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Suppleness Poems

Suppleness Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suppleness poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suppleness.

New Poems

Two-ply in roses of yellow and pink,
rolls and sings to the touch
of fingers on its faintly-scented folds,
giving miles of pleasure to soft seats
on hard covers all in the name of
modern convenience which sure is a change
from old catalog sheets housed...Read More
Categories: suppleness, discrimination, home, humorous,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member About The Face

Fields of the dermis yield a harvest worthy of an ample supply of suppleness, 
Foretelling fluctuating skin moisturizing balms that saturates the aged cavities, 
Cherished heydays occupied a magnificent face for cameras to envy, 
In the advance of time, I...Read More
Categories: suppleness, age,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Face

Awarded to privileges and sanctioned
          embellishment favoring enhancement,
Over time, years chip away unnoticeably
          o'er worn breathless moments,
Taunt texture of an arduous youth...Read More
Categories: suppleness, age, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member That About A Face

Previously responsible concerning an adolescent resplendent facial hallmark,
Awarded to privileges and sanctioned embellishment favoring enhancement,
Over time, years chip away unnoticeably o'er worn breathless moments,

Taunt texture of an arduous youth evaporates in a whimsical hallucination,
Face delicately immersed in a penny-filled wishing...Read More
Categories: suppleness, age, analogy, endurance, extended metaphor,
Form: Narrative
I Am Envious of the Sky Bird
It all began one afternoon

The ground was hot and the world seemed bounded
But up the sky the boastful sky bird glided gaily
Enjoying the boundless splendour of the universe
Huh! If only I had wings like that bird!
The bird heard me, swooped...Read More
Categories: suppleness, allegory, anger, bird, imagery, jealousy,
Form: Imagism

Premium Member Human Seasons
Spring is like childhood
Time to grow
Develop roots
Experience the warmth of the sun
And bathe in the soothing rain.

Summer is like youth
Grows stronger
Roots sink deeper
Heavy rain and wind
Will not deter him
If he has
Strong and deep roots

Autumn is like middle age
Time for harvest
For...Read More
Categories: suppleness, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Nature ages like Youth,
a bougainvillea wrapped 
around a strapless watch.

Youth doesn’t look at the clock
but ignores passing hours unknowing,
innocent of the melting water.

It leaps and lunges without fear of a fading silhouette,
it smiles with missing teeth, 
gaps filled with dreams...Read More
Categories: suppleness, analogy,
Form: Free verse
The Fall Today, Still
as Las Vegas blood pours on Manchester in droplets the shape of poker chips scattered, dropped by a God laughing all the way to the bank

when the lattice streets, corners and cobbles and bridges of London bend with a gasp...Read More
Categories: suppleness, war,
Form: Free verse
This isnt who i was
If i fell apart, would i really die
If you found out i got hurt, would you even cry
Why am i alive, i wish that i could die,
The horrid pain of death, needles in my spine
This death that i speak of,...Read More
Categories: suppleness, death, deep, depression, love hurts, sad, sad
Form: Free verse
The Social Tree
The most social thing on earth
Social than the Social Networking Sites
Tall with straight uniform trunk
Unbranched trunk topped with a
Tuft fanlike or featherlike leaves.

Cresting with a plume of long feathery fronds
Making a graceful silhouette of unique beauty
With spiral arrangement of its...Read More
Categories: suppleness, beauty, tree,
Form: Romanticism

Yours is a mystery no mortal man can comprehend,
and your name which I mistook for my sister's, is a riddle
that would remain unsolved…
I have searched and searched within the recesses of my heart
since we parted at the crossroads
to know why...Read More
Categories: suppleness, eulogy,
Form: Free verse
Two-ply in roses of yellow and pink
rolls and sings to the touch 
of fingers on its faintly-scented folds,
giving miles of pleasure to soft seats 
on hard covers all in the name of 
modern convenience which is a change 
from old...Read More
Categories: suppleness, humor, humorous,
Form: Prose
remembering her beauty, eulogy
I remember fitfully,

Those verdant fields their
Yellow brushed cotton tips,
Gyrating, swirled to beauty,
sighing, undulating minute blades

infintesable allure wafted
on those white wattle nights,
even drained of sustenance
it still motioned to flower

as I am drawn to nigh.

Jaundiced paddocks replace
the suppleness of earth, where,
once green...Read More
Categories: suppleness, beauty, death, earth, life, planet,
Form: Free verse
Dark Steed
in the garden of thy dreams think of me
oh wander long with me amid sweet paths
in darkened night by moonlit streams we hath
but hours to sup and linger lovingly
oh drink of me and I of thee sweet wine
fresh innocence...Read More
Categories: suppleness, desire, tribute,
Form: Sonnet
Sand Dunes
She stared up, intently, watching the Peruvian skies pass composedly above. She was dazed and disorganised about the steps leading her hither. Her eyes descended upon her hands, hands that were dry and sallow from the days of climbing. She...Read More
Categories: suppleness, absence, adventure, lost, lost love, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Desert
My rampant feet crush the sand.
Feeling the suppleness of the land.

Throwing light on the ocean of desert
Looking for help; hoping to revert.

My voice returns finding no one in the distance
A bird, an insect and not even a shred of existence

Just...Read More
Categories: suppleness, analogy, angel, conflict, confusion, emotions, repetition,
Form: Rhyme
O bizarre beauty,
O eclipse of a perfectly contrived creature.
O rustful  bonny frame cladded with muck,
Made  fleshy with its suppleness as lime soot.
O dark glinting hair like fleece interwoven, that soon
Would turn grey sky in Northern...Read More
Categories: suppleness, beauty, black african american, celebrity, devotion, feelings,
Form: Free verse
The pig
It was a cold and muddy day
as Gertrude lay smiling.
Just the kind of weather 
that she adored.
She could splash around 
for hours in the glop 
and guzzle up 
all her shlopp 
when it was time.
Oh how she loved 
the sound...Read More
Categories: suppleness, life, day, time, weather,
Form: Free verse
Are you a threat?


You come from the ominous warning of

dark and heavy clouds as if a cry 

when the burden can't be held up

by a mourning sky...


You drop so sudden, no time to take shelter

only to realize one...Read More
Categories: suppleness, adventure, life, time,
Form: Free verse
Seasons in Love - Winter
Seasons in Love – Winter
Canned and conserved memories are the only sustenance
Left to feed on with a blank stare and a stern countenance
Branches intertwined in life shall remain so in death
Suppleness, vitality gone, life`s reduced to taking breath

The oxygen now...Read More
Categories: suppleness, love, love,
Form: Quatrain
Two reeds at water's edge, siblings
in size and suppleness, fend in wind their
all but invisible life, as miraculous as yours,
or my own: their 'Watcher in the Rye"?  No!--
but surely the Watcher in the Sky, who
made their delicate life, and...Read More
Categories: suppleness, imagination
Form: Lyric
Transcendent Love
Will you be loving me ‘til time is naught?
Your fingers only know of suppleness,
will they not flinch to touch skin wrinkle-fraught?
My beauty withers, cup reached emptiness…

Your love has set my heart aglow, renewed
‘tis ev’rytime your words lave over me...
Like soothing...Read More
Categories: suppleness, death, lovelove,
Form: Sonnet
I see my body in parts
Hands legs arms and
So on.

Can I see it any
Other way?

It’s a body
That’s a thing part of a
Species that as a
Whole I suppose is the
Animal part of living
Things and again so on
Living things are part
Of a...Read More
Categories: suppleness, allegory
Form: Free verse
Only you
If I could choose the right way in the right situation,
I would choose you. 
You’re a picture perfect screen on a rainy day. 
I was easily lost in the suppleness of you arms. 
It's perfection because you made it that...Read More
Categories: suppleness, friendship, lossheart, heart, me,
Form: I do not know?
The Pink Lady with yellow Candle-la-bra
Tell me friend 
How best to paint a woman
Brilliantly colourful and extremely fastidious
Who is an African princess
Blending aggression with femininity
And radiates grace, charm and suppleness
The marks of womanhood
A woman who bathes in array of candlelight
With an usual candour for candle-la-bra
Chatty,...Read More
Categories: suppleness, friendship, life, song-woman,
Form: Lyric