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Short Mongrel Poems

Short Mongrel Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Mongrel by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Mongrel by length and keyword.

A shout and cry 
Hurried steps 
Chasing each other
Mongrel howling 
Eyes peeping behind blinds
Security lights lighting up
Sighs of relief 
Mutted mummers
Danger is over for now...

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Categories: mongrel, community, night,
Form: Verse

My beamish boy,
Who slayed 'The Jabberwock'.
"Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
My friend.

*Neo is part Blue Heeler, part mongrel and all good. Mostly.
Lines used from Lewis Carrolls 'Jabberwocky'....

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Categories: mongrel, devotion, dog, friend,
Form: Cinquain
See Spot Run
Oh, a mangy little doggie went galumphing down the street
And as his luck would have it he just happened there to meet
A warden with a wagon and a heavy-duty net
And he nabbed the rabid mongrel and he took him to the vet.


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Categories: mongrel, animal, dog, children, kids, humorous, pets, silly,
Form: Rhyme
The Peep Of Morning
The peep of morning's winking light
Woke the rooster's sour and tart crowing musical assault
He assaulted my senses until they will be heard
"up you lazy body"
Arise and greet the sleeping mongrel...
His fleas beg to be fed! 

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Categories: mongrel, funny
Form: Burlesque
Yes Prince Ekpemandu vengeance is mine saith the Lord, and I would have justice for it too, what was done to this lady be abhorred, that the mongrel dog gets his due! punishment...Don Johnson #Dedicated to the lady who get raped in that Abia state university....

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Categories: mongrel, adventure,
Form: Ballade

The smell of dead flowers,
Life dances at "zero hour"-s,
No wonder man is doomed,
when you sit there, deplumed.

Move away, you peasant mongrel,
I'm not to be held,
accountable or to any sense.

Lime-a-way,my sins, oh darling,
even after I washed hands,
they still feel so damning.


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Categories: mongrel, analogy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member England-Moore II
shore washed,gulf stream

four seasons long

that never last...
     of the past,
its global stage
     a language...
     mongrel bred

      left unsaid,
     with reserve,
in bonded word

after Marianne Moore

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Categories: mongrel, places
Form: Verse
Saturday Night Hounds
They climbed
resuming the mongrel form, 
The twelve.
A catcalling mob
burdened by sympathetic stimulants, 
Procured from the neck.
Yippering yowls 
break from a youth, 
Torn from thick, incongruous lips.
As a pack
they leap onto the quivering metal, 
Slender paws slapping on ice.
Ice all round; 
leering...over bearing... ungracious ice
To aid their whimpering might....

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Categories: mongrel, people,
Form: Verse
the ever helpful angels, we meet along the way, ones who will pick you up, till you are happy, bloody aye, boot the black dog up the Kyber pass, and the mongrel whines away, depression knocked off, on its asss, when the angel comes your way, take the world by scruff, yer tough enough, be happy bloody aye, let the inner spirit shine, plum duff, is all that johnson says... Don Johnson

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Categories: mongrel, adventure, celebration,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Out-Foxed by a Mongrel
They said, "his bark is much worse than his bite" So, I opened the gate, without fright But the beast would outwit me ! In the keister, he bit me!! He will feast on my trousers tonight !
................................. 5/4/15 For John Freeman's Contest : Dumb and Dumber Quotations (Never trust someone who says "his bark is much worse than his bite".... !! LOL !)...

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Categories: mongrel, animal, dog, funny,
Form: Limerick
Terror Rising
The blood of an evil man,
Spilled upon our world;
A new terror awakens,
His successor soon unfurls

Justice wields its mighty sword,
A mongrel succumbed to fate;
The mighty wings of an eagle,
Left nothing to contemplate

While our nation slumbers,
A serpent sets its course;
Waiting for that moment,
To strike without remorse

Let us slay our prejudices,
Together we'll stand and fight;
Terror stalks our fertile soil,
God bless our land of rights...

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Categories: mongrel, visionary
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Cerberus
Midnight, Cerberus roams across the sky,
Chasing stars and barking upon the fly.
Hound of thunder, cloud riding the air,
With three heads and snaky tail awry.

Lightening cracks like a whipping lash,
Indoors, onlookers make a wild dash;
To escape the unnatural fiery glare,
Of the monster mongrel raining ash.

My pet dog cringes in abject fear,
Crawling into a box he is near,
Huddling low in the safe wooden square,
While the hell-hound doth sullenly sneer....

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Categories: mongrel, horror, myth, mythology, nature, night, urban,
Form: Rubaiyat
He’s there for me through thick and thin; Closer to me than my next of kin; With big ole feet, a long wagging tail; And a nose that’s never lost the trail; His long droopy ears have caught many a tear; But I always have comfort whenever he’s near; And I know whenever I am upset, He’ll be there, my loyal pet; He’s got my back, no matter what, My silly mongrel and devoted mutt; My baby Zeus, My faithful friend; The one that will be there till the end.

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Categories: mongrel, animals, devotion, friendship, love, petsme,
Form: Couplet