
Categories: susurrus, relationship, sad,
Form: Free verse
(one of my very few macaronic poems.   If you read even a little French, you will understand why I chose this form)

Your tongue embraces paradox, Monsieur,
in its perpetual romance,
and most condign, the dancing words 
that fall upon my...Read More
Categories: susurrus, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Autumn's Song
Susurrus of leaves,
Gently soothes the Southern hills:
Evening lullabies....Read More
Categories: susurrus, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Dr Rams Words Are Better Than Gold
Exquisite the ravel of his comforting quilt
a pondering notion of wisdom is felt 
I take a sip of his lovely red wine,  
Dr. Rams words are better than gold..........simply divine
Susurrus hymns of love at times
or perhaps lissome...Read More
Categories: susurrus, adventure, devotion, friendship, happiness, hope, imagination, inspirational,
Form: Kyrielle
It Isn't Arcadia but It's Darker Than Hell
This is where death is the child and I it's Laborious hand holder

Jagged night, lean souls
blackened sight in the martyr moon
crooning crows and brazen ravens tear the skies through

Crooked grins and demon walkers make the evil hallow
and the meek surrender

Beads...Read More
Categories: susurrus, adventure, art, confusion, death, imagination, introspection, love,
Form: Free verse
Resurrections 2
Resurrections  2

Timeless beyond light brought awareness
Breathing by life blood
Destinies womb where souls settle
Diamond snowflakes from above

Shifting susurrus of whispered tryst
The sanctuary of love
Configured identities in Dervish dances
On Astral quivers Plato arrows of heavenly vistas

When light bequeathed the resurrections echoes
In...Read More
Categories: susurrus, mysterylight, light,
Form: Free verse