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Short Shut Out Poems

Short Shut Out Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Shut Out by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Shut Out by length and keyword.

Premium Member Swamp Sounds
A stop along the swamp at night
Turn off motor shut out the light
A scary sound
From all around
The sound would make a Halloween fright...

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Categories: shut out, halloween, places, scary, sound, travel,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member 'Our Reverie'
cold hands and cold feet disperse as our lips connect outside world shut out we don’t require an island to create our reverie
15/05/2011... 18:58 ...

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Categories: shut out, love, passion
Form: Tanka
Short poem.
Twenty degrees below zero that's how I feel.
Shut out from the world but I can still see the marijuana thieves.
Say my prayers every night but I still hear gunshots from twenty-seven different streets....

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Categories: shut out, life
Form: Lyric
Office Concerto
Hear the keyboard’s staccato concerto,
an unacknowledged music whose echo
is known intimately by dull, bored minds.
Offices, which shut out the light with blinds,
hum with rhythm as background to life’s show.

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Categories: shut out, life, music, work,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member Scritch Scratch Scritch
Scritch. Scratch. Scritch. 
Is a mouse about?
I listen for the telling shriek.
Scritch-ing immediately stops.
I shut out the light, trying to get cozy in my bed.
Scritch. Scratch. Scritch.
Who can sleep now?
Not me.

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Categories: shut out, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Light Verse

casts beams of light
through the blinds of my room.
The birds sing and call from outside.
Creation delights the end of the night,
but my sleepy bones will not budge.
So for now this pillow
can shut out the


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© Jesse Rowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: shut out, morning, sleep,
Form: Rictameter
Shut Out
Shut Out

The fact that you shut me out is real, I can't help but express the pain and loss I feel, my eyes are sometimes glassy to reveal, that my heart will never truly or completely heal. Not as good as the rest, but still I tried my best for real....

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Categories: shut out, absence, anger, anxiety, betrayal, depression, emotions, love
Form: ABC
Bad Choice
Deep inside the sorrow
Hollow words ring
Again to be shut out
March through the heart
Pain in the solitude
Always will bring
Angst for a future lost
At death we part!

Contest:Visual of a Verso
Sponsored by:Nette Onclaud
Written by:Greg Hoffman. 8/20/2015...

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Categories: shut out, angst, marriage,
Form: Rhyme
Imagine this...
If you could close your eye's
shut out the world of NOW
...and you could re-discover HOW

But ,you only get one shot,one wish...

If you could leave this world
only to return,with that ONE only....
what would you return with
that would give you completeness??...

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Categories: shut out, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Shut Down, Shut Out
He looks so forlorn
Always reading, always, now
Rarely looking up

In his night reaching
He skims over my surface
Touching what he wants

Protecting my heart
I curl up, hiding again
He begs to come in

I want the feelings
They are no where to be found
Tucked into corners...

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Categories: shut out, husband
Form: Haiku
shut out
The truth I see in your eyes
Deep down in your soul
The truth you don't show anyone
Not even me
The anger that fills up inside you
I don't understand
It explodes at me with all its might
It hurts it crushes it takes a piece of me
I wish you'd let me in
Instead you shut me out...

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Categories: shut out, abuse, depression,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Cargo
Packed up
Wedged together
Shut out from light and air, 
Little creatures indifferent to life or death
Of what comes
With the open door.
Looking for the first opportunity
To Leap
This intolerable life.
The Mass grave
Of a two-dimensional reality....

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Categories: shut out, business, fear, girl, life, sister, women,
Form: Free verse
In the hollows of my being
mental photos move about
doors attempt to shut out
what was already  in - severity
plaster walls sharing testimony 
with squeaky floors
warmth mingled with kerosence petals
ancient melodies oozing hope
ties of embryonic attendance 
anchors of strength obtained...

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© Katy Weir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: shut out, childhood
Form: Free verse
Empty Chair
 Drawn curtains shut out unwanted light

 The room is filled with heavy darkness

 Empty chair shouts in numbing silence  

 Regrets bore holes in receptive mind

 My eyes and ears opened far too late

 Time has flown, gone, past, chance lost

 Now I only talk to an absent ghost

 That sits silently  in your empty chair

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Categories: shut out, death
Form: Free verse
I wanted to care
I saw your pain
Watched you standing in the rain
I wanted to care
But didn't dare
I saw your tears
An eclipse of your overwhelming fears
Saw you breaking apart
I wanted to care
But didn't dare
I saw you shattered
Saw you trying to move past the ruins inside
Watched you try to shut out the world and hide
And I wanted to care
But i didn't dare....

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Categories: shut out, best friend, betrayal, grief, loneliness, lost,
Form: Rhyme
Knight in shining armour
Sweep away the past, and all
The times that brought you sorrow
Your future lies in us until
Tomorrow and tomorrow

Lock your nightmares up beyond
Some vast and solid door
I’m your knight in shining armour
And will be for evermore

Shut out your lifelong worries
All your troubles and your fears
Lay down with me my lady
I will kiss away your tears...

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Categories: shut out, devotion, happiness, hope, love
Form: Rhyme
Shut Out
October 19, 2012

She refuses to speak, to answer me
Her silence thicker than molasses- I hate it
Until now I never truly felt so alone
That was- until she shut me out
The silence- I can no longer stand
Out of sight and out of mind
Upon this cruel night
I wish for you
to return to me my friend
This silence I can no longer stand...

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Categories: shut out, angst, depression, sad, me,
Form: Free verse
i don't love you
I didn't know what to say.
Diffusing those three words like a bomb,
Only i can stop the explosion.
Nothing comes out and you're stuck
Thinking, "why can't she say it?"
Loving me is pain. loving me is
Overrated at best.
Victim to one too many, i shut out
Everyone if they get too close.
You are no exception.
Once you say you love me,
Understand i cannot stay....

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Categories: shut out, betrayal, crush, goodbye, lost love, sad love,
Form: Acrostic
the dens dawn
Den`s dawn

The smoke filled pub Curtains
could not shut out the light
of a ghostly dawn.
A place full of overflowing 
ashtrays and empty chairs,
and the shadow of the lonely by the bar.
Broken talk and broken dreams.
Soon cleaner will come
with perfumed chemicals
and kill yesterday.
The shadows will be back their loneliness
is the only thing that will not leave. 

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Categories: shut out, absence, angst, anti bullying,
Form: Blank verse
Beltane Chase
Hid in the dark pretending to be blind
& you found me with words
Clothed myself in light, thinking you’d search the shadows
But you knew my thought
Took shelter in noise to shut out the silence
& was revealed when no sound would touch me
Embraced the silence & refused to speak
But the words began to haunt me
So I stood before you 
& spoke my story
& you made it rain for me...

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Categories: shut out, angst, introspection, passion, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Rude Awakening
I've shut out so many people
I don't know how to fix what I've done
I guess this is my 
Rude awakening

I can't undo anything now
I can't believe I thought that irrationally
This has got to be my
Rude awakening

My final thoughts go through my mind
I can't believe I thought irrationally enough to commit

I guess I was right you see
My death was my
Rude awakening

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Categories: shut out, anxiety, cry, dark, death, deep, depression,
Form: Free verse
freedom yell
was it meant to be
my rebellious soul last
bring down
shut out
hey now
i frown
never comedown
my lost friend
forever may end
never give in
scream now
this lonely face
come on
how can i sellout
begin win
i know
this worlds hell
nirvana now
have i the mind
to end this
my heart has broke
its all a joke
lift me now
freedom yell...

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Categories: shut out, hope,
Form: Free verse
just some times
sometimes i sit and ponder
whats it all about i often wonder?
not knowing is the hardest thing
never knowing what to think

i feel so tired all the time
wanting life to go in a mime
oh! to shut out all the noise
kids be quiet with your bloody toys

when will he notice me "soon"
my song seems to have no tune
talk to me please, help find what i feared
have i truly really disappeared....

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Categories: shut out, introspection, life, loss, mother, sad, me,
Form: I do not know?
Nowadays, people are afraid
to be alone with self (one’s 
own thoughts)—addicted to the static
of distraction, gadgets for ears
and mantras for the mind…

as though an inherent,
Righteous-core were the enemy: 
we shut out voices of conscience
and Divine Guide—echos
of past lives while roadside markers
for an enlightened future…

we are stagnant in a deep sleep...

animate though dead….

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© Joe DiMino  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: shut out, god, identity, introspection, perspective, philosophy, truth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TIME OUT

Deep breath
In Out Repeat
Clear mind
Be still
Hear your heart beat
Heed to your inner world
Close your eyes
Focus on your aura
Build it up
Make it strong
With each breath
In Out Repeat
Look inward
Shut out the outside world
Take time out for you
To renew

Submitted on July 7,2018, for contest PREMIERE NO.160 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND...

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Categories: shut out, encouraging, happiness, inspirational, introspection, peace, strength, uplifting,
Form: Free verse