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Short Ukraine Poems

Short Ukraine Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Ukraine by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Ukraine by length and keyword.

Premium Member Impeachment Fiddle
While Congress plays the impeachment fiddle
   ~ Ukraine and the Kurds get hey-diddle-diddled...

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Categories: ukraine, america, history, music, political,
Form: Epigram

And Pleasant!
Happy only with MTV in Ukraine,
The Sun must always shine, no more rain
Or cold weather, let it will be warm and pleasant!...

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Categories: ukraine, family, children, people,
Form: Haiku
Fly in the Ointment
Donald Trump is a flimflam man
You look where he points so he can
Give Russia an edge
The Ukraine the hedge
Whilst Kurds get the Turkey trepan!...

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Categories: ukraine, political,
Form: Limerick
Our missionary friends just adopted a little girl from the Ukraine:

the princess waltzes
out orphanage gates
— familial dance


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Categories: ukraine, celebration, family,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member On the Plain in Ukraine
There's a country near Poland called Ukraine
All the people there are praying for rain
   No, they don't have a drought
   And the sun's even out
It's early October ~ Snow's on the plain!...

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Categories: ukraine, prayer, weather,
Form: Limerick

The zero world
How the tide rises and falls, 
How the sky lightens and fails,
How the wind peacefully goes
To the zero scale it contains -  zero doesn't judge, it just exists. 
(c) Maryna Tchianova, Ukraine...

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Categories: ukraine, absence, philosophy,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Premium Member Cold World
If you thought the war was cold before,
take the temperature of Putin
Worry about a country that is your own,
do not invade what is Ukraine
No blame is dealt on citizens of either
but on poor leadership within...

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© ... Gigno  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ukraine, conflict, death, military, political, society, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Worthless and Were Mundane
Worthless and Were Mundane

Things about Trump are worthless and mundane;
Thinks that in Far East people will find Ukraine;
Is always a catch;
Soul started to stretch;
He has proven to be difficult and hard to explain.

Jim Horn...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ukraine, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
the zero world
The zero world

How the tide rises and falls, 
How the sky lightens and fails,
How the wind peacefully goes
To the zero scale it contains -  zero doesn't judge, it just exists. 

(c) Maryna Tchianova, Ukraine

Copyright © Maryna Tchianova | Year Posted 2016...

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Categories: ukraine, adventure, allegory, freedom, future, games,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Sevastopol USA
Arizona's part of Ukraine
The home of Senator McCain
He'd gladly start shootin'
At Vladimir Putin
Since this terrain's in his domain

Author's note:  Senator McCain and Cindy have a vacation house and natural gas pipeline interests in Crimea, but now they are banned from there....

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Categories: ukraine, humor, political,
Form: Limerick
I Am a Little Rabbit
- I am a little rabbit, hrum - hrum,

I like sweet carrot, hrum - hrum,

I'm like a ferret, hrum - hrum,

Live in a burrow, hrum - hrum,

Though it's narrow, hrum - hrum,

Now I am eating cabbage, hrum - hrum,

It's for my courage, hrum - hrum.

- Dear little rabbit, tell me your habit!

- Hrum - hrum!

© Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)...

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Categories: ukraine, animal, child, pets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Presidential Comedians
I hear in the Ukraine
there's a comedian
with no prior political experience
who has become their new President.

I wonder
they did not hear
we tried this model in the U.S.
a couple years ago

With predictable tragic/comedic results
not the least bit friendly
to public multicultural health
sold out
to support feudal monoculturing wealth
of not so funny kleptocrats....

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Categories: ukraine, culture, health, humor, power, usa, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Give Me Your Password
Give me your password!
No! Not to your email -
The password to your heart
So that not to be apart,
So that to understand:
If you are the one for me on this land.
Give me your password!
I'd like to connect with your soul
As far as you are my sole.
Give me your password!
I'd like to be always with you,
To give my tender love to you.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)...

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Categories: ukraine, love, me, me,
Form: Free verse
Two Souls
Everyone is a  many sided personality
and it doesn't depend on your mentality
if you want to meet another soul
so that to be together as a whole;
with your characters,deeds and actions
come together to a certain perfection,
like diamonds polishing each other,
like diamonds sparkling together
reverberate in each others soul,
live together and play one role.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Categories: ukraine, husband, life, wife, together,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Two Midweek Limericks, November 06 2019

Shmendrick's a lazy student from Ukraine
He thinks that speaking Russian is a pain --
   He'll speak Ukrainian
   Even Romanian -- 
Russian grammar takes a disciplined brain


They say that post-traumatic stress disorder
Is a condition that knows no borders --
   You might get it in war
   Or wherever you are --
But a shrink only the rich can afford...

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Categories: ukraine, money, student, war,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Red Moon
Some say bad times are a comin,
some say trouble's on the way.
Nonsense I say, just a total lunar eclipse
as the moon passes through 
the darkest part of the Earth's shadow
any light reaching the moon is refracted 
through the Earth's atmosphere
which scatters the blue light, 
and what reaches the moon is red.
So I say, but with four in two years
and the situation in the Ukraine, Syria and all
I'm goin to cover my mirrors.


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Categories: ukraine, moon,
Form: Free verse
Communication Coplication by Ron Porter
Every time I present my view of cats
you deliver a dissertation on? ?rats
Should I happen to say It looks like rain.
I get your opinion on climate in The Ukraine

I wonder why I ever send words your way
when you misconstrue everything i say
It's not a question of Venus and Mars
That I say highway and,? ?you think I mean cars

Our perceptions differ like a fork from a cup
I guess the best thing I can do is just shut up....

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© Ron Porter  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ukraine, confusion, funny
Form: Rhyme
I Am Yours Not a Fate
I am yours not a fate,
You are mine just a date.

We would better say: Whatever?
Nothing lasts forever.
Life is worth living
without any misgiving.

Nevertheless I say: Take care!
In your heart be fair.
Though love didn’t come,
but you were a charm.

You were only my passion,
my confusion, my obsession. 
We can not be together
whether bad or good weather.

I am yours not a fate,
You are mine just a date.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Categories: ukraine, life, love, passion, , fate,
Form: Free verse
The coolest day is tomorrow.
Tomorrow, without any sorrow,
We’ll do sport to lose weight
As we hate to be fat,
But want to look like an acrobat.
Tomorrow we’ll stop drinking,
Tomorrow we’ll stop smoking
And we’ll certainly start reading.
We’ll stop eating after six,
And different food we won’t mix.
But every day when we wake up,
Without any makeup,
We always greet today.
By the way, I also obey this play.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Categories: ukraine, life, day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bullroarer
In the quiet of the day I hear a roaring on the winds It's like the wild horses Aired notes being pinned An Aerofoil, with slats of wood Aerodynamics in tune, Whistling Below the moon My brothers down under In vibrato sound This Bullroarer of the past On their tribal lands This amazing piece From many a ground The Ukraine, Scotland Native American sounds

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Categories: ukraine, art, history, music, native american, people, places
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Soul Of A Saint, Life Of A Life
This poem you now read
Is of a wonderful man
A brother of old
From a far away land

He stands for so many
On this planet we call earth
To their hearts he was taken
A man of worth

Georgia, Malta
Russia, the Ukraine
To all they admire
This difference of men

In the country of Alba
The Kingdom of the Scot's
When the Saltire flies
We forget him not

On the 30th of November
To the Scot's so true
It's his day 
Our patron, Saint Andrew

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Categories: ukraine, people, places, religion
Form: Rhyme
You will always be my main
If I was a pure white clothing 
You will be that unremovable stain
Through the wind,storm and rain
happy times and pain
I’ll hold your hand through any hurricane 
Our relationship will remain 
A place where both parties gain
An unconditional love we can’t explain 
You make me feel humane 
I know it sounds insane 
But let’s go to Spain or Ukraine 
To pop a bottle of champagne 
And celebrate our unbreakable reign 


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Categories: ukraine, culture, cute, cute love, daffodils, dance, dark,
Form: Concrete
The 22nd of December
The longest night,

 The shortest day

 The 22nd of December.

 The Sun turns into another way

 Putting more warmth into the amber,

 Into the humans hearts that pray

 For love, for peace, for happiness,

 For Merry Christmas!

 The 22nd of December!

 The Sun has got its own reasons

 To differentiate the seasons. 

 And Jesus Christ birth

 On our beautiful Earth

 Was also the Suns grace

 From the magic space.


 Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)...

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Categories: ukraine, winter, sun,
Form: Free verse
I Don't Write Poems
I don’t write poems, 
I drink them like wine, 
I become tipsy 
with each coming line. 

I don’t write poems, 
I breathe them like air, 
I become so happy 
when each one I share.   

I don’t write poems, 
I live with them; 
they prolong my years, 
they are as true as I am. 

I don’t write poems, 
I weave into verses 
sadness, joy, tears, 
prayers, love, curses… 

My poems talk and sing, 
Sense of living they bring. 

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)...

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Categories: ukraine, devotion, write, write,
Form: Couplet
Oppressive Orange
Speaking of oppressive orange,
where do we find it?

Is it in the Orange Revolution
in Ukraine,
when there were political wrangles?

Is it in a sour orange juice that a two
year-old child is forced to take,
to get vitamin c?

Is it in a wall painted orange in a house,
while one of the couples wanted white?

Is it in the mid-day sun that burns
our backs and heads in summer?

Or, is it in the dictionary,
where words are coined every day?

Theme  #Oppressive Orange...

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Categories: ukraine, art, color, emotions, imagery, life, metaphor,
Form: Free verse