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Short Earwig Poems

Short Earwig Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Earwig by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Earwig by length and keyword.

Premium Member UP,UP & AWAY
oh why,
earwig fie!
choose you not to
fly ?...

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Categories: earwig, animals
Form: Lanterne

~~~~~~~~~~~ you are in my head... so glad you can't read my mind... earwigging... earwig... ~~~~~~~~~~~

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Categories: earwig, nature,
Form: Haiku
Hare says I am far too slow 
Earwig says to crawl below
Dormouse says and also toad
Go with care when on a road
Eagle says be keen of eye
Hen says crossing why am I?
Owl says wiser I should be
Good advice they all give me...

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Categories: earwig, animals
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member July's Sticky Air
I fled the kiln
of the house
where ceramic floors
bake like focaccia bread.
My haven is a bench
in the shade of an oak,
praying for a breeze.
A bevy of bees hover
over blushing jasmine 
and scarlet lilies,
dousing me with honey
in July's sticky air
as my finger
culls a drowned earwig
from my glass of iced tea....

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Categories: earwig, imagery, summer,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member I don't Share
I had a yen for home grown peach
And found but one that I could reach.
I picked and took a bite at once
To taste of its sweet succulence.

Then looking fat and fully fed
An earwig raised his ugly head;
And looking me straight in the eye
Dared me that next sweet bite to try.

I very calmly took his dare,
Next time I looked, he wasn’t there.
No lowly insect takes my peach;
The only one that I could reach.


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Categories: earwig, me, sweet,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member YUCK

I know we are supposed to love them
all creatures great and small

I know God had a reason
when he created those that crawl

even those that creep and flit
are part of a master plan

filling every earthly niche
in air, in water, on land

but Lord in your mighty scheme
please tell me in what mood

as you perused your work
and saw that it was good

inspected every nook and cranny
touched every leaf and twig

prompted you without a glance
to invent the pesky earwig....

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Categories: earwig, environment, prejudice,
Form: Free verse