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Real Mccoy Poems

Real Mccoy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of real mccoy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for real mccoy.

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My Brother
                                       ...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, brother, family,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member A cry is a cry is a cry
A cry is a cry is a cry
   I would not say
for cries are all different
   in so many ways

All happy and merry
   one cry is of joy
another's in anguish
   Is it...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, cry, happy, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Mythologized Sun Child Persona Incarnate
Samson reborn within
brand name garden variety
twentieth century Homo sapien
hirsute trademark characteristic
electrified, empowered, enamored
mirrored reflection validated

substantial flowing luscious tresses
superseded body, mind, and spirit triage
prioritized as most significant
constituent essence passively
potently, pronouncedly exemplified
declaration of independence

against parental United Kingdom
first impression evoked
heavy metal musician,
this then...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, adventure, allegory, analogy, fate, hair, journey, violence,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Ian, My youngest grandson
On his twelfth birthday

Ian, my grandson is quite a lively joy,
Though I admit, he's often a wilful boy,
Study for him is a bore
Homework ever his worst chore.
Football is the game always his eager ploy.

Watch him how fast he runs up...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, birthday, grandchild,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Signed the real McCoy
Bluebells carpeting a shaded wood. 
Reading a well written book.
A live band playing all their hits.
all bring joy, The real McCoy.

Holidays in far off lands.
Making party plans .
Meeting up with the one you love.
These all bring joy, The real McCoy

A...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, life,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member IF I WERE LOONEY

On the bus I pass by a building
We refer to as the looney bin
I can’t help but be looking

I see patients that aren’t locked in
They hang out catching a ray of sun
While smoking with an air of chagrin

They never look...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, crazy, fantasy, joy, life, perspective, surreal, uplifting,
Form: Terza Rima
True Joy of Satisfaction
Real true joy comes from heaven above
my heavenly father is the real joy source
nothing of this old world can really satisfy
telling this to so many makes my voice hoarse

Living on this world Jesus showed real joy
His aim was always putting...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, christian, joy, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Sylvia's Double Life
She bustles
her boys out of bed
grouse, groan, growl
groggy gripes
snarky snipes, as they squabble
their way to breakfast

Packs their lunch
crunch, smack, munch, they eat
hurry boys-
catch the bus
flurry and fuss all the way
outdoors, scuffing floors

She sighs, so
relieved, can't be peeved
not today!
her Tuesday
to spend...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, crazy, fun, humor, humorous, mother, people, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Fantasy Town

The whole town extolls an ebullient atmosphere
with festive music, and folks dancing in the street.
And it makes my heart flutter, that you'd take me here
you never fail to fascinate me, you're so sweet.

The mountains, silhouetted against the moonrise
stand silent, sentinels...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, 12th grade, anxiety, beautiful, feelings, friend, fun,
Form: Quatrain
The Real McCoy
                                       ...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, friendship,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member REAL McCOY - Or IS She
Synthetic hyper realistic - eclectic not eccentric 
Android Humanoid - naturalistic totally orgasmic
Unnatural physicality this futuristic fem-bot fantasy  
Against all normality she is the ultimate sexpot ecstasy   

Soulless secretions a monster metallic
A copy completion approaching organic

Interacting to...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, desire, future, lust, technology,
Form: Light Verse
Theater of Utter Charm Part 6
keeping low walking softly blending in
as a defensive buttress against you name it
shall we get back to categories vs. kaleidoscope
asked the autisticly artistic ship's doctor
his specialty more melancholia than anesthesia
I'll gladly tell you that much
which in every case is not...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member JOURNEY
The journey of a jock, sports really rocked. The jewels, the pools for get about school, his people were saying, you're a fool, he ridiculed.

He was in stride, on a wonderful joyride, while in the background they'd lurk, watching him...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, anxiety, betrayal, confidence, joy, recovery from,
Form: Rhyme
 Phantoming my generation
I get mesmerized each time I try
Most things I see break my heart
And at the same time blow my mind

Education is no more for liberation
But a focal tool of oppression
Wealth and generosity are now enemies
The former married...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, inspirational, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy

Androids Humanoid- Robotic Robots
Feel them- touch them- real life fembots

Soulless secretions a monster metallic
A copy completion approaching organic

Interacting in all moods they are set to please
Sub servant or vampish programmed to tease

Favoured by lust as love turns into...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, desire, future, lust,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Last Laugh the poets pluck wilfred owen
To sing an anthem for doomed youth.
Why did I believe the clergy's untruth
and the politicians who I voted for in a polling booth.
and know i will pay the price in karma's toll booth.

Governments don't worry with arms and the boy....Read More
Categories: real mccoy, war,
Form: Quatrain
Cheese and whine

My missus has a liking for those cheese and onion crisps,
the taste and the aroma she finds tricky to resist.
Yet oddly the real thing she simply will not eat
but me I find the real McCoy is just so hard to...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, food, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Contest
(The Contest)

I once knew a gentle poet boy
Pretending to be the real McCoy
   He lost two in a row
   This is no game show
At the end, I felt used by the playboy

(The cold rain)

I wish I...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, abuse, betrayal, confusion, how i feel, lost,
Form: Limerick
Our President assured us
that "they", will all be cleared
"You're safe here in America
there's nothing to be feared"

Vetting may not help us much
Where, were the Passports made?
Did they buy them on the street?
Or, from someone in the shade?

Takes an Expert with...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, america, identity, immigration, judgement, patriotic, political, usa,
Form: Rhyme
By Curtis Johnson 

God made the mold, locked it up,  and threw away the key.                        ...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, family, grandmother, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
My Dad
My Dad
By Curtis Johnson

In all appearances, his feet were firmly planted in our southern home town
It seemed clear that daddy’s life was fixed and fashioned  on the grounds of Dixie
But I’m also certain, there were times I heard his...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, change, home,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Speak--Easy----- 1920's
I may be all wet, but I sure ain't no bluenose!
And, while it's none of my beeswax,
Let's have a bull session-lesson !
Take a gander around, and tell the guy with the cheaters
I'll give him an ear-full, if he'll just hang...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, funny, people, drug,
Form: Free verse
There comes a time in one’s life
That you have to take stock
Regardless of stress; despite any strife
Love,  pleasure,  passion and joy
Always be sure it’s the real McCoy
You will need to restock
so many things yet to strive
But with God...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, life, moving on,
Form: Free verse
The Real McCoy
He walked outside the mirror of 
And greeted with the purest of 
Confused by this clairvoyant twin, my 
fearful color was intact; 
I awaited his response, and he spoke in familiar 
tongue these following passions. 

He spoke of...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, identity, image, introspection, life, metaphor, truth, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Thats Life
Earth quakes, hands shake
Bone breaks, piss takes
Story's end, new ones start
We click unfreind, we fall apart,
Blood boils, tempers flare,
Light to dark, we cease to care,
They look at me, they see through you, same old **** it's nothing new,
Be unique and...Read More
Categories: real mccoy, emotions, friendship, growing up, self, social, world,
Form: Rhyme