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Short Chew On Poems

Short Chew On Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Chew On by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Chew On by length and keyword.

Premium Member Bite Me
Ask me to do for you
Ask me yes, yes…yes.
But if you screwed a friend or two
I’d say bite me! Fits you best!
Chew on that?

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Categories: chew on, funnyme,
Form: Grook

You are a stencil
I am a pencil,
in this day and age,
computer rage,
I am a pencil,
but you chew on me for inspiration,
I am a pencil....

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Categories: chew on, abuse, betrayal,
Form: I do not know?
The Power of Money
IMF's Dominique Strauss Kahn
Wanted a hotel suite bon-bon 
This forceful hard sell
In New York's Sofitel 
Is what all his borrowers chew on...

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Categories: chew on, allegory
Form: Limerick

Those candies hiding in your valise
say your diet long since lost its lease.  
So, chew on those Reeses; 
chomp whatever pleases.  
You've got more that I can love obese....

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© John Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chew on, food,
Form: Limerick
bubblegum brain
with this bubblegum brain 
i chew on my thoughts 
till i get an idea 
before the flavor is gone 
roll around on my tongue 
open my mouth 
say what i have to say 
with this bubblegum brain

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Categories: chew on, funny, humor,
Form: Free verse

  Peppermint leaves to chew on
chocolate kisses brew
  every thing that I own
bottled up in you

  pour me a passion 
of moonlight
  sip all the
whispering tears

  tell me about
that June night
wrap me a packet
 of years...

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Categories: chew on, anniversary, love, nostalgia, me, me,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member It's A Dog's Life

An old saying, “it's a dog's life” is so true Eat, sleep, poop and chew on an old leather shoe Big deal, we'll buy another The joy they bring is like no other Those sad looking eyes when they play peekaboo

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Categories: chew on, animal,
Form: Limerick
Mak Attack Rap
My name is Mak 
And I'm on the attack
I do a little dance
Then I have a little snack

I'm a boy
And this is my joy
I shake my booty
And I chew on my toy

I love to swing
Mommy helps me sing
Every single day
I'm just doin' my thing

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Categories: chew on, children, son, song-lyric
Form: Lyric
Premium Member TOO QUIET

The sun's not up it's much too early
House so quiet it's almost surly
Could brew some coffee
And chew on toffee
Sure wish I had a cat called Curley

Submitted on January 4, 2019, for contest FOOD FOR THOUGHT sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 2ND...

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Categories: chew on, cat, lonely, longing, morning, silence, solitude,
Form: Limerick
What Would Happen With Persistence
What Would Happen With Persistence

What would happen with much persistence;
This very instance due to our own existence;
Out of respect,
Could be correct,
Apparently had appeared at our insistence.

Jim Horn

Now there is something to chew on.


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chew on, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Sweet or Salty
Sometimes a need for added salt
Can be a good meal's only fault.

I am so glad that I am able
To have salt shaker on my table.

I'd rather chew on dry asphalt
Than finest meat devoid of salt.

And if that meal ends with a treat
It satisfies my yen for sweet.

I got my taste for salt from Papa
And one for sweets from my dear Mama....

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Categories: chew on, food,
Form: Couplet
There is no candy more lonely
Than a stick of licorice
It's a love hate affair where you do or don't care
That doesn't dare come with a makeup kiss

You can chew on that fact some think nasty at best
While some smile with blackened teeth
You either do or you don't, will or you won't
Think licorice is a scrumpdillyicious treat...

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Categories: chew on, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Death of a pen
Oh, pen. 
There you lie, 
Cold and pale, 
With your jaunty cap askew. 
NO more ink 
Courses through your vein. 
You've bled your last drop 
On my paper. 
No more will I chew on you, 
pondering poetry. 
No more will you take down my thoughts. 
No more marking or jotting. 
You have come to an end, 
Oh my dear, sweet, 
Lifeless pen.


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Categories: chew on, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Desire's Wings (Renee)
With a smile
that stabs at your heart
this elegant starling
floats on the breeze,
flitting here and there
warming the souls
of those
   that she graces
with her presence.

Watching her 
chew on her lip
pulls at my soul
to know
    what's on her mind,
but I'll sit back
   and enjoy
        this angelic sight
while I gnaw on my pen....

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Categories: chew on, passion,
Form: Free verse
I want to suck this thumb
I want to suck it like ice cream
I want to lick it
I want to lick it like honey
I want to chew on it and 
I want to do it over again till it melts.

Melt, it will.
It will melt into my fingers like a heart
Enchant his brain till he swoons
Every time he looks at me
I want him to feel my deep passion
I want these feelings to never end.


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Categories: chew on, beauty, boyfriend, care, cute love, desire, emotions,
Form: Rhyme
To My Muse

I drink the morning
in small lingering sips,
chew on dreams
translucent as the lazuli sea--
clouds drift to distant realms
you tell me stories
intricate in details
born from the sand castle 
of your fantasies.
Right now I believe
you might know more
about the world than I do
or ever will;
you slow your pace to mine 
we walk through new flowers,
oh what an awakening!

Contest Entry---Rock My World


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Categories: chew on, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LIQUID BUFFET

Prize merry moods
Savvy and good

Cafes and bars
Welcome on par

Style mellows flair
In cocktail air

Sip on your drink
Here on the brink

A liquid fare
With buffet wares

Happy hours here
Sip booze that cheers

In fond free flow
Watch liquor show

Chew on tit-bits
Alcohol wit

Workday is done
Now for some fun

Leon Enriquez
04 January 2018


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Categories: chew on, change,
Form: Couplet
Who am I

Intense feeler,  deep thinker,  sparkling imagination

Loves meaning of words and restructuring them in my mind

Fears creepy things that crawl across my paper

Needs quiet time to reflect and chew on language

Feels intense joy and apprehension dancing with the tune of emotions

Hopes  imaginations bounce everywhere for everyone in our universe

Live in Wisconsin (Heart still in Michigan)



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Categories: chew on, universe,
Form: Bio
Hunger Warning
     Hunger Warning 

Family and friends are first to go
Then the teeth and hair
Weight loss due to hunger
Is guaranteed
Begging for food is against the law
In most communities
Hunger is not a crime but should be
I’m looking for my other shoe
Something delectable to chew on
If you have it bring it back
I licked it in the morning
Who knows what you might contract
From someone as low as me
Return it please and let me starve in peace 


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Categories: chew on, abuse, conflict, dark, food, forgiveness, freedom, poverty,
Form: Free verse

Words draw the line
To squeeze things fine

Words know the way
Through awkward days

Words in sleek wit
Chew on odd bits

Words in flash pile
Can dictate style

Words in crisp think
Can echo link

Words mellow truth
In wholesome proof

Words in clear feel
Can sample thrill

Words in-sync here
Can channel cheer

Words in crisp say
Can stretch fond play

Leon Enriquez
28 November 2017


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Categories: chew on, blessing,
Form: Couplet
Life Without Me
Chew on this
An invigorating taste of life without me 

Stand up and walk away 
Already done 
Talk away 

Sit alone, with her by your side 
And hope away your guilt 

I'll no longer hold on
I'll see myself to the door 
You don't have to pretend to care anymore 

So, don't worry your little heart 
Hold on tight to her hand
And dream your big dreams 

While mine were stolen 
I'll sit alone, with no one by my side 
And hope away my loneliness 

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Categories: chew on, betrayal, divorce, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
The ultimate story
i need a chicken leg
Please i won't beg
just give me a big one
one that's well done
I wanna cover it in gravy
and some ketchup maybe
I love me some chicken
The clock is still ticken
so hurry up and give me a bite
You need to do whats right!
and give me what i want
because im over here on a hunt
trying to find me something to chew on
before all the chicken is gone
So call up your buddy meg
and tell her i need a chicken leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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© Trash Boat  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chew on, adventure, allusion, anger, art, beautiful, bridal shower,
Form: Free verse


They follow you like vultures
soaring in wistful circles
alighting on church roofs
at weddings and christenings,
never out of your sight
and chew on your dreams.
Their shadows mark the good things
that could have been yours
and spatter your life with the droppings
of what ifs and maybes.
Your past is inaudible over their constant chatter,
and when you lie still, fading, 
with your family looking on,
they perch at the foot of your bed
and laugh...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chew on, life,
Form: Free verse
Two little white paws,
And a little pink nose.
You give him a bath,
And outside he goes.

“Where’s Buster”, I say,
And what do I see?
Two little eyes
Looking back at me.

A pounce at a rooster,
And a pounce at a hen,
His white fur is dirty,
Where has that cat been?

Two little black ears,
And a long black tail,
He’ll chew on a paint roller,
A button or a nail.

One spoiled little kitten,
And Buster’s his name.
One sweet little kitty,
But spoiled is his game.

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Categories: chew on, animals, children, funny, pets,
Form: I do not know?
Hush hush
Hush hush whisper who dares
The big boogie man is climbing the stairs
And should he find kids who are not in their beds
He’ll pull ‘em to pieces and rip ‘em to shreds
He’ll pull off their fingers and pull off their toes
Pull off their ears and chew on their nose
But if he finds children  in bed fast asleep
With eyes shut up tightly no sign of a peep
He’ll tuck them in tight with a kiss on the head
So come on you kids it’s time for your bed

(C) John W  Fenn   10-10-2009

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Categories: chew on, childhood, fantasy, children, funny, imagination
Form: Light Verse