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Rank And File Poems

Rank And File Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rank and file poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rank and file.

New Poems

Life On The Street
A monochrome of boho days
segue one another surreptitiously.
Endless pantomimes of idle chatter flutter by.
Cantilever bridge, a one stop halting site for gossip and suspense.
Small talk, bespoke winged creature, Combe of pleuron.
Turin shroud spotter in the mise en scene melting pot.
The...Read More
Categories: rank and file, birth, business, care, caregiving, imagination, integrity, words,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member Standing at Attention
Standing at Attention

The military graveyard is a sea of crosses
for veterans of every rank and file.
In a neat formation of a country’s losses
they are rowed in true enlisted style,
white crosses for mile after mile.


Writing Prompt- English Quintain Imagery - Poetry...Read More
Categories: rank and file, grave, military,
Form: Quintain (English)
The Left Has Gone Insane - VI
Can’t forget the mainstream media types,
all partisans and proud of it,
the right-wingers see right through their charade,
and rate their word lower than spit.
But the left’s legions of rank and file
still think that what they speak is real,
when they proclaims folks...Read More
Categories: rank and file, crazy, how i feel, mental illness, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Can't Believe the Hatred
I Can't Believe the Hatred
By Franklin Price

I can't believe the hatred  that runs rampant through this land
The supply of it astounding, far exceeding all demand
All because of politics, it's so hard to understand
It's not even natural, it's mass produced...Read More
Categories: rank and file, america, anger, betrayal, evil, political, pollution,
Form: Couplet
Rank and file perfection.
Uniform: green and brown
Bolt upright, their own space.
Parade ground precision.
Standing to attention.
Obey rules. Freewill gone.

Front line facing attack.
Sharp steel slicing through flesh
tearing tender heartwood.
White blood is dripping out.
One by one they all fall.
A conifers cut and cleared....Read More
Categories: rank and file, nature, pain, tree, violence,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: LIII - Tongue Teasers

Whether the glass is « half full » or « half empty », what counts is WHO « drank" the "other half », the « better half » ? Lucky Devil !

« By hook or...Read More
Categories: rank and file, animal, girl, humor, irony, word play,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member A Poet Was Born Today

Coming into My Own As a Poet

It hit me today, with a poem of great 
beauty I wrote.
Assiduously avoided, naturally. 
(As I had expected.)
And that's as fine,  as fine can be!

It literally hit me over my head!
My plans are to...Read More
Categories: rank and file, deep, inspiration, inspirational, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Government Reopened
The Government Reopened
By Franklin Price

The government reopened
After idiots made it close
Where is cooperation
All of them just thumbed their nose

Didn't care about the rank and file
House and Senate were still paid
They went home to have a party
After the shut down bed...Read More
Categories: rank and file, america, political,
Form: Rhyme
Ominous Foreboding Augurs
Ominous Foreboding Augurs...

Innocuously incubated kindled
imperceptible dire strait
restlessness like tinder
with pinterest Deutsche agitate
barreling like a freight
train running so much
faster than an eight
track uber twittering,

rumbling, quickening and inculcate
dissension among dissolute
rabble rousers, who
do obediently initiate
rank and file will not abate,
boot re:reed out (bus)...Read More
Categories: rank and file, conflict, crazy, environment, fate, humorous, international, leadership,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member CHEESE THE DAY
Of all the sights I daily sees
There’s none so wonderous as cheese!
In a block, wheel, sliced or shaken,
Correct me if I’m mistaken,
At the slightest whiff of cheddar
Concentration takes a header!
And throughout all the rank and file
“Say cheese!” is known to...Read More
Categories: rank and file, food, funny, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Personal Pukey Politics
Personal Pukey Politics
By Franklin Price

Personal pukey politics
Which I have seen today
Is detrimental to the ones
Who don't care what they say

Risking years of friendship
To defend the party line
Makes me sick to think of it
Whether the party's yours or mine

The dirty nasty...Read More
Categories: rank and file, america, friendship, people, political,
Form: Rhyme
Salute them too
Salute them too.

As that old clock struck six, on that cold Winter's morn.
An unjust bullet ripped through his tunic bloodied, tattered and torn.
They said he should die, as he didn't have the heart.
But he wasn't born to kill, out of...Read More
Categories: rank and file, abuse, dark, death of a friend, depression,
Form: Ballad
The tongue In Cheek Balm
The (tongue In Cheek) Balm...
Of "permanent" Sleep

Abbott, nothing beats the
     immortal heavenly reincarnation
     after mortality odometer
     unexpectedly set to zeros
preparing deceased
     body, mind and...Read More
Categories: rank and file, absence, allah, angel, celebration, goodbye, motivation, peace,
Form: Free verse
Ten times ten they march to battle each with brethren by there side
rifles raised, and sabres rattle as ten good men were felled and died.
Nine times ten push on for glory through hell of fire with hand on gun
each longs...Read More
Categories: rank and file, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Monday
Rising on this Monday morning
Making breakfast like Monday wife
Burning eggs in Owens Corning
Starting early my Monday strife

Mirror glance, I have Monday hair
Sunday wet-head is Monday death
Feeling like I have Monday care
Emitting stench, my Monday breath

Gulping down strong hot Monday joe
Steaming...Read More
Categories: rank and file, dream, funny, humor, humorous, morning,
Form: Rhyme
Counting Seconds-The Rewrite

i sit lonely. 

the crowded restaurant is thick with sound 

i pick away at it 

moving back into the stagnant silence 
of my own comfort

the air is nasty here 
it telepathically abuses my thought patterns

a far cry better 
the...Read More
Categories: rank and file, mental illness,
Form: Prose
Counting The Seconds

i sit lonely. the crowded restaurant is thick with sound. i pick away at it moving back into the stagnant silence of my own comfort. the air is nasty here telepathically abusing my thought patterns. still a far cry better...Read More
Categories: rank and file, introspection,
Form: Prose
Time, The Almighty Landlord
Time: the biggest landlord
At whose feet kings and queens bow
Cockiness and stubborn they can ill afford
When time wipes vanity and sagacity from their brow

In consonance with the mandate
Bestowed on time from on high
As no other candidate
Dares to ply

The trade in...Read More
Categories: rank and file, poems,
Form: Free verse
Upon Contemplating What To Write
Who decides what historical events adorn
textbooks students read,
     hence a starry notion born
grew up while

     this lumpenproletariat day dreaming,
     Asian aw shucks husky
     husbandry...Read More
Categories: rank and file, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Das Furer Trumpeting Totalitarian Triumph
Call me a pacifist activist deploring insanity of war,
never a Fitbit moon-unit soldier of military industrial
complex, this articulate baby boomer verily stupefied,
openmouthed, dumbfounded at inane ill logic to send
best and brightest, or even those boasting commend

able faculties of body, mind,...Read More
Categories: rank and file, 11th grade, 12th grade, america, fear, how
Form: Dramatic Verse
Father's Friday Feeling
Rank and file dads reel from responsibility.
This father’s Friday feeling - free for family!

Weekends, I’m the authority, I’m the grownup.
Adulthood ain’t easy with parent/child hiccups.

Weekend’s coming up, family time to unknot;
Time to play catch up, but I got more than...Read More
Categories: rank and file, child, family, father, growing up,
Form: Couplet
The pleasure of sleep
upon waking from a splendid plunge 
   into the depths of deep dreamy restful sleep
anchors away set adrift this body electric, 
   which succombed instantaneously 
   (without counting sheep)
nor joining the make belive rank...Read More
Categories: rank and file, good night, introspection, journey, joy, paradise, peace,
Form: Free verse
a trite Nihilistic Occasion - part one
This doodling Yankee (boot noah dandy) 
doth newt lack chutzpah, 
tries to finagle Fitbit fitting figurative footwear, 
that ideally Fitzhugh 
like custom made glove snugly, 
terrifically, unequivocally matching, 
thence handily solving Finger hut issue, 
when or if arctic blasts cold...Read More
Categories: rank and file, deep, earth, fantasy, goodbye, holocaust, humanity,
Form: I do not know?
I salute you brother of mine
One whose venomous bile
Sends shivers down the spine
Of spineless rank and file
I have never known you
But like William’s “18”, your
Legend lives on afresh and new
Telling tales of valour and rancour
Singlehandedly, you transformed Be-neen
Into a Bend-Hell;...Read More
Categories: rank and file, art,
Form: Ballad
A quest for solace took me to a well-kept garden 
Where the only trouble is the breeze that blows 
Touching the hearts of the trees 
Then the rustling sounds of the leaves
The dancing inch grasses 
And the unrivaled scenery of...Read More
Categories: rank and file, emotions,
Form: Epitaph