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Supressed Poems

Supressed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of supressed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for supressed.

New Poems

Hope in the sun
Hope is flying like rocket in the air and I have nothing to fear, 
hope has walked straight into my hand
And I am singing a new song.
Hope has sign a new decree and it has set my spirit free, 
hope...Read More
Categories: supressed, character, cheer up, courage, emotions, endurance, environment,
Form: Narrative

My Time
I know I’m just another
stating above and better
trying to place letters
to a beat with base and treble 
as my only form of credit 
to impress so they give merit
Offer opportunity 
tasked to write a tune to see
If I can light...Read More
Categories: supressed, destiny, fun, word play,
Form: Rhyme
The British Empire Africa
An empire built on trade but via horrible ways, 
don’t be naive to behaviour towards the native by the far traveled sailors 
on a quest for riches to bring home and pitch from the waters farthest reaches,  

after invasion...Read More
Categories: supressed, africa,
Form: Rhyme
Lost Part 2
Inside him he can feel flurries of powerful fury
and curiosity that come and go in a hurry,
bringing to life short lived waves of bravery,
then supressed by depression, owner of mental slavery.

Paired with anxiety he's a panic attack liability,
retracted social skills...Read More
Categories: supressed, anxiety, depression, lost, mental illness, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Lost Part 1
He cried for help using a silent cord
but silent cries always get ignored,
he couldn't remember how life rewards
and from his eyes the tears then poured.

He ran away from life because he became scared
but he ran into the wild and he...Read More
Categories: supressed, anxiety, confusion, depression, emotions, loneliness, lost, sad,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member HAPPENING 56 ear candy
yells out
yet is 
     ...Read More
Categories: supressed, inspirational, music,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Burning Flame
A burning flame resides inside me..
It has been suppressed..
Supressed flames of the soul
This burning flame is about to ignite
Ignite the flames that had existed within for so long..
I am truly on fire now..

With all of my being..
Being here..
Being there..
Only the...Read More
Categories: supressed, deep, fire, freedom, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Welcome to City Estate
Somewhere in the dungeon of my soul 
was a memory I supressed, 
and a song, a scent 
reignited the place and time long forgot.
And I remember leaving the cocoon we called home 
I remember moving to city estate
A communist Block...Read More
Categories: supressed, childhood, depression, england, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
The Waiting Room
The Waiting Room

The April weather shifted high to low,
Exposing those early clout casters
To the concluding bite of winter;
Footsteps full of foreboding
Trudge their last legs up the inclined driveway
To the Doctor’s old house.
A hotchpotch of chairs and wooden benches
Cling to the...Read More
Categories: supressed, health, humorous, life,
Form: Free verse
Your body gets tense, you start twitching 
Your mouth keeps opening, as if to ask something  
But instead you just start babbling 
Talking about everything and nothing  
Making jokes and acting foolish 
To make it seem like...Read More
Categories: supressed, courage, girl, how i feel, identity, judgement,
Form: I do not know?

Riding through the walls of my brain.
A non-perfect symphony 
Slides through the edges of my hand.
Did we forget?

Sengbe Pieh:
Bound by blood and sweat.
Your fate was doomed the day you were born.
Sold out by one of yours;
Your tears never seized to...Read More
Categories: supressed, africa, courage, slavery, strength, war,
Form: Free verse
As he walked,
The root of all evil was indeed marinating deep within him,
A natural seasoning,
A cue for treason,
Short side of critical reasoning,
His attire was outfitted for any season,
His shoes covered many miles,
He supressed plenty smiles,
The eradication of the same breath...Read More
Categories: supressed, dark, life, pain, violence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Depression A dear john letter I have moved on to better Moving on

There is no one reason, some remain depressed.
One could be, a fear to stand before – undressed,
looking at all their natural beauty – glory repressed.
Never to see, to feel, to know reality- their story supressed.

A dear john letter ?
I have...Read More
Categories: supressed, life,
Form: Rhyme
contentment contradicted by emotions supressed
more like medicated happiness 
an unmanagable mess
lost in deception
denial, i lied to my self
with a destorted perception
I sabatosh my health
abandon my values
turn my back on my kin
in a control battle with addiction
I delusianaly think I could...Read More
Categories: supressed, forgiveness, hope, inspirational, journey, recovery from..., time,
Form: ABC
Nigeria, Now we know
They stood on highly placed podiums
In densely packed stadiums
Making promises, unwitting and false
And now we wait as time slowly crawls

Now we see
The so called promise of a fatherland
Smeared with cruelty and blood stained sand
Treachery and fear of the dreaded boko...Read More
Categories: supressed, introspection,
Form: Ode
2D Life
Her heart is stone cold she cannot be loved
A wall a defence she's built years to protect
Raw emotion nor attraction ever expressed
Heart closed to letting inside her chest

This wall has withstood the test of time
But for what benefit? to strengthen...Read More
Categories: supressed, fear, world, heart, heart,
Form: I do not know?
Poetry is the key
To open doors inside my mind; 
The cluttered cupboard swings open
Releasing hoarded memories in a crashing cascade
Of almost unwanted and not quite forgotten objects,
Complete confusion once supressed behind shut wood
Has erupted and lies in a heap for...Read More
Categories: supressed, hope, imagination, life, peace, recovery from...,
Form: Free verse
At war with my mind
I am at war 
At war in my mind 
I Wonder what I will find 


A mind full of pride 
supressed by humility 
Trying to be confident in the face of insecurity 

My mind.... 

Trying to release thoughts of progression...Read More
Categories: supressed, allegory, faith, hope, introspection, life, war, war,
Form: Light Verse
Nose to nose
Our bodys close
I feel the heat radiating, pulsating
The sweet smell of your cologne tickles my nose
Your making me quiver from head to toe
Breathing deep and lost
Skin so soft
All to be heard is our heartbeats,
As you hold onto your breathe
Your short...Read More
Categories: supressed, fantasy, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, passion, romance,
Form: I do not know?
November 6th, 2005
November 6th, 2005
Pulled up to my house
Couldn't believe my eyes
Everyone sobbing
Couldn't control their tears
What's going on??
Time to face my fears
With no idea
I just ran and asked
To hear the news
My big brother had passed
Empty & broken
I ran to my room
Not talking...Read More
Categories: supressed, brother, confusion, death, lossheart, heart, me,
Form: Rhyme
The beast has been unleashed 
no longer willing to be supressed 
and hidden in gloomy chambers 
no longer willing to hold onto the anger 
which has been a long suffering burden 

Constantly beholding fake  smiles 
on the visage of...Read More
Categories: supressed, imaginationme,
Form: I do not know?
Don't Touch Me
The haunting past which sits in my mind,
of that slow dark shadow,
floating across my wall as I try to sleep,
fearing of what it will do,
I freeze in my soul,
wanting to shout,for it might go away,
The attack is without pain,but of...Read More
Categories: supressed, childhood,
Form: I do not know?
you wish you were me
Knowledge is wisdom
and wisdom is learned
life is a circle
it constantly turns
the world is a book
of many pages
it continues to grow
as long as time ages
empathy equals the knowledge you've earned
sympathy comes from
the force of the universe
silence pressured
by a world of unknown
truth...Read More
Categories: supressed, lifeworld, universe,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Look At Me Now
Breath is supressed, I live no more.
Life is compressed, when there's nothing to live for.
Release the rope, around my throat.
No more hope, as I scream on death's boat.
Look at me now, I scream in your face.
Don't know why or how,...Read More
Categories: supressed, death, depression, hope, love, sad, teenme, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member CAROL
in  a ring-
singing all year

Note :One danced/sung at Christian destivals throughtout the year until 
supressed by puritanical influence.Thus many carols have an Easter reference 
therein...Read More
Categories: supressed, history, music, easter,
Form: Lanterne