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Short Suppresses Poems

Short Suppresses Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Suppresses by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Suppresses by length and keyword.

Guilt is a wasted emotion,
like a drop in the ocean,
pray for forgiveness and move on,
as God suppresses a yawn.

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Categories: suppresses, allegory, forgiveness, life
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member LEIFMOTIV
       the passive,
subsumes &
the vibrant,
the ardent 
      ..  dies.....

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Categories: suppresses, life,
Form: Verse
Early July Standard Contest: Unsung Pal
Soft and round,
stuffed with cotton,
Muffles my giggles,
Suppresses my sobs.
Buries my feelings,
Carries my throbs.
You feel my heartbeat.
You swallow my tears.
I fill you whole 
with all my fears
You assuage my bellows
my dear pillow....

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Categories: suppresses, care, sad,
Form: Free verse
At times I am overcome,
With hope and a torrent of anxiety which has a resting place in peace;
And the sweetest loves recognizes me now...
Only I can respond

What overcomes me is every form that my fear rises to, and suppresses
My impending past ignites all my deepest emotion while treating me to the 
sweetest love

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Categories: suppresses, angst, lost love, peace, me, me,
Form: Bio
Integrity lives
As long as people know the antonym

Honor will never die
As long as people know the sacrifice

Patriotism is a two edged sword
One edge cuts on the side of righteousness

The other on the side of wickedness
Wickedness suppresses facts 

Facts are important
They support the truth 

Truth survives
When people practice it

Otherwise, truth fails
And the wicked win.

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Categories: suppresses, courage, freedom, introspection, meaningful, trust, truth,
Form: Prose

We sit in silence... She rocks back and forth, and I realize we are both alone in our heads... Where did it all go? How did we arrive here? Time passes by at the speed of life...  It turns us gray and suppresses our dreams... We are left with a desperate urge to live, while we always took it for granted before...  Why now the epiphany? The older I get, the more I feel like I'm in a time lapse video... 


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Categories: suppresses, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member BLACK CLOUD

Mourvédre* cluster overhead

weight of Everest
capped on nerves

suppresses colors

squeezes eyeballs
behind dark sunglasses

lightening drills through temples

attempts to prop up
one’s globular head
with isometric fingers

grape stains on cheeks
relieve pitch of crystal

shattering the oppression

kaleidoscopic relief


*Mourvédre - (mohr-ved-ra) - dark red grapes


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Categories: suppresses, depression, pain,
Form: Free verse
I’m so done with the way, 
This community stays,
We talk about change,
But look the other way,
All this deviation,
From the people of this nation, 
Is causing all of this perturbations. 
Being a woman is a sin,
Be thin, Be thick, Be smart, 
Play your part. 
Act the way this society says, Just so that it suppresses you
 and smashes your pride,
“ Just be a good bride “ 
And you’re  just left staring at them wide eyed 


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Categories: suppresses, change, future, society,
Form: I do not know?
'Hatred' is the Thing with Claws
(Based off an Emily Dickenson poem)

"Hatred" is the thing with claws-
that slices through us all-
And leaves a wound without it healed-
And captured for- its thrall-

And torn- by its embrace- with pride 
And infects what it leaves behind-
That love could be its mend
that keeps our hearts enshrined-

I've seen it rip and tear lives-
And play with them like prey-
Yet, never, in experience 
it suppresses love with- its pain....

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Categories: suppresses, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Hear No Evil
After school the children unwind
with their own rhythm and vibes,
drowning out the noise of the
adult world that suppresses

So, on mute they travel all the
way home, oblivious to the
dangers that lurk within their

The innocence can be seen on their faces,
with ever bop of their head, and tap of
their feet,

They feel immune to the creepy crawlers 
lurking on the streets, waiting to snatch 
them away for frolic and treats....

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Categories: suppresses, childhood, family, children,
Form: Dramatic monologue