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Superwoman Poems

Superwoman Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of superwoman poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for superwoman.

New Poems

She Is Remarkable
Salute to the woman who knows who she is
And why she is who she is
A powerful being
Once thrown into a deep end of the ocean
But swam her way back to shore
She never stops moving forward
Nothing can ever pull her backwards
Such...Read More
Categories: superwoman, appreciation, international, life, visionary, words,
Form: Ode


Tears won't dilute your strength
Your mood won't make it less of who you are. 
You're not broken but a token that is indispensable
A fraction that's left and yet inevitable. 
That's who you are
You speak the voice of...Read More
Categories: superwoman, caregiving, children, courage, dedication, divorce, eulogy, mother,
Form: ABC
The Meaning of Deliberate
Means you've taken time
to become fully aware
without staring
forming portraits
from mere glimpses
 always thinking,
I shouldn't be drawing
these kinds of conclusions
but I love materializing

Going slow means  you've
taken account that her skin
is as delicate as the tissue
she used to dry her eyes
...Read More
Categories: superwoman, fantasy, health, power, time,
Form: Free verse
It Reeks Of

Backdoor sound byte diarrhea hurls
Sticky tongue bowel overflow
Little green froggies say the Apollo man from Mars
ain’t gonna fighter plane land
in a nuclear day or so

Sphincter hole toilet bowl saliva swirls
got an oven baked brownie glow
Little kyrptonite toadies say the Venus-born...Read More
Categories: superwoman, dark, death, imagery, visionary,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member My Friend, My Mother
What words do I write? What words can I say?
About my dear Mother, when there is really no way...
To adequately state, to totally uphold,
A real superwoman which never gets told.

The credit she deserves cannot be explained.
Exalt her I do for...Read More
Categories: superwoman, love, mother, mother daughter, mothers day, tribute,
Form: Rhyme

The queen of queens
I praise you,
I respect you,
You always go the extra mile
I'm glad to have you in my life.

You have a heart of gold
I admire your kindness
If I could I would kiss you all night,
And treat like my princess.

I...Read More
Categories: superwoman, for her,
Form: ABC
When I was younger my mom had a cape. 
I used to believe she was some superhero that came and saved us whenever we needed. 
And I can’t tell you how many times she came to my rescue.

Through scraped knees,...Read More
Categories: superwoman, courage, crazy,
Form: Free verse
Poison in the Passion
Nightshade seduction
arouse androidal desires
to taste the dangerous pleasure pill
that only humans are allowed to feel
Love poisons the non-emotional circuitry;
flip the kill switch ... flood the doppelganger dead wife body 
with corrupting, electrical ecstasy
Suicidal sirens are vibrational moaning ... 
trailing off...Read More
Categories: superwoman, dark, passion, science fiction, sensual,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Picture by Alan L Boles

Through the air, 
In this life and death...

Running for her life,
From tree to tree,
Trying to escape
Vicious clutches 
Of the hawk,

Yes...he' on her trail,
And won't give up,

Oh no...she squeaks,
No time to waste
No looking back,

What ever you do
Don't...Read More
Categories: superwoman, poems,
Form: Free verse
Silent Tears

"Sometimes I wonder
Why you can't hear me
If you'd only listen
But maybe you fear me
You say I'm trippin
I feel like a Christian 
Trying to prove my love
But like jesus, you missing

On this journey I feel all alone
I talk to you...Read More
Categories: superwoman, absence, cry, emotions, heart, relationship,
Form: Rhyme

My Grandma
She holds me when I'm sad.
Cant you see she's the best thing I've ever had.
She feeds me when I'm starving 
And I'm sure to say "Thank You, My Darling"

Materialistic things are fine
But her personality is absolutely divine.
Her laugh is simply...Read More
Categories: superwoman, grandmother,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sedated Sin
I feel her wake, and I quake
Afraid...I'll make the same mistake
For goodness sake
My hands....
how they shake

I hear her low moan, and I groan
She'll rise from where she's been thrown
I'm not alone...never alone
I can't atone
for deeds she has sown

She is so...Read More
Categories: superwoman, dark, deep, sin,
Form: Rhyme
The Superwoman is you
Every ray of sunlight is a reflection of you 
Blossoming into joy’s of laughter all day through

Every smile that you reflect is concealed with a tear,
Making it special for everyone so near

Every sacrifice that you make,
Brings out the love inside...Read More
Categories: superwoman, birth, blessing, feelings, first love,
Form: Concrete
The world will know your power
Through me see your desire 
Every hour you I shall honour
Shine like the sun star in your empire

I am the hunter you are my scout
I give to you servitude without a doubt
Nothing less than both...Read More
Categories: superwoman, love, passion, romance,
Form: Ballad
Fun for Marriage

We were in those universal battles of fingertips and of massages
and of hips and of erotic urgency, which she etched
reddish my mind to pound upward to heaven,
tearing my heart in pieces from bone to meaty load
and from the...Read More
Categories: superwoman, feelings, wife,
Form: Free verse
When We Are Together
        When we are together,
	I remember the things we used to do.
	We shared stories the first time when 
we first met,
	Dining together at the classy 
	Eating foods whenever we pleased,
	Caring for each other...Read More
Categories: superwoman, wifeworld, together,
Form: Rhyme
Against The Odds
There is a girl
In a world
Far away from here
Where no fear
Can ever be conceled.
Her irritations are followed by 
cathartic absolution
And even on the most stormy of 
She glistens in the invisible,
Shinning light.
Her heart; 
Can see no wrong
Her eyes; 
Brighter then...Read More
Categories: superwoman, hope
Form: ABC
                                       ...Read More
Categories: superwoman, happiness, love, passion, romance, people, people,
Form: Light Verse
Your Eternal Flame
During the Christmas holidays, a candle is continuously lit.

It is to your memory to let you know that I’ll never forget..


I sit by the fire reminiscing while I smoke a midnight cigarette.

Your vanilla scented candle burns on the coffee...Read More
Categories: superwoman, dedication, love, christmas, memory, christmas, me, memory,
Form: Free verse
That Super Lover Inside of You
love be kryptonite
to every superman ignite
that fall in love in flight
with that special superwoman and
for every super heart we trust tonight
that leaps over tall building and skyscrapers
in one single bound
shall find that 
super lover inside of you...Read More
Categories: superwoman, imagination,
Form: Free verse
My Heroine
She wore an Armour over her dress
to go on and fight in the face of death
Joan of Arc is the name of the girl
that died at an age of nineteen years old
For the chance to make a change...
tell me, what...Read More
Categories: superwoman, devotionwomen, age, age, love, women,
Form: Verse
Dreams of a Superwoman
I flew through the mall

Wore Superman’s cape and suit

It was Christmas time

With ease, my shopping complete

The woman of steel prevailed

For Michael Falotico’s Tanka me a Dream contest
By Diane Locksley
...Read More
Categories: superwoman, fantasy
Form: Tanka
Tears so warm and bitter, pain so hurtful and mode. "I wish I 
cannot feel this again." I can't take this anymore I want to 
smile, not cry all my tears. You left me with a paralyze 
heart, you left...Read More
Categories: superwoman, confusion, depression, devotion, forgiveness, happiness, health, hope,
Form: List
The Sonnet Man's Sidekick
If I had to choose a partner in crime,
Why on earth would I choose another guy?
I would rather have a girl any time,
And you really do not have to ask why.
Which friend with benefits would I employ?
Wonder Woman can fly...Read More
Categories: superwoman, funny
Form: Sonnet
Your Eternal Flame
During the Christmas holidays a candle is continuously lit.
       It is in your memory to let you know I'll never forget.
Each year that passes gets harder than I like to admit.
   ...Read More
Categories: superwoman, loss, love, mother, nostalgia, sadchristmas, me, memory,
Form: Rhyme