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Premium Member - Sound For Deaf Ears -

My ears are deaf
I hate gossip
The emotions of everyday life
without words
Impressions through music
Create depth and more mindfulness

~ The wind in the willow trees has settled down ~

My ears are deaf
I hate gossip
Listening to the bluebells,
when the whole body screams for...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, people, silence, sound,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member beautiful yellow orchid
rattlesnake plantain
pretty sunny flower spikes
beautiful orchid

...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, flower,
Form: Haiku
I cope with commercials 
that sit on my head, 
that wallop my westerns, 
and leave them for dead. 
They shoot me and loot me 
till I go to bed. 

I scream at a stop light 
that steps on my brake,...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, anger, anxiety, how i feel, stress,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member When Hell Freezes Over

“When Hell Freezes Over”

He said, “One last kiss for my soul?”
as he lay supine life spilling onto his Last Sunset Road.

The sun had set long long ago.
She lent down, whispered in his ear
Cherry Ripe Red Lips 
her warm breath 
close...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, dark, imagery, muse, mystery, psychological, sensual, word
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Miracle after Miracle after Miracle
Early one morn the sun did sink
   in the west as the moon arose
And Farmer Jones inspected his rose
   of purple corn, which began to dance
Shedding sheaves, donning pants...

While in the barn, the cow was neighing
...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, miracle, nature, universe,
Form: Rhyme

Permanently on Santa's Naughty List
Something happened and my son is pissed.
He found out that he's on Santa's naughty list.
But he's not only on that list this year, he's on it permanently.
When I tell you why he's been banned, it will be clear to see.
My...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, christmas, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Arizona Desert Magic
Mother nature’s gentle way of breathing her loving essence into the landscape is a sweet surprise.
Periwinkle slivers across a smoky lavender sky with occasional orange exudes joy of a day well-lived.
A glimpse of heaven, this Arizona desert, as the night...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, america, environment,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Snake And The Poet
There once was an old poet who gardened
Until she found something bad there hardened
A rattlesnake with raised fangs 
Eye to eye combat with gangs
Snake go to the woods for you are pardoned ...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, animal,
Form: Limerick
Elegantly dressed, her raven black hair 
in a tight bun above her proud head,
like a coiled up rattlesnake,
She walks like a fashion model
strutting down the runway.

~She Walks contest by Julia Ward
...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, beautiful, woman,
Form: Free verse
cow patty
She was faster than a rattlesnake
She could split a log in two
She was better than any hand
I think I ever knew

She was famous all throughout the west
But, it really was a shame
She wasn't known for what she did
She was famous...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, america, fun, silly, song,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Firefly

 Resolution Blue Redwood Ribbons  
Campfire flames rise
Bluegrass ripples
Rattlesnake sighs
Holy Rapture 
the Union is close
Riding bareback 
passion waves high
with her sweet-lipped 
Grey Confederate Ghost
Tangled Love Knots tied tight 
they burn together 
beneath a
Big Buffalo Running 
Cotton Candy Cloud Strung...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, love, romance, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A LEADING MAN
the lonely plight  
of a dissident man 

a single lucent light fueled in the night
so flows pontification and foresight

the crowd it incites
a mass devoted to their leaders spite

the light of one 
the spark of another

forming the glow 
of a...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, america, anger, conflict, humanity, society, symbolism, violence,
Form: Free verse

Little Johnny came home from school with a bellyache    
Naturally Mom feared the most recent local outbreak
Johnnie thankfully had no fever, she suspected it might be a fake
But strange and most bizarre Johnnie had no appetite for...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, crush, growing up, heartbreak, mother son, youth,
Form: Monorhyme
Snake 101
Since the Garden of Eden and Cleopatra,
snakes strike great fear in man
I have it—ophidiophobia---
legless lizards equal repulsion
Slithering, sliding as they move
something about friction and scales
like goose bumps on human flesh
more than I want to know
Little known fact learned
three...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, animal, fear,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Daft - Cat
The stupidest cat lives on our block
Bit an electric line and was given a shock
Tried to chase a rabid raccoon 
Is this cat a true loon

Even ran after a rattlesnake 
Had to save the cat by killing it with a...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, animal, cat, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
No More Than Love

So easily
silken in droplets of anticipation
on lips quivered
in union relentless
longing desperate
for voice of thoughts and eager consummation

Spend the hours alone
until night wearies of never ending smiles
as with intrigue
exchanged those words
metaphors of souls
abandoned to those passions

All consume our hearts
fascination so exquisite
the...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, lost love, love, mirror,
Form: Free verse
The owls hoot nearby;

The screech-owl calls;

The wolves howl in the distance;

The beetles tap and tap in an endless charade

The cicada seems like it won’t give up clinging to the trees; its eyes looks lovely

The bush dog barks incessantly;

The squirrels stare...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, miss you,
Form: Blank verse
The owls hoot nearby;

The screech-owl calls;

The wolves howl in the distance;

The beetles tap and tap in an endless charade

The cicada seems like it won’t give up clinging to the trees; its eyes looks lovely

The bush dog barks incessantly;

The squirrels stare...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, imagination, lost,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member A Brush with Death
Ever since I first heard 
that phrase
I can't run a brush or comb 
through my hair
without imagining the teeth 
are viper's fangs
poised to kill me 
in a simple act of grooming.
Nothing could be more frightening
than discovering a rattlesnake noose
coiled in...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, anxiety, humor,
Form: Light Verse

In the beginning, you are uttering sugary words
Words that surprisingly became schmaltz for me
And I used to believe them
Cos I was lame back then

Your slippery mouth that distorted candor like cherry stems
Just like fangs of a rattlesnake...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, beauty, books, christian, friend, love, people, success,
Form: Free verse
Wondrous, thunderous Agawa Bay,
Sacred for generations on the north of the lake.
"Keep your hands in the boat Noodwin (Little Wind)."
Say I.
"Why Indede (My Father)?" (from Noodwin).
 "Mishibijiw(Underwater Panther) will take you down,
to the caves beneath the waves."
Say I.
"Does Mishibijiw have...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, myth,
Form: Free verse
I Passed Away Last Weekend
Well, here I am.
I never expected it to happen this soon,
but I passed away last weekend.

Stupid horse,
I told them I didn't like horses,
too much power for an animal that gets spooked so easily.
But I blame it on the rattlesnake,
I hate...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, death, funeral, horse, humor, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Too Soon Friends
Bunny went a hoppin' down to the creek, yessir
Bunny went a hoppin' down to the creek,uh-huh
Bunny went a hoppin' down to the creek
Drank some water while a gator did peek, uh-huh

Well, the gator was lookin' through the reed, uh-huh
Yeah, the...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, imagination,
Form: Lyric
slithering toward sunlight –
...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, death, life, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Life or Death
 I killed a rattlesnake Toby was barking at . 


true story 

I was 35 on a camping trip with friends. Toby belonged to my friend Lavonia. After the incident was over she said,  ”I thought you were afraid...Read More
Categories: rattlesnake, death, dog, life,
Form: Monoku