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Summary Poems

Summary Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of summary poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for summary.

New Poems


    for Carlos Bousoño, the eminent Spanish critic, poet and professor
           who maintained that if you don't like the "humorist",
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Categories: summary, humor, poetry, writing,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member A World Without Pity Part II
I will begin my story with this concise summary,
Of the amazing things that have happened to me;

After I had lost a home, where I'd lived my life long,
So they could build a highway, for the busy throng!

The city had emminent...Read More
Categories: summary, adventure, earth, fantasy, love, nature, peace, science
Form: Couplet
The love in me

When you come in front of me
I was thinking why?
No one has ever noticed me before
The world would just pass me by

And I didn't really care much about it
Netflix and a six-pack of bud light 
Sitting on my sofa with...Read More
Categories: summary, romantic,
Form: Ballad
The Drums of Time -- Exalted
The ceaseless beating of a drum,
fast marks the days ‘til we are done.
Our time will come, our time will come.

Listen, listen, can you hear it?
Growing louder as you near it,
as men of courage, cowering, fear it.

A distant, daunting, haunting hum,
vibrations...Read More
Categories: summary, age, death, time, universe,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fair Day
In a Ferris wheel I feel like I can touch the sky,                            ...Read More
Categories: summary, fun, kid, sky,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Soup Kitchen Luncheon
He said s/he was a Permaculture Designer
of cooperative economies.

I asked him/her why I should care about designs
while I am still struggling through this day
before tomorrow,
when I, best case scenario,
awaken healthy 
to begin surviving yet another day
before night's cold unrest.

So glad...Read More
Categories: summary, appreciation, culture, environment, health, home, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member 2020 Constitutional Rapture
Alan Simpson,
a Wyoming Republican,
not known for his socialist ways
nor his sacred communion means of public discourse,
cried out in our Great Dark Night
of white bold
and climate cold

"Money's dominance over politics
isn't merely one problem of many
our country faces.
It is the problem!"

Perhaps neither...Read More
Categories: summary, appreciation, health, humanity, integrity, peace, power, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Burnside's Blunder
(This is a brief summary of the Battle of Fredericksburg that occurred from December 11-15 in the year 1862. The American Civil War was raging on and mistakes made by Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside resulted in one of the Union...Read More
Categories: summary, history, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member this is my THANKSGIVING MEMORY THANKS- -
I was so thankful then;
I was so thankful when;
Oh, those thanksgiving, memories;
oOH, WEe;
The smells of sage, turkey, cornbread, string-beans, celery and ham;
In mama’s oven;
The aroma of cakes and sweet potato pies;
Those smells that lifted up my eyes;
I was so thankful...Read More
Categories: summary, analogy, appreciation, caregiving, celebration, memory, thanksgiving, thanksgiving
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Focus on the Thumb
Some focus on hair, on legs, on muscles or on lips
   on feet, on shoulders, on arms or on hips

Yet though you may think it a bit odd or dumb
   my sole focus here will be...Read More
Categories: summary, body, silly,
Form: Light Verse

No title
No tittle
How many poems 
Will I write 
To heal the unknown
How many words 
Do I need more 
To say 
I know every thing 
I say now must 
Have been said before
In a different way 
Of curse yet 
Same messages goes
On...Read More
Categories: summary, africa, cheer up, confidence, courage, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic
A summary
I see me in every little scared child
Littler than even the smallest of her peers
Voiceless outside, screaming inside
Taking solace in a closed space with a dozen imagined friends

I see me in every defiant teenager
Beautiful, smart yet full of lies and...Read More
Categories: summary, abuse, africa, pain, self,
Form: Blank verse

lives on balance
between hope and
the despair...
Between love
and the disappointment ...
Life lives constantly
trampoline of each of us ...
Time is constant too
to mark facts and to scratch
calendars ...
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Categories: summary, allusion, life, time, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Spouse sports unbridled consummate gluttonous appetite first helping
Upon poised to strike unsuspecting prey
oft times myself she doth cannibal eyes
everything her sight coalescing, whereby her
occipital orbs gleam fiery poker hot embers
ferocious roars of ear splitting hunger pangs

deafen wolf, and/or any other unlucky fauna
paralyzed with dreadfully locked fear petrified
helplessly...Read More
Categories: summary, abuse, animal, corruption, dad, fate, fear, judgement,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Five WiseElders
Five WiseElders come together
hoping to complete their life circles
resonantly yin, right embodied
sacred light
resiliently yang, left enspirited
secular polypathic bright

Hearing emotions
before seeing to speak changing motions
of flow-strength, river currents spinningly deep
and winningly wide
to move Earth's deforested
un-glaciered mountains.

I asked them
and they asked me
and...Read More
Categories: summary, age, earth, environment, health, hope, humanity, integrity,
Form: Political Verse

Here is the summary of everything:
or pulsating love,
or hemlock ...
Or love in its entirety,
or nothing...
Because life without love
it's not life
it's simulacrum ...!
...Read More
Categories: summary, allusion, inspiration, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Conversion in Rio
The East Meets West Philosophy Association
had their annual 2020 conference in Rio,
when and where anything multiculturally lusty
is more likely to happen,
especially between sunset
and sunrise.

and existentially
and phenomenologically
and ecologically
and ethologically
and epistemologically,
and astrologically,
and metaphorically,
it was necessarily
and sufficiently
and justly
and truly
and trustingly at dawn
on a...Read More
Categories: summary, green, health, humor, passion, peace, philosophy, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member NOT AS OLD AS I LOOK
I find as I grow older…as I watch the world unfold
despite losing hair and gaining wrinkles…I don’t often feel old.

Oh sure I know there were skills I had when I was young that I somehow today lack
and I’m not often...Read More
Categories: summary, age, humorous,
Form: Verse
a walking fire
Arising like he’s from depths of ocean,
Cool as still water, he is a walking fire.
But in his pounding heart, he's full of desires.
He traps his head with thoughts,
Darker than his far future.
So he wastes time on writing, 
But for him...Read More
Categories: summary, writing,
Form: Free verse
I don't remember everything the most regret
i will not change who am I open up to you
I have found not happiness but joy by you
I will never forget when I took the first sip of beer

You are always in my...Read More
Categories: summary, 4th grade,
Form: Blank verse
Entangled in the world of mixed feelings and insecurities .
Here i am, caught in a vicious cycle of myself.
Falling too quick and taking French leaves.
The summary of my love life.

Is it real, is it fake, will it last?
The routine assessment...Read More
Categories: summary, africa, anger, crush, lost love, love,
Form: ABC
Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri
Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri

Will always have to make a sufficient sacrifice,
We know that will be adequate and also suffice;
Mind prepare; 
For must care;
Not only that surely will encourage and entice.

Even though we may waiver and are hesitating,
There for...Read More
Categories: summary, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Equitably Delivered Comeuppance Betokens Agony
Awareness about behavior,
present since mine days of yore
an unswerving allie analogous
to peacekeeper ending civil war
belated insight suddenly realized

(better late than never) doth underscore
incumbent proactive communication stance
belatedly bestowed omnipotent awareness
crucial fostering ingredient to shore
maternal bond above

bejesus ear splitting roar
I admit regret...Read More
Categories: summary, angst, confusion, fear, friendship love, happy birthday,
Form: Bio
Bambi blues
Young Bambi had found a new friend
And hoped his bad luck would now end,
But sadly, the skunk
With hair like a Punk
Wore scent which was prone to offend.

To add to his growing dismay
A boisterous buck came his way.
He thumped on the...Read More
Categories: summary, animal, friendship,
Form: Limerick
Neither luck nor any chance to make fate
In life I didn't receive any more gifts than fraud.
May be that's why I didn't even get the chance
to be with the good peoples.
The fate of the game is to say or works
written summary.
I didn't get a chance to understand...Read More
Categories: summary, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st
Form: ABC