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Child Abuse Prose Poetry Poems

These Child Abuse Prose Poetry poems are examples of poetry about Child Abuse Prose Poetry. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Child Abuse poems written by international poets.

Domestic Abuser
You represent the streets like only you do
But, hate the fact that you're and abuser too
You abused your children and tried to take their mother's...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, hurt,

Premium Member Soul of Julia

By the golden bough I watch, Julia,
through the winds of darkness.
You touch the golden leaves with your strange smile.
Where do your thoughts drift...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, child abuse,

Premium Member Child Abuse:Psychological Incest

Didn't I clap when you wanted me to
and smile
when I felt like crying,
and eat more through it all
for love's sake?

Didn't I cry...

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Categories: dad, death, endurance, evil,

Passionately Falling Into The Abyss
Zenith from a telescope 
Chose this device at times to view the slightest hope
Fractured elements of my past seem to have their grip
For a brief...

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Categories: bereavement, child abuse, confidence,

Fate who knows
She was born into a world of discontent, a world of violence, 

parents under the control of drugs and alcohol, there’s no family 

support only...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, child abuse, death,


Who do we blame?
Surely, we are guilt-free
Our hands are clean,
So in a conversation we strive to expound a reason
A reason for the atrocities in the...

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© Rohit Roy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, anger, angst, child,

Premium Member The Sand Box
Skeletons in the children's sand box speak,
trapped in the thoughts of growing minds,
screaming out their own painful realities,
grieving for the lost who never understood
what truth...

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Categories: betrayal, child abuse, childhood,

destitute kid
Mom, why did you bear me?
And dad, why did you seed?
Is this all to display,
Your violent relationship,
Quarrel together for silly things;
Why you pulverize own frutex,

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Categories: boyfriend, child, child abuse,

 Often I mark little, untidy children in groups scrounging for something in the garbage piled up on the other side of road,
A cluster of...

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Categories: child abuse, childhood, children,

sink bucket
A sink bucket
Today I forgot to buy milk, black coffee in the morning it is so 
easy to remember the past it shines like jewels...

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Categories: child, child abuse, childhood,

Future world we create for kids
Surging war country to country for dominance. Killing people for own contentment only gives learning lessons to kids and their kids. Will say this is...

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Categories: child, child abuse, community,

The dawn breaks with the prayer call
In the woods nearby
walking on the Earth's breast is the farmer
whose sweat would now kiss the harvest, the crops;...

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Categories: beautiful, betrayal, care, child

Premium Member The Old Container
And how the wind howled around
  the old container,
    wheezed through the cracks,
      laughed devilishly, 

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Categories: abuse, boy, child, child

Premium Member YOU ARE NOT
Yes you, if you were still here I'd yell at you
I'd go to you
I'd look at you and show you I am still here

I am...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, childhood,

Premium Member I can't stand labels
Victor or victim
Survivor or miserable wraith
All those labels, I have to prove something.
Feeling horrible is a sin, 
Having survived hell is something to be proud...

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, child abuse,

Life across two sides
I saw her down the street

Her brown eyes arresting me

I stood startled; She hid behind

Her pig-tail was a giveaway

Her handprint on the wall;

a consolation of...

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Categories: child abuse, discrimination, innocence,

Premium Member Birds Of A Feather

We The poets, and songsters, 
with pure hearts; Revolutionaries,
whom have lived and died for truth 
will sit among us there.

Birds of a...

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Categories: child abuse, deep, heaven,

Tiny Dreams
It was 6.15, in the morning, 
I was in a deep sleep, 
The rising sun pierced the thatched roof and made my skin burn,
I wrapped...

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Categories: child abuse,

My Child within

My child within lives alone,
struggling daily with life
taking emotional journeys
destination unknown.
Eyes that don't look too long
the need to search no longer exists.
This moment, this instance

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, childhood,

Metallic Skin
“Metallic skin"
I dont lotion anymore
Such acts would soften an  amour now immune to abuse.

Its now 8'o clock and I can tell that mommy is...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, child abuse,