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Short Intersect Poems

Short Intersect Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Intersect by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Intersect by length and keyword.


How can we reach out
For each other,
When we are
Like two parallel lines?

Infinitely extending
At both ends,

But never finding
Their way
To intersect....

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Categories: intersect, pain,
Form: Free verse

Where's My Forever
    There's a time and place for everything
    but they rarely intersect. A minute or
    a mile apart. We hope for our soulmate
    but in the end settle for disappointment....

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Categories: intersect, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Our bodies make an S at night. Close and tight. My back to your front.
   But, by day, no S. Only a peck or a pat.
   We intersect, but do not connect.
And night after night, no passion in sight.  Before, or after, the S.


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Categories: intersect, emotions, heart, sad love,
Form: Free verse
You said your love is always unconditional,
I, blinked, cast a smile pathetically.
You lied again, 
I no longer have the strength to fight back like I did in the beginning,
You cramp your path,
and we would never intersect. 


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Categories: intersect, anxiety, blue, boy, cry, for him,
Form: ABC
Like parallel lines run together
they never meet if they run forever
on different roads but side by side
lest in life they coincide
if they intersect they combine
they overlap and entwine
for it is how our twin souls run
how two souls turned to be ONE......

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Categories: intersect, romance, science
Form: Personification

Premium Member Dissent
we engage in debate awhile with the fundamentalistic eristic he seeks to win and we are here for fun head and heart lines do not intersect what is truthful is not convenient so let the impasse remain inked with compassion 17-December-2022

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Categories: intersect, conflict, love, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SOLDIER-
Several regiments laurel.
Other regiments regiment.
Line fighters scuffle.
Different regiments suspect.
Individual encounters intersect.
Equivalent resistances strike.
Regular troops recruit

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021©

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Categories: intersect, analogy, character, community, military, war,
Form: Acrostic
roads intersect at some point
have you ever had a dead end in your life

like a cold knife sometimes eyes
have you ever frozen with a look

sleep when you are cut in the sweetest place
did you sleep again

questions never ends when hope
have you ever lived without question and without hope...

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Categories: intersect, allegory,
Form: Carpe Diem
Too many sacred paths

Too many sacred paths in front of us to trod, no two intersects but each one leads to the God. =================000================= REVISED: Too many sacred paths in front of us to trod, no two intersect, but each one leads to God. =================000===================

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© kash poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: intersect, faith
Form: Couplet
Geometric Force
stuck on the inside of a box
this world is circular
And we're all square 
Perpendicular are the lives that
lie parallel to the intersect
three dimesional personalities
around the way
If your reach a stop
Green light the go
This poem doesn't make sense
So I'll stop now or...gooooo......slowwwww...

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Categories: intersect, philosophy
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Its Not The Road
It’s not so much the road, as the way you travel it. Many roads divert, others intersect and guidance down the right one comes from within. There’s a connection, you see, mind-to-mind, soul-to-spirit; oneness builds a majestic journey. life’s ups and downs... they’re merely, adventures along the way.

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Categories: intersect, analogy, growth, happiness, life, poems, poetry,
Form: Prose
Ordered Collections

People in my circle,
Same interest,
Common goal,
The heart's Venn diagram,
Uniting us,
Differentiating us,
In one huge plane,
The boundaries set by nature,
Its beauty is enhanced by the variety,
Rings and shapes intertwined,
They intersect to show us,
A people crafted with peculiarities,
A people with disparate dispositions.

May 19, 2022.


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Categories: intersect, heart, life, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member CALIFORNIA WINTER 2020

   Winter skies, no blue!
   Private schools are out for Christmas, Yahoo!

   I sense the sound of jingle bells
   In the depths of my heart!
   Evergreen candles flicker and dart.

   The crossroads of faith and hope,
   intersect in my mind.
   The world, a tad goofy, but God is loving and all kind!



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Categories: intersect, christmas,
Form: Couplet
So many young kids are dying,

So many happy families are crying,

One war but many deaths that apply,

You live for this country but you also must die,

Babies are dying there in the street,

Soon life and death will intersect and they'll meet,

Dying for America is fine but what are we fighting for,

We have bigger problems in America so why are we fighting a war.

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© Amanda Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: intersect, life, america,
Form: ABC
Different People in Your Life
When different people in your life
Occasionally connect,
It’s wonderful to see what happens
As they intersect.

For oftentimes, they’ve heard the names
Of loved ones you might mention,
Though joining separate lifelines
Wasn’t really your intention.

Still, it can make you smile to see
The varied ties that tether
Your kith and kin pulled close enough
To gather them together.

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Categories: intersect, appreciation, family,
Form: Rhyme
Cross Roads
I know these paths will lead us to somewhere in the future. I am sure that these roads are not parallel to each other. That one day, our ways will intersect. Maybe somewhere in Manhattan or Paris. And see each other, across the busy street, saying each others greetings, in new forms. With our fingers intertwined, not to each other, but to someone else and a face happier than before we drifted apart....

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Categories: intersect, emotions, feelings, for her, heartbroken, love, sad,
Form: Prose
The Intersect
In the midst of the struggle
In the middle of the pain
In the midst of the chaos
In the middle of the change.

When life seemed confusing
and my path was indirect
is when I found you
on a journey that intersect.

Tulsa, OKC
and a few towns in-between,
our paths crossed
creating a love unforeseen.

Together forever
was our wedding vow
choosing a life together
without questioning how....

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Categories: intersect, beautiful, emotions, happy, heart, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
The Magic Of The Road
The Magic Of The Road

So many roads
Each going a different way
Following its own path
They may intersect
Crossing each other
Allowing travelers just a second
Before they go along their way
But rarely two roads combine
Becoming one steady path
Travelers meet and walk together
Getting to know each other
And maybe falling in love
As rare as that is
It does happen to many
And that is the magic of the road

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Categories: intersect, hope, love, travel,
Form: Free verse
Lost At Small Sea
Scum lines encircle,
The branches I connect, 
Water so fertile,
Transparency reflects, 
Parts of a journal, 
I would rather be wet. 

A surface kernel, 
Shows the currents effect, 
Swarming dispersal, 
Pools at their intersect,
Bonded eternal, 
Made to appear perfect. 

Life stuck nonverbal, 
Wading in a pond’s sect, 
Lifetime rehearsal, 
To be someone’s select, 
Skewed peripheral, 
Perpetual neglect. 

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Categories: intersect, anxiety, break up, conflict, dark, fate, heart,
Form: Rhyme
Breakfast at the Truck Stop
intersections of highways where lives intersect
conversations with waitress beg more conversation
spelling the moment a morning spell
waking softly the countryside awakens
sun through window the calling of early sun
promise of a day filled with promise
beginnings rise from endings as the day begins
boundless hope visions of horizons unbound
stories countless stories
and passages and
enlightened journey to light

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Categories: intersect, friendship, morning, muse, time, travel,
Form: Lyric
This month This day

Is our time to show

The universe our love

How much were embraced by each other

The intensity of our feelings for one another

How our lives were meant to some way intersect

We was We were

Always meant to be

What we have

Has already stood the test of time


In This month on This day

I say to you….

That I Love you

And Happy “ Valentines day”


Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams 


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Categories: intersect, holiday
Form: I do not know?
Man on the Sidewalk
To: the “Timeless” One Like parallel lines that don’t intersect Like strangers in subways that never connect Like messages in bottles that never reach shore Like a drained stream, I don’t try any more. Because You’re like a stormy cloud that dampened my light Like a blank stare in the dead of the night Like a worn out movie that’s stuck on rewind You’re that man on the sidewalk, ten steps behind. Love, The Hourglass

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Categories: intersect, absence, dark, emotions, farewell, goodbye, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Marching on
Do you remember
When the moon and the stars were jealous?
And the world applauded as we danced?
Now, I hear drums
And you hear brass
And I stumble
Trying to recapture our rhythm
I've tried, love, I've tried
To remember what I used to do
That made your heart smile
Now we intersect without collision
But not without violence
And I'm starting to feel numb
So on we March
For a blessed audience of three
With bloodless hands
And blistered hearts


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Categories: intersect, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Should Fantasy Meet Reality
The cyclone of fantasies
Spinning in my head
Dreams of future glory
Mixed with schemes that now are dead
Scenes where I'm the hero
The center of every girl's desire
Achieving deeds if greatness
That mortal men cannot aspire

My imagination is fertile
In there never do I fail
Though in reality my achievements
Add up to nothing much to tell
One day it may just happen
These two worlds may intersect
And because I rehearsed it in my dreams
I may become the hero yet

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: intersect, fantasy, may,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member INTERSECT

Find your own way
Through haze and maze;
Live well each day
In dazzling craze.

Find what you seed
In all you live;
Be beyond greed
Yet learn to give.

Find your way home
In your affairs;
For where you roam
Confronts new cares.

Find all right here
Within your soul;
Start with good cheer
To know sure whole.

Find what you seek
In faith and hope;
Know that the meek
Can sculpt kind scope.

Leon Enriquez
16 February 2015

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Categories: intersect, change,
Form: Quatrain