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Suffocate Poems

Suffocate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suffocate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suffocate.

New Poems

Put Me to Sleep
It's midnight,
I see the Blue-Black sky,
Like my bruised soul,
And shattered life,
Hold me in your arms,
Put me to sleep,
Endless nights,
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Creeps,
Maybe I wake up one day,
In a parallel world some day,
But right now put me to eternal sleep,
The sunrise...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anxiety, conflict, dark, depression, farewell, lonely, metaphor,
Form: Carpe Diem

Premium Member FEMINAE
Women are strange 
Float on subwoofer dreams 
And a myriad of screams 
Confuse perpendicular days with absinthe haze
Stretch peculiarities from end to end 
Know only that flesh converses with flesh 
That top and bottom aren’t the same 
Don’t realise ,...Read More
Categories: suffocate, gender, humorous, imagery, introspection, perspective,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Focus
Today's focus will be on the environment,
Particularly the usage of plastic,
Which is seriously to its detriment.
The situation is becoming drastic:
Plastic now dumped at an alarming rate,
Which can be expected to accelerate,
If our heads remain buried in the sand,
Leaving future generations...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anger, anxiety, earth, environment, fate, nature,
Form: Chant Royal
Melancholic Inception
Deliver me into my hell,
Load up the shotgun shells.

Save the words I will not hear,
I’ve decided to live in fear.

I’ll bury my pain in these scars,
As the PTSD sets off alarms.

If peace is money, I have no wealth
It’s hard to...Read More
Categories: suffocate, art, betrayal, childhood, mental illness, prison, psychological,
Form: Lyric
What does that look like to you
5 letters, ready to conceal your wrongdoings
Careless with your actions
Suffocate me 

Reckless on repeat
How inconsiderate can you be
Does it even register
How you bring my mind to two crossing tides
Crash bang splash
down we go

You are...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anger,
Form: Free verse

a mist is a collection of points
a mist is a collection of points[1]
rising through the hills
to lick the valleys up[2],

to suffocate the air away
with all the viscous strife
of the hapless insect
damned to die in a shallow bog,

to stop to feed itself at banks,
coagulating to become a...Read More
Categories: suffocate, sad,
Form: Free verse
The Frog
Various animals, Almighty God created
In water, on land, in the air them he placed
Like a tick, others on other bodies he stuck

The frog on land and in water, he acclimates.
His slippery skin, good protection it makes
Into the water, he dives...Read More
Categories: suffocate, abuse, adventure, animal, hate,
Form: ABC
Premium Member One Cigarette is never Enough
A self analyses

Of where I'm at

General observations

Of the this and that

The heavy smoking

Will soon terminate

What's left of my lungs

Burnt to a helpless state

An introspection

Might clear the view

Of my indifference

Of the smog I choose

It's indecision
I'll suffocate myself

Can't give it up...Read More
Categories: suffocate, addiction, introspection, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Trapped

I can’t move on, I am held by your jealousy and by my purse
You all fear my happiness, so I am putting it down into verse

I know you are trolling me it just your way of keeping control
I keep breaking...Read More
Categories: suffocate, black love, forgiveness, freedom, goodbye,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Narcissist

She is teaching me nothing; other than how to suffocate a soul
Her very own selfish self made preservation is her only sad goal

Her ego becomes her; long as we are prepared to lie at her feet
Your inner wealth...Read More
Categories: suffocate, crazy, psychological, relationship, tribute,
Form: Couplet

Blind Man in the Rain
(for C.)

I know your frustration –
I can see it in your eyes
The daytime teased you with idle thoughts
And the nighttime wore a disguise

They never give us any disclaimer
An apologia at the start
The only way to plunge into this race
Is with...Read More
Categories: suffocate, endurance, heart, hope, inspirational, love, son, sympathy,
Form: Verse
The Alluring death of guilt

Fade not ye whose heart is rich

for tempt may draw the eyes

the sin of the defining rope

of lust and sacred lies

for dark shall lure its guided host

into its bed of...Read More
Categories: suffocate, dark, death, faith, fate, fear, gothic, sin,
Form: Rhyme
The Devil Inside
There is no better way to say
I met the devil yesterday
There is no better way to see
Forever you, and always me

I looked for evil in the night
I looked for demons dressed in white
Redemption lost on war-torn souls
The mirror showed me...Read More
Categories: suffocate, absence, abuse, addiction, conflict, faith, god, horror,
Form: I do not know?
When she speaks out every nonsense that comes out her head,
My brows clench and inside my retina there burns red
Sometimes I feel like destroying you because of the words that you said
But lo, how vengeance grows and approaches as you...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anger,
Form: Rhyme
So the lies can't get in
Pull pieces of my love
Through the shattered cracks
of my heart
Put them away
in a coffin
secured with locks
and chains.
Find all the pieces.
then maybe,
I can no longer be hurt.
Take all my expectations
and shred them
let the pieces fall 
to the ground.
Take all my disappointment
pour...Read More
Categories: suffocate, betrayal, heart, love hurts, pain, relationship, strength,
Form: Free verse
'' Release The Ocean ''
Healing fast and getting rust
Quickly living & turning to dust
Nothing compares to you just
believe me your truth is a must

Creeping plants know it's cost
How then here are you lost
Nothing compare to  mere rost(Ocean Tides)
believe me your pain is your...Read More
Categories: suffocate, adventure, angel, anti bullying, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Free verse
Haunted hospital
Air becomes heavier to breathe
Suffocate in trauma
Please leave

You don't care when the dead come to haunt you
When you lead them to it doctor
Cut me with a scalpel tearing away the symptoms
Where's the prevention?
Feels like I'm stuck in detention?

All the nightmares...Read More
Categories: suffocate, abuse, anxiety, dark, death, depression, health, horror,
Form: I do not know?
You poor stupid fool
You thought you could trust me
But instead I took your words
And wrote what you had coming
Detaching myself was my way of coping
And I told myself you deserved everything written
Until I had finished you'd wait in anticipation
I spared...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anger, betrayal, conflict, emotions, hate, hurt, power,
Form: Free verse
The Dead Lights
POEM "THE DEAD LIGHTS" by martin gedge

The fear that your unknowing when the eyes are shut down tight

moving through the shadows in the darkness of the night

so silent still and quiet creeping over while you sleep

watching every moment while your...Read More
Categories: suffocate, dark, death, evil, fear, horror,
Form: Rhyme
What Could Have Been
The expectations held on tightly
Strong enough to suffocate your love for me 
What if all I needed was to let go?
Leave my dreams aside
To keep you by my side 
I would've done it
Anything to keep you mine, and not hers...Read More
Categories: suffocate, betrayal, break up, divorce, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Weak Thoughts
Why, I forever ask myself
When deep below the oceans surface
Never, would I reach for your hand
For you witness fear deep within my eyes
The sweetest kind of lie, perhaps,
You spoke
It was so softly you cried it to me
As I felt desperation...Read More
Categories: suffocate, conflict, deep, grief, loneliness, sad, solitude, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Dark Clouds Over My Poetic Skies
To pretend happy
I cannot anymore.

Scars mock me,
for  every act I try.

Dark clouds guard
where my muse used to fly.

I feel my own hands,
strangling, the one ray of light,

Like an island under the wave,
I feel my tresures being washed away.

Under the...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anxiety, depression,
Form: Free verse
Medicine for America
If you want, you can take it
or  you will perish,
from the hands of descendants,
who killed Native Americans.

From the fatty hands of government workers,
who constantly raise the taxes
and invent new ones,
that their pensions can grow.

They persecute their own citizens.
Because of...Read More
Categories: suffocate, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Home
there's an ardent desire
burnt upon the umbrage
of my mind's deepest thoughts

on fields of green
i sit lost in the strokes
of time's hands
yearning to feel you
like a whisper of wind
as it twirls my hair
in its gentle breath

i long to strip
layers of life
that...Read More
Categories: suffocate, i miss you, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Whats the point It all goes away
A little Faith.
Is what He's yearned.
But it's gone like a wraith.
Had a glimpse before it turned.

Gone and disappeared.
Without ash or a scent.
Like an extinction it mirrored.
It came, saw, and went.

He's Left wanting more.
Confused and riddled.
His minds on the floor.
Lethargic and...Read More
Categories: suffocate, anger, depression,
Form: Cowboy