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Ripped Off Poems

Ripped Off Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ripped off poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ripped off.

New Poems

Home of free and brave
Submissively digs own grave
Tarts ripped-off by Knave...Read More
Categories: ripped off, freedom, howl, political,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Relative Two Fifty Two
While shopping, Hope would say to Faith
"Should we check out that Psychic there?"
Faith said, "They may know the future,"
"But, I don't think they have a prayer!"

After a penance would change hands,
Some cards were read without ado
The Psychic said, "All that...Read More
Categories: ripped off, confusion, time, word play,
Form: Quatrain
A Decade Ago
A Decade Ago
In a few hours it will be a decade since 
I saw they did to their so called pal
Putting 2x 9mm Parabellum slugs into the ex dealer

He ripped off his 2 ex mates of 17k worth of Class...Read More
Categories: ripped off, anger, death, drug, family, murder,
Form: Prose Poetry
Just Smile
We’d like to think some angel smiling down
will watch him as his arm bleeds in the yard,
ripped off by dogs, will guide his tipsy steps,
his doddering progress through the scarlet house
to tell his mommy “boo-boo!,” only two.

We’d like to think...Read More
Categories: ripped off, children, courage, strength,
Form: Verse
My People
My people, good people bad people
Try them, have a taste, 
How do you like the sweet aloe Vera?

My people are black, dark
Not that it bothers me but
It might explain the odd comportment

My people have black hearts, rotting
From stabs of lovers,...Read More
Categories: ripped off, africa, character,
Form: ABC

Premium Member whuz up wit dat--
Cause his wings were burned off
His own way was strange but it matters not
whuz up wit dat!
The speech pattern of God I ripped off weak rappers jaws
On the low, I still rock my Giraudoux
It's in my blood like the same...Read More
Categories: ripped off, adventure, analogy, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Infidelity, what great pain it exacts on a partner.
Death becomes an inevitable contemplation that in your mind it becomes the governor.

The feeling just! Oh man know not this soul daunting horror,
Oh dear maiden mercy pay a warm kind visit to...Read More
Categories: ripped off, bible, divorce, emotions, heartbreak, hurt, love, pain,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member One Day in Eden
Fatima was always dressed up fittingly as any occasion called for 

Today one might call her a performance artist but she was

A hippie and child of God always good for some drama though 

Was not taken seriously in the reviews...Read More
Categories: ripped off, celebration,
Form: Free verse
Damn the Rain
floodwaters pour out my ears
like some Black Plague fountain
with spitting angels
life can be hard to look at
images spilling into boots
filling with blood and ignorance
everyone a con artist of some sort
on the inside if not the outside
can't be avoided even for...Read More
Categories: ripped off, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe 

Here lies my old Uncle Joe.
We sure weren’t sad to see him go.
He ripped off everyone he met.
Now his poor wife must pay his debt.

...Read More
Categories: ripped off, death, funeral, giggle, humor, obituary,
Form: Epitaph
Unhappy Anniversary
Shaking in trembles, tremor within. 
A delicate pivot, shifts in separation.
Consolation comforts, the loss of win.
My first year of divorce, set in liberation. 

Bushwhacked, travelling back in time..
Reflections,... on dark night window.
Shredded heart, in melancholy chime.
Voice not so dulcet, in...Read More
Categories: ripped off, absence, anniversary, break up, celebration, freedom, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
Oh goodness the house is on fire, 
And so is the one across the street,
And the one next door, I’m scared, 
And frantic and overpowered with smoke!
I hear the fire crackling 
And voices and feel intense heat,
I have to run,...Read More
Categories: ripped off, fire, scary,
Form: Rhyme
You Raped My Soul
I slowly trusted you…

I shared the depths of my heart and soul with you…

You allowed me to attach to you …

Like a newborn fawn…to it’s mother…

I drank deeply from your heart of love, tenderness, gentleness, kindness and acceptance…

You covered me...Read More
Categories: ripped off, black love, break up,
Form: Acrostic

IF you pull a long perplexed face
You could be watching SUMO in Tokyo Bay
Or reading this without a NIHONG-GUO dictionary in front of face
Rather I'd say you were the victim of WATENAGE

If...Read More
Categories: ripped off, art, health, hip hop, inspirational, men, religious,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member You Raped My Soul
You Raped My Soul
by Elise Hendry

I slowly trusted you…

I shared the depths of my heart and soul with you…

You allowed me to attach to you …

Like a newborn fawn…to it’s mother…

I drank deeply from your heart of love, tenderness, gentleness,...Read More
Categories: ripped off, fear, grief, loss, love, mental illness, soulmate,
Form: Lyric
Turn Back Time
Imagine being told as a little girl that you are ugly, you are stupid, and that you are a four eyed little freak.
I still hear those words in my mind as the days go by in my life.
Those words can...Read More
Categories: ripped off, bullying,
Form: Free verse
The ballad of Arthur and Mandy
A tribute to the late, great Victoria Wood x

Arthur and Mandy sat one night
When he gave her a dreadful fright
Ripped off his jumper revealed his string vest
Showing snippets of his hairy chest
He looked at her with eyes ablaze
Held Mandy in...Read More
Categories: ripped off, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Dementor's Kiss
This time last year, 
I had my world 
upside down.

I opened my eyes, laid on bed and didn't move. Then a little, I moved to turn and found emptiness laying there, silently, as if waiting for me to pass, to...Read More
Categories: ripped off, deep, depression, heartbroken, loneliness, lost, symbolism, winter,
Form: ABC
Premium Member The Storyteller
Having an obvious proclivity for story-telling,
the old man leaned forward in his chair,
eager to impress the grey-haired men gathered around him
while he continued with the saga of his most peculiar life.
With each slight nuance of his speech
and with every twist...Read More
Categories: ripped off, men,
Form: Narrative
Reaper's Child
She awakes, terrified and unable to scream
above her, the ugliest creature she'd ever seen
Dirty hand over her mouth, gasping for breath
poor girl so frightened, nearly scared to death

Whispered in her ear, "tonight you'll be my wench"
her, so close to puking,...Read More
Categories: ripped off, scary,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Paradise Speaks Integrity
of resilient harmony
teaches WinWin strategy,
Egos are a holonic DNA-driven health-fragment
of one interdependently living  wealth ecosystem.

invites active healthy love-steps
harmonic with all OriginaLife
sacred  gift Creation.

need not accept negative ripped-off attitude risks
or Loser beliefs in original jealous anger-god
and divine punishing fear
or...Read More
Categories: ripped off, caregiving, health, integrity, love, paradise,
Form: Political Verse
Sweet Lorelei was in distress -
an angler’s rod ripped off her dress,
perched high on her rock,
she was sans her frock,
her nakedness she must redress!

She clambered down onto the beach,
to gather seaweed in arm's reach,
then formed a bikini,
(which was rather teeny,)
now...Read More
Categories: ripped off, fantasy, humorous, myth, sea,
Form: Limerick
1. If i could i would trade my heart to someone strong and brave enough to love someone like you

2. ?i ended up my relationship with someone who was grateful to have
me and loved me for who i was but...Read More
Categories: ripped off, 10th grade, anxiety, desire, sad, sad love,
Form: Free verse
A Proud Woman

Stars, crisp in the deep plot
pulling off, late snow clouds
clean themselves
The river lets loose the carp,
coughs beneath its frozen part

Drippings on the roof hit the gutter
Ice branches ripped off in wind are waterborne
In the house, a rim of cheese is...Read More
Categories: ripped off, art,
Form: Free verse
Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk when he got a flu shot.
He turned into the Hulk because it hurt a lot.
He smashed the doctor's office and broke the doctor's neck.
You should've seen that office afterward, it was a wreck.
The Hulk...Read More
Categories: ripped off, green, humor,
Form: Rhyme