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Short Villanelle Poems

Short Villanelle Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Villanelle poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Villanelle poetry form by poem length and keyword.

O, Master Tapestry
O hear ye, Master Tapestry,
conjure ye simple Villanelle,
with thy motion and floetry,
for thy pending project poetry.

Copyright McCuen 2009...

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© Mc Mc  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: villanelle, on writing and words
Form: Free verse

Decension of Midnight
Born of midnight and mist
of lilac and violet kissed
she is my dark angel bliss

Dressed in nothing, wrapped in dream
fantasy drenched in midnight steam

she was my everthing...

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© John Allen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mystery,
Form: Villanelle
The Sijo
Yet another new poetry form will I put to the test
I already tried so many and discovered the Villanelle
But exploration is the greatest place of fame and fun...

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Categories: villanelle, education,
Form: Sijo
Her Beauty
Was so carried away by her beauty
Yes, physically, but the heart was ugly
Now, I feel so empty.

Though it was quite a shame,
I had to take the blame
For it was all about the fame....

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Categories: abuse, beauty, betrayal,
Form: Villanelle
French Verse
Have a blessed birthday, Janelle, 
I've thought of penning a French verse; 
I've yet to write a villanelle, 
Great challenge it truly offers. 

Topic: Birthday of Janelle E. Ecal (March 13)...

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Categories: villanelle, birthday,
Form: Quatrain

In His Presence.
i see.
i hear.
i feel.
i touch.

i see His glory disclosed.
i hear the rage of His voice.
i feel His ripening breath.

i see.
i hear.
i feel.
i touch.
realty is when i `m in His presence....

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Form: Villanelle
The Owl

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Categories: abuse, allah, autumn, death, desire, symbolism,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Poems
Pen a lovely villanelle about the joys of spring
Or couplets on romance that make me sigh and swoon.
Excite me with descriptions of a brisk day’s autumn fling.
Mesmerize me with lyrics about the sun, stars, and moon.
Share your gems with others. Let kindred spirits commune....

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Categories: villanelle, poems, poets,
Form: Acrostic
Dreams tend to lilt
Today they’re here
‘morrow they’re killed 

I’ve seen some wilt
Despite a tear
Dreams tend to lilt

If they are built
But not kept near
‘morrow they’re killed

They can be spilt
With just a jeer 
Dreams tend to lilt

But have no guilt
Nor feel the drear
‘morrow they’re killed

A dream can tilt
A dream can blear
Dreams tend to lilt
‘morrow they’re killed...

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Categories: dream, dream, dream,
Form: Villanelle
Shine bright, for you 
Are meant to light up 
Someone’s life, simply 
With your presence.

Smile for someone
Could be falling for 
 Your happiness.

Laugh for someone 
Could fall in love 
With your humour.

Make eye contact 
For someone could 
Fall for your gaze.

Cry, for someone
May fall for your

Be yourself for
Someone may 
Fall for you....

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Categories: angel, light, longing, love,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member To a Sailor At Last the Seas of Rest
Fear I have fallen
The day she died
So why so sullen?

No one is callin’
For this first I cried
Fear I have fallen

In vein a trollin’
These seas have lied
So why so sullen?

No longer full an
Imperious tide
Fear I have fallen

Beneath a wall an
impart to ride
So why so sullen?

Have I forgotten?
So much loss I’ve tried
Fear I have fallen
So why so sullen?...

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© Cs Parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, america, anger, love,
Form: Villanelle
Your Mostly Mr Hyde
You are living outside
Your mind.
Are you qualified
Mr. Hyde
To deal with man kind?
You are living outside
By the beautiful seaside
Are you qualified
Not to do homicide
On human kind?
You are living outside
Who would be satisfied
When your so unkind.
Are you qualified
To provide
An account of your daily grind?
You are living outside
Are you qualified?...

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Categories: betrayal, conflict, confusion, corruption, crazy, dark, drug,
Form: Villanelle
My Mother left that day
The shutters are closed shut
Never to have her say

Her world got dim and grey
Working far too much
Never to have her way

How life turned out this way
Was she picked as such
Never to have her say

Why her nights turned to day
Did she need a crutch
Her name was Barbara May

Doctor said its Mind Decay
Could you get in touch
Never to have her say...

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Categories: angst, beauty, character, child, for her,
Form: Villanelle
Heaven-A Mixture of Happiness
heaven lies in innocent and peace heart.
where does the innocent and peace heart lies?
first it lies in god. 
next to god is the babies.
in their each and every action there lies heaven.
heaven there in our vision.
how we face things is the heaven, which keeps us happily.
have a fine and good thought in the heart and mind.
all is well and every where is the heaven.
life will float in air....

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Categories: happy, heart, heaven, life,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Vincent Willem Van Gogh
Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Willem Van Gogh
Misunderstood genius as we all know
Did not go gently into his starry, silent night
Posthumously famous in his own right


Image courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, via

Line 3 influenced by "Do not go gentle into that good night", a poem in the form of a villanelle by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas....

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: villanelle, art, courage, mental illness,
Form: Clerihew
Trust is shattered
Like broken glass
All scattered 
On the floor tattered.
Hours pass
Trust is shattered.
Love didn't matter
It's in a mass
All scattered
And splattered.
You didn't have to be so crass.
Trust is shattered.
Could her dreams have gotten any flatter?
She is on the overpass
All scattered
Hoping not to be the morning news
Subject matter.
Trust is shattered
All scattered....

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, break up, confusion, emotions, feelings,
Form: Villanelle
Carry me with you
get me out of here
if what you say is true.

Life is so cruel
that I can no longer endure
carry me with you.

I looked like a fool
that need to mature
if what you say is true.

Give me a tool
to make it sure
carry me with you.

I want to be cool
but I feel unsure
if what you say is true.

If life has a rule
and hard to endure
carry me with you
if what you say is true.....

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Categories: depression, life,
Form: Villanelle
Darker Place
Darker Place

Hair blackened
Me, myself
Eyes darkened

Me 'til end
Always me
Hair blackened

Will won’t bend
As you see
Eyes darkened

I do fend
Try to be
Hair blackened

That, I send
I'm not he
Eyes darkened

I don't trend
In dark, the
Hair blackened
Eyes darkened

Written on January 27, 2020
For "Your Best 2019-2020 Villanelle
Sponsor:  William Kekaula
Judged on January 29, 2020...

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Categories: angst, dark, depression, teen,
Form: Villanelle
Love Me, Feed Me
Feed me, Love Me My life’s in constant turmoil, Everything tastes like fish. Friskies, Tender Vittles and Purina It all goes in my dish. All I want is to be pet, And to play with a mouse or two. I wait for you to come back home, What else is there to do? But I am a patient little kitty, Just look into my big bright eyes. My love I’ll freely give to you, Life’s perfect, golden prize.

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Categories: animals, love,
Form: Villanelle
Read An Ode To Poetry
R-ead an ode to poetry, 
E-ach line makes much mirth; 
Y-our heart will be warmed on the day of your birth.

F-rom ABC to villanelle, 
A-crostic amazes the reader; 
L-yric, prose and sonnet
A-re calming the howler.
M-ock epic, rispetto and stanza
I-n reality are artistic; 
N-inth November morn
I-s beautiful and poetic.
A-llegory, ballad and cascade
N-ever retain the misery; 
O-pen both your eyes, read an ode to poetry....

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Categories: villanelle, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
What I Regret In Life
What I regret in life
The times I was vengeful
A life of lies

Now I am paying the price
And, looked awful
What I regret in life

A circle of low life
That is full of stressful
A life of lies

Time.., do revise
I need a moment to settle
What I regret in life

The instance I drive
For something so fretful
A life of lies

Here you are, strong and alive
Trying to be prayerful
What I regret in life
A life of lies.....

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Categories: change,
Form: Villanelle
Complex of Ideas
Complex of ideas

My hands smell like wood and, as I shout for a beginning, I pull myself out of me.
The laughter is shaking inside, it slips from head to foot and climbs…
I’m a young old man, for I have fed myself with old age…
That is why I have muscles so loquacious, so wise, so mild…
I always knew that love means whisper, smile, black and white…
So what that I wear with me this complex of ideas like marsupials wear their 

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Categories: confusion, philosophy, sad, satire, old, old,
Form: Villanelle
When You Wish Upon a Star
When you wish upon a star
God listens from a far.
God knows who you are.
God will hear
When you wish upon a star
Even if your not a regular
You will come in loud and clear.
God listens from a far.
This isn't bizarre
God does care.
When you wish upon a star 
You leave a door a jar.
Leading you to some where.
God listens from a far 
Even if your in Zanibar 
Have no fear
When you wish upon a star 
God listens from a far....

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, encouraging, inspirational, meaningful, religion, spiritual,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Dare To Dream At Midnight
Dare to dream at midnight  Laraine Kentridge Lasdon Villanelle style verse  March 2022

Dare to dream at midnight
Eyes close, head on downy pillow
Safe to fly to fantastic lands of light

A dream weave with moon rays bright
Will take you to a place of golden glow
If you dare to dream at midnight

Those who dream reach a marvelous height
To capture sweet essence before sunrise halo
Dare to remember your dream in the morning light...

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Categories: dream, night,
Form: Villanelle
The Fear of Getting Old
Oh old weed 
Thy feet weathered 
Like that of a tree 

Like a child 
Always carried 
Thy beauty left behind 

Trembling feet 
What a painful joy 
Scattered teeth 

Grandchild taking thy as fun
Knoweth not that 
Old though shall become 

Twisted face 
But beauty glance,once was
Sun,laughing,cause you're at the end of the race 

If this is what it means 
To get old 
Then proudly I will tell the wind 
That it's not in my will!!...

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Categories: anger, animal, assonance, beach, birth, birthday, ireland,
Form: Villanelle