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Suspiciously Poems

Suspiciously Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suspiciously poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suspiciously.

New Poems

Let There Be Limericks: A couple about cats
A cruel circus lion tamer named Fred
Dropped his whip once and ended up dead.
When his body was found
It was scattered around,
Badly scratched and detached from his head.

Where a homeless old woman once sat,
Her pet puss was found dead and suspiciously...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, cat, humor,
Form: Limerick

The Strange Truces of King Arthur
The Strange Truces of King Arthur
by Michael R. Burch

Artur took Cabal, his hound,
and Carwennan, his knife,
and his sword forged by Wayland
and Merlyn, his falcon,
and, saying goodbye to his sons and his wife,
he strode to the Table Rounde.

“Here is my spear,...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, england, funny, giggle, hilarious, history, humor, myth,
Form: Sonnet
Remembering The Bag Lady

I spotted her one Saturday morning
as I was crossing Main Street. She was
sitting alone outside my favorite

coffee shop, her elbows propped up 
on a small blue opaque glass table top, 
starring suspiciously at passersby.

A piece of pastry lay
on a white...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, memory,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I'll Never Forget What's Her Name
I’ll never forget What’s Her Name
The one with the long black hair that was always dying the tips?
The one with the curly red hair who came on to me at the Christmas party?
WHAT Christmas party?
Never mind.

She was the one who...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, age, memory, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Mozarts Final Hours
December 5, 1791: Mozart’s Final Hours

That he was dying and working on a requiem only increased
			 his foreboding – even a genius
is riddled with on-the-dark-side pedestrian fears and emotions 
		that make the flesh tremble suspiciously 

without rational cause. He had...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, music,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member Systemic Change
It is known throughout Earth's anonymous
unanimous Commons,
Systems are hard to change.

The more macro-competitive,
The more difficult of all conversion stories

Over pernicious decades,
We tend to add "isms"
to pathological ends
of these global systemic issues.

This polyculturalistic/multiculturalism suffix,
negative appendage,
suggests a pejorative problem
of systemistic stuckness,
where once...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, caregiving, health, integrity, peace, psychological, wisdom, woman,
Form: Political Verse
starry eyed cloud of surreal angels
starry eyed cloud of surreal angels

utmost nadir of despair found
this atheist craning his neck skyward
hearing resplendent August
choral symphony may sound absurd,
but...mine supreme auditory sense

(compensated with poor vision,
i.e. extreme myopia) genetically injured
acute undoubted gifted courtesy,
viz cochlear ability crystal clear
also heard kindled...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, appreciation, april, crazy, joy, muse, sky, surreal,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Engaging the Family Laundry
Perhaps infertile
unwashed memories
of elder v younger,
Goliath v David,
crusades v communion
critical, yet part of chronic, events
speak extended family disengagement truth
to powerful dirty laundry engagement failures.

That disclaimer said,
I have two incomplete conversations
in mind and heart
and what I hope I will eventually learn
from...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, culture, destiny, games, health, integrity, peace, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Poverty Taxes
In Kenya, they are called value-added taxes, “yani VAT”.
They change and increase every year
And are placed on everything under the sun.
The prices increase daily, 
But they say it would lead to everyone paying their fair share of tax. 

They are...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, political, poverty,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Cowed By A Friend
We are like twins, just alike.
We think alike.
We have the same ideas.
All the same ideas?
How do you know?
I just do.
What do you think about Johnny?
We love him.
Both of you?
Do you like pie?
Neither of you?
What if you...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Fartology

How did the phrase “Spitting Image” originate
Seems kinda gross to me
Now here's something I've often wondered about
Do Queens expectorate... surely Kings do
For that matter, they pass wind too
Some people... okay some men...
Make a big production out of passing wind
Lifting one...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, death,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member If I Had A Minion
If I had a minion he would be gloriously deferent to me.
He would wash my dishes, he would pay my bills.
He would do my dusting, and he would vacuum.

This is sounding suspiciously familiar.
This minion would cook my food, he would...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, humorous, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Inside a congregation
She gives and recieves without a thought
Her eyes are as soft as her voice.
She knows the ins and outs of every song
And sings only to God.

His compassion is endless and unconditional.
A tear in every smile, but a sparkle within each...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, christian, feelings, god, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member For God's Sake
My twenty two year old son Charlie has been coming home from work, eating dinner and than going straight into his bedroom. He has been doing this religiously for the past two or three weeks. My first thought was, oh...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, god,
Form: Verse
Premium Member They Feed Our Children to the Lions
Should make you angry, not your bad,
To hate the perks most rich have had,
For rules get bent for them to gain,
Few saints address joint pilgrim's pain.

A level playing field's a joke,
Schools segregate, texts filled with smoke.
Rich draft the loopholes, pay...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, abuse, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ending in a Deadly Minor Key
So here's my question for this dawning day,
like a WinWin ruminating message in a bottle
floating through a LoseLose climate sea
felt still foggy from last night,
some mysterious how now;

One of many
health related strategic WinLose issues
tuning out organic WinWin as also opportunities...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, anger, anti bullying, dark, fear, green, grief,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member My Thing Is
My thing is,
Yang dear,
is much RNA-green older
than mammalian red-DNA Yang.

seniority breeds long-term nutritious merit,
I remember this history lesson
from your creation by fairy tale,
how WinWin Paradise YinYin
wonder invited Yang's Patriarchal CoPresence.

Well said,
which is exactly why EarthMother
needed you to WinWin honey grow
but...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, color, earth, health, history, humanity, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Spring Has Arrived
The birds are back.  The sparrows, the robins, the finches too.
The red cardinals, the blue jays, though they are seldom in two’s.
The woodpeckers, and the hummingbirds, some gray, and some blue.
Their choir is raising the mushrooms right out of...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th
Form: Couplet

Alert, awake, unmoving; something there;
could be an insect, maybe a rat,
maybe a snake, or a man.
Up and down the list
in fractions of seconds, need to know;
too much noise for an insect,
too little noise for a man,
rats scurry, can only be...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, anxiety, conflict, dark, fear, horror,
Form: Free verse
Different Man-Henceforth Flourishing Behindhand
Squalidness—Squabbling squeamishly;
Scrutinizing stigmatized scandalization, substantially scarce
Sprightliness...skeptically surrendering
Shamefully—Scolded sardonically;
Snarling splenetically, severing sensibility, scowlingly simmering
Strenuously...sought survival
Sparring—Sinister sisters;
Seductively swiveling soreness, sarcastically snared, swirling
Storms...sporadically striking
Slowly—Sacrificing stories;
Scorching slanderous subversiveness, suffering suffocation
Senselessly...smoldering serendipity
Sinfully—Silent stranger;
Sneaking skillfully staring
Presumptuously—Pursuing pretentiousness;
Promises protruding pithiness,
Potential problems...penetrating
Frantically—Forsaken fantasizes foresee;
Different Man Flourishing...

Suspiciously—Supplication solicited;
Subjectively settling,...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, how i feel, me, meaningful, surreal, word
Form: Free verse

Forty million stars aglow
Neath a midnight satin sky
While a dark sensuous serenade lurks
Astride the breeze in ambush wantonly 
The temptress moon suspiciously hangs low

A magical atmosphere
It sets the tone for romance
Love’s breath is in the air infectuous
As arm in arm...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, beach, longing, moon, romantic love, surreal,
Form: Verse
Premium Member CareGiving Stories Continued
Wounded Sacred Dementia

My last foster care-provider
and -receiver story
is also a sad story
of my last special needs adoption
of bipolar born,
and oppositionally reared,

My BiPolar Wounded Child
turned an auspicious five
on the day I first saw her,
and promptly rejected her,
not in dipolar person,
but in...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, caregiving, health, humor, love, parents,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Spider Solitaire
Stuff is suspiciously silent
Spider Solitaire
Like when all the wrong cards
Line up for failure with a grand slam
The blockade of advantages
The stuff space is made of.

The smokey fixtures
The dusty stinking velvet
A dirty green of a dream
The stuff rubble is made of
The...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, repetition,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member EarthFirst
America First
speaks a RightWing monocultural intention
currently championed by Trumpians
and Republican Aristocracy of Evangelism 
Tea Partiers,
by xenophobic paranoids
and sociopathic pharisee fascists,
by economically blind
and angry 
terrified shouters;
just the opposite of dumb,
yet not cooperatively mindful either
of our global polycultural DNA roots
with universal democratic...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, anger, community, fear, happiness, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
That faithful dawn brought a genesis that was inevitable 
With its bright beams, the flowers did cheer to the rinse
Warmth brought in, Calm and chilly followed the breezy 
With which cringed to outstep the darker purpose outing 

Even the chimney...Read More
Categories: suspiciously, death,
Form: Free verse