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Surprises Poems

Surprises Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surprises poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surprises.

New Poems

A Birthday in Place
Believe it or not, my birthday’s been great
Though not one I would have predicted,
Assuming that I would be down in the dumps
For being so virus-restricted.

My pre-sunrise walk was delightful because
The rain I’d expected held off
And no one I passed on...Read More
Categories: surprises, birthday,
Form: Rhyme

Our lives we lead
Being whoever we want
Style we cultivate
Character we build

So matter what
The differences
Life phases

We all have 
Come up
One day
Go down

Table turns
No longer fixed

All four corners
And two dimensions

Do not turn blind eye
When we have everything
Saying what we please
As if we...Read More
Categories: surprises, appreciation, blessing, change, deep, fate, future, god,
Form: Free verse
Dom Lies
I had a friend who was full of snideness 
said I nicked his bike but I was in Cyprus 
told people for years with total slyness 
bitterness is always a trait with surprises

What’s more is he made up this story,...Read More
Categories: surprises, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Through Hell
After surviving a walk through fire there is little else that can burn around me for I am free and it is very hard to upset me for I've been to Hell and back and close to Heaven's doors as...Read More
Categories: surprises, me,
Form: ABC
I am here
In a world full of chaos, and calamities 
A world of divisions, and principalities.
In the midst of the darkness, there shines the Sharpest Light.
Whose won every battle, never giving up the fight.

Not matter what you see, have faith in Me.
No...Read More
Categories: surprises, christian, faith, song, uplifting,
Form: Lyric

          delight filled moments
          frivolity to confound
           a sojourn
   ...Read More
Categories: surprises, allusion, art,
Form: Verse
The Land of Legerdemain
Let's look to the land of Legerdemain
locale with surprises by sleight-of-hand.
Cards, coins, magic wands tax one's eyes and brain;
absorbed, we watch street performers grandstand.
Legerdemain - skullduggery pre-planned, 
audience rapt in magic so diverse 
assistants can pinch your wallet or purse.
True...Read More
Categories: surprises, 11th grade, magic,
Form: Dizain
Deep to understand
Deep to understand
Now I realized
The good the bad 
Was born on same time
Cos it can't leave each other 
Despite it from one energy 
Yet they don't tangle together
Each on it own

Deep to understand
Since I realized love and hate 
Were born...Read More
Categories: surprises, africa, deep, freedom, humor, strength, visionary,
Form: Epic
A-Muse-Sing contest
We may not have much time, you and I.
Life is like that,
always surprises.
So come with me into the night.
It is not too late to skinny dip in the moon,
and wash away the dreams that turned to dust.
Starlight turns back time,...Read More
Categories: surprises, romance,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Nature Loves her Little Surprises
Let’s go with the flow
But wait it’s fearful and confused
The end of times?

Not that flow
That is the flow of illusion
Let there be no wafting confusion
I want to go with the other flow

Hey, may I come with you?
Not unless you...Read More
Categories: surprises, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse

Listening sounds hearing
seemingly knowing the difference
whispering the voices of righteousness
time lapsing in discernment
the will to live on
a survival mode is present
lessons learned abroad
gasping on the path
trees blowing and you're knowing
taken over by surprises
lasting life of intuitions
power to strive everlastings
hidden sounds...Read More
Categories: surprises, confusion, courage, dream, fairy, meaningful, silence, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member CONTENTMENT
Nature is full of surprises…you never know what she will make:
on our favorite beach..a stone’s throw from the ocean…she’s created a lake.

And I wonder about the water in the lake…if it ever yearns or dreams or craves
to leave the safety...Read More
Categories: surprises, nature,
Form: Verse
7 - Bee Plus
Bee Plus

Sure it’s nice to learn, but I could never sit still…
(Humble!  Sit up properly in your chair and stop moving about!)
I had my head in the clouds; never my mind on the quill…
(Humble!  Are your listening!? ...Read More
Categories: surprises, angst, childhood, friendship, happiness, sad, school, sun,
Form: I do not know?
Hear my voice, my ancestors
I could have sang that song
I could have hold back those tears
I could have shouted my name
Dearest me

The wind will blow uncontrollably
The rain will wash away the tears I have cried
The seas will combine to form...Read More
Categories: surprises, africa, betrayal, break up, change, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Sometimes I Have A Stephen King Mind
Sometimes I have a Stephen King mind,
always searching for a good tale to weave,
filled with macabre and mysterious thought,
clearing my cobwebs of all the fraught.

Sometimes I have a Stephen King mind,
reading his novels in a well-lit room,
as my fingers of...Read More
Categories: surprises, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Lies Awake Scheming

Pretense blinks unthinkingly
prominent neon sign
Promoting delicious wishes
heady aspirations primed

Porous ears absorb spiel
Charmed python entrancing rises
Web weaving traitor traps
victim with outlandish surprises

Silkily wrapped casualty cobstrained
unsuspecting pawn amusing lure
Deceipt's imminent death awards
trust's established pristine pure

Glitz will blitz framework 
Compulsive claims manifest
Embellishment dispelled...Read More
Categories: surprises, corruption,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Remembering Elm Street
Remembering Elm Street

Take my hand – follow the plan,
Let’s go for a walk down wide Spruce Street;
Friends to play with and neighbors to greet 
But now that we see all that we can
Let’s turn the corner and go to Elm...Read More
Categories: surprises, adventure, childhood, fun,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Encountering Paradox Upon The Eve of My Retirement
God of changing changelessness.
God of endless surprises,
confounding the confoundless.
You are the God of Paradox,
revealing to children, that,
which you hide from the learned.
Those mortals you touch,
utterly transformed, Divinely
refereeing matches between
angelic wrestlers and mere mortals,
Jacob becoming the limping Israel,
Moses’ staff raining down...Read More
Categories: surprises, confusion, endurance, faith,
Form: Free verse
Beach Walks

For years I lived by the ocean. Sea-scents 
wandering inside the house through opened 
windows, the sound of falling waves, in calm 
or raging weather, filling each room.

Walking the beach was part of my day’s routine, 
but not for philosophic...Read More
Categories: surprises, ocean,
Form: Light Verse
When we are babies love is simple
It drifts down upon us from above.
It is where we first learn of comfort
of affection…
of tenderness…
and love.

As we grow a little older love becomes more complicated
It’s not as easy to read
It often surprises us
It...Read More
Categories: surprises, love,
Form: Verse
Never Know Pain Until Nobody Cares
Imagine you’re alone and there’s nobody who cares
everyone disrespects and treats you unfair
you’re emotionally crushed
living a nightmare 
slandered and helpless
no one anywhere 

Now imagine you’re accused 
of making up stories too
tales for attention overused 
so nobody comes through

Bosses bullied now...Read More
Categories: surprises, appreciation, friendship, loneliness, loss, love, me, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member All That 'I AM'
Let all that ‘I AM,’ yes, my pulp, seed, and cover,
From dreams long misplaced to the fears, I’m resisting
(Though friends think them offal). My eye’s tears from mote
(That makes sparks when all stars hide), bound pain tied with sunbeams,
Mind’s clouds...Read More
Categories: surprises, art, bible, faith, love, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member You Never Know What You Will See on Elm Street
You Never Know What You’ll See on Elm Street

Take my hand – follow the plan,
Let’s go for a walk down wide Spruce Street;
Friends to play with and neighbors to greet 
But now that we see all that we can
Let’s turn...Read More
Categories: surprises, adventure, family, fun,
Form: Narrative
There are clock of all shapes and sizes, 
Clocks that are given as prizes
Clocks that hold surprises,
Clocks that are collected by misers.

There are clocks slow to unwind,
Clocks that can withstand the wind
Clocks that readily spring to mind.

There are clocks that...Read More
Categories: surprises, addiction, age, beauty, dance, desire, irony, motivation,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member The Archbishop Comes To Town

Archbishop comes to town,
Ruddy and radiant, 
Casting away doubts you have
Hidden all these years.
Bowing to the altar
In ridiculous splendour,
Showing off his ruby ring,
Humble does not feature, 
Or what his "dress" seems of - 
Pure silk? Pomposity surprises...


2/5/2020...Read More
Categories: surprises, allusion,
Form: Acrostic