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Short Maryam Poems

Short Maryam Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Maryam by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Maryam by length and keyword.

Footle----Breaking the silence
Dad's grip

On whip.

 This is just a joke, he doesn't whip*/*Maryam...

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Categories: maryam, funny
Form: I do not know?

See you soon

This afternoon!

dunno if it's done right, plz maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, funny
Form: Free verse
Missing in Action (footle)
A teen



*special thanks to Maryam for explaining a footle to me....

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Categories: maryam, funny, teen
Form: Light Verse
Special Thanks

Special thanks 
to a dear one
whose heart reflects
the light of the sun.

Dedicated to Uncle Shahab.."I am grateful for all you've done for me." Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, thank you
Form: Quatrain
M  olded my own world,
A  cross the skies and seas.
R  arely landing my ship, for I'm
Y  earning for real adventure.
A  sks a million a question, for I'm
M  aiden in searching my future....

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Categories: maryam,
Form: Acrostic

Word morph -- Tide to wave

The coming dawn brings the TIDE
Across the shore, it spread so WIDE
Inward slowly, I start to WADE
It carries me in, with its WAVE

Author's note: This is just a try don't know if it's done

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Categories: maryam, nature
Form: I do not know?

F illed with teases and fun,
A rtistic in all she does.
T hinks always of what's to come,
I llustrating unique wisdom.
M arks all, when the day is done,
A n independent young woman.

Dedicated to my lovely sister Fatima...Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, dedication
Form: Acrostic
To My daughters Loubabatoul Koubra, Halima Saadiya and Maryam Jamilah

A knock on the door
Shouts from the inside
All the three running 
To swoon over my knees
Laughing my lovely
The gate to paradise
The gift from 
The Messenger,
My lifelong model.

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Categories: maryam, allah, blessing, love, my children,
Form: Free verse
A special one
N umerous I have,
A n exceptional one is she.
R eturning every single smile, she
E nlightens the soul with pure joy.
E very word she says, is
F illed with care and praise,
A wonderful friend to have.

Dedicated to my lovely friend Nareefa who has been my closest friend since 2nd Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, dedicationfriend, friend,
Form: Acrostic
Indeed A friend
R are a person is she,
A helpful friend in every way.
F un is painted across her face,
E verywhere and every place.
E ffortless she diplays a smile.
Y our heart jumps with joy to see,
A wonderful friend as she.

Dedicated to my friend Rafeeya who has always made me smile when something went Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, dedicationfriend, friend,
Form: Acrostic
Little Brothers
           Little Brothers

Always up to something
sneaking and peeking around
have me always shouting
"get your toys off the ground".

I only scream and shout
because I love you
nothing in this world
could replace you too.

Dedicated to my 2 little brothers, who always have some mischief up their sleeves and it
always turns out as a joke........*Maryam...

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Categories: maryam, dedication
Form: Quatrain
The Box
A red rose tied
across the top
of the tiny box
that lay in your hand

My heart skipped a beat
a hundred times twice
as you slowly walked
the path toward me

A smile appeared 
across your face
as you lifted the lid
of the tiny box

Inside it lay
golden earrings

Those earrings, that day
wrote the song 
the love bird sings.

Dedicated to a special one.....Always Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, dedication
Form: Free verse
H earts beat in excitement,
A s it passes by.
P laying in the air,
P eeking into your hearts,
I t brings a smile to every face.
N ever ending laughter,
E xpresses such enchantment,
S omehow it paints,
S unlight across the dark sky.

*Sorry for not being here for such a long time, but i didn't forget u guys at all n i
never will:) i see that everyone is writing some really beautiful poetry n i am enjoyin
lotz of n smiles Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, inspirational
Form: Acrostic
On this bench, we spoke
Of our love without end
It was a love of a light yoke
An easy burden without a bend

On this bench, we played chess
We laughed and we ate
We shared essence and success
So many nights we stood late

On this bench we rocked 
Our tryst was here
We dreamt on each other laps, 
Now you are there.

On this bench, here I am
And you,  a past
How could I forget you, Maryam?
For this bench will always be to 

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Categories: maryam, education, love,
Form: Rhyme