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Short Smoking Gun Poems

Short Smoking Gun Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Smoking Gun by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Smoking Gun by length and keyword.

Love's Gone
Loud words
Broken glass
Harsh hands
Bloody lips
Smoking gun...

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Categories: smoking gun, abuse, anger,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Pow Wow
the fiery red sun
leaves a rainbow of colors~
nature's smoking gun...

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Categories: smoking gun, beautiful, color, eve, nature, nice, red, sunset,
Form: Haiku
Sluggish Slaughter
One red bell pepper
In the flower pot, leaves gone
Holes bored in the fruit

No smoking gun by
Juice in a jar lid will drown
Many frustrations...

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Categories: smoking gun, funny
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Dracula Part 4: SPILLING SECRETS

the silver bullets...
a laugh from Harker’s friend
...Dracula’s raw steak

drains upon his plate...
handsome piece of meat...not pale
...centered fork wobbles

Harker drops his glass...
the smoking gun smiles
...ammunition spills


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Categories: smoking gun, dark,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Shot Through The Heart
A smoking gun reveals inside clouds of truth
behind one mask lies a flaming bullet in the end

These eyes burning trails down the cheeks 
salted water from the deepest ocean wounds

Holding grace an undying angel of beauty softy sings
forever and always Heaven dances on wings of love...

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Categories: smoking gun, angel, beauty, blessing, heart, love,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member The most lost are now forever ready to succeed
Questions rise and answers fall

Lies crumble and the truth stands tall

Doubters are deceived and the trustworthy fail

Storytellers are mute while the silent leave a tale

The ones once bonded are free to do such

While the smoking gun is free to the touch

The followers are now ready to lead

The most lost are now forever ready to succeed


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Categories: smoking gun, introspection,
Form: Rhyme

Beholding planet Earth from the far reaches of space, 
In the ink black cosmos the observers must give voice
What a beautiful planet have we here
A very unusual blue and green glowing sphere
It must be the gateway to heaven's door
Let's go have a look -- what are we waiting for
If the  visitors decide to land on this inviting earthly scene
They'd be met with guns and  bullets before counting  to 13

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Categories: smoking gun, allegory, beautiful, fantasy, humorous, mythology, sky, space,
Form: Couplet
Ghost Riders
The red earth trembles under the hooves of a few
Godless rebels, burning under the Nevada sun,
and you can see them at the border, beating
a wild fire into a smoking gun, and in the evening,
as the gunpowder ground stains black, shadows
on horseback riding through long dismantled towns,
stop, and smoke a cigarette (in lieu of Wovoka
death chant), to bring their bones to peace,
ashes to sand, dead memory to life,
and ride on again as ghosts....

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Categories: smoking gun, cowboy-western,
Form: Free verse
Smoking GUN
Everday I do it, then exhale its warm
poison. It cools me , lets me think as if 
Ididnt have a brain of my own. In the 
mist of it all, the world puases for that 
moment life unhinges.

 As thoughts 
splash my mind like waves
and paranioa brushed my goose
bumps as i shiver in its influence and
my sanity sips through the cracks. 

I had told myself ''its the last time'', a lie
that to sooth me as this is the only
validation i'l ever need...

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Categories: smoking gun, confusion, me, me,
Form: Free verse
The Smoking Gun
I lay down this pack,
trying to promise myself not to look back.
Looking back is my own weakness,
and you could also put it as my own selfishness.
Pleasing my own desires,
only making myself feel tired.
When I walk,
I fall short of breath, 
just knowing it's death lurking down my neck.
Into my lungs this black smoke fills,
reading every day about how many ways it can kill.
Suicide is such a bad way to go,
but many don't see themselves going down that road.

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Categories: smoking gun, art, death, devotion
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Spiritual Skies
In the universe lies the smoking gun
For all eyes keep looking for they have none
In spiritual skies we are but one
For when one dies some believe we have won

But we still hear the cries on Gods earth spun
To the wise can you stop the damage done
In our demise we can still reach the sun
And to our surprise all can be undone.


monorhyme mania - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Hamilton

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Categories: smoking gun, blessing, humanity, inspirational, universe,
Form: Monorhyme