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Short Penny Pincher Poems

Short Penny Pincher Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Penny Pincher by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Penny Pincher by length and keyword.

Penny Pincher
If discovering
While exploring
Take the chance
To fill empty pockets
Walk to it and
Stoop down to
Place it between
Forefinger and thumb


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Categories: penny pincher, business, education, life, on work and working,
Form: Free verse

Comedic Penny Pincher
Comedic Penny Pincher

Jack Benny’s
Comedic persona was to pinch pennies.
Every week he would lead his merry band
And Rochester would always get the upper hand.

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Categories: penny pincher, celebrity, friendship, tribute, vanity,
Form: Clerihew
Lekker Shaker
Ha, is Life a joy killer?
A sore loser? A penny pincher?
A dream wrecker? A home breaker?
Or is it a wisecracker? A joker?
A safe cracker? A bushwhacker?
A hell raiser? A heaven buster?
Or maybe, a trekker? A way marker?
A banker? An anchor? A timer?

Nah...Life is God's supreme Lekker!...

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Categories: penny pincher, life,
Form: Monorhyme
Penny Pincher
I am a poor girl
I do not earn much
I am tight spending
Nothing comes easy
So I waste nothing

Pennies I pick
From off the street
Cares not who sees
It does add up

My family
They call me
Penny pinch

That’s fine
They dine


For Rhonda & Cyndi's Penny Pantoums...

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Categories: penny pincher, family, funny,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
The homeless artist
Penny pincher,
Sleeps on the edge of time,
Dreams of ancient civilisations,
How old is he,
How old is he,
He thought someone in the modern world loved him the other day,
No she's baiting me,
They'll kill me for sure,
Where are his people,
Where are his people,
Why do they treat him so bad,
The modern ones,
He calls it another damned day,
When he wakes up,
Alone and the alcohol isn't strong enough anymore,
How poor,
How poor.

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Categories: penny pincher, allegoryold, old,
Form: I do not know?