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Humorous Political Verse Poems

These Humorous Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Political Verse Humorous poems written by international poets.

Tory Envy
I wish I was a Tory,
It would be another story,
So much simpler not to care
Or have to be aware
Of how other folks must strive
To make...

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Categories: humorous, irony, political,

Most imp potent and salient playbook page
Most imp potent and salient playbook page...
'bout fluffiness of hair after washing

Now get ready for...
yup intelligent persiflage
determining if potty "talk" gauge
correctly calibrated courtesy this sage.


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Mowed Down Field Day With Redacted Mueller Report
Attorney General William
Barr black marker in hand
kept promise to censor vital
details of Mueller Report
swift as Usain Bolt candidly,
grandly, lustrously, roundly

youthfully blocked out more
rapid than an...

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Categories: anger, animal, freedom, humorous,

Premium Member Google Google Google
Google, where were you all those years I wasted going to doctors?
Google, where were you when I had those enormous World Books on my lap?

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

No shucking Small Talk
Contains More Than Kernel Of Truthful 

alienation, expulsion, ostracization 
     from body politick 
     if member of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member End of an Era
This Halocene Epic
of EcoZoic Earth
began with FirstMourning Adam

This Halocene broke out
when Eve yinned
and Adam yanged 
verbality's first day
beyond non-verbals
with and for and sometimes against
each other.


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Categories: destiny, earth, health, humanity,

Premium Member Therapeutic Designs
Permaculture Designers
give first priority
to facilitating
and mentoring
long-term cooperative returns
for ZeroZone therapeutic investments
and traumatic divestments.

Our maps may include many zones
and these may have subclimates 
currently a mix...

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Categories: deep, education, health, light,

Premium Member Heroes and Villains
Everyone's great cause
projects them as our future's therapeutic hero.
So all against our health-intending causes
reject us as potential victimizers,

The trick is to see antagonists,
sources of trauma,

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Categories: caregiving, health, humor, integrity,

Nelson's on his Column
There will always be an England:
roast beef and Yorkshire pud
assure the most fainthearted
that all is for the good.

Is anyone still doubtful?
This thought our hopes restore:

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Categories: food, humorous,

Trumpiad III - Foreign affairs
IV Foreign affairs

« Putin, I’m rootin to stop the shootin. »
« So am I ; about time you started too. »
« Started too! Me, I’m faster than you. »
« Not start too, you...

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Categories: humorous, political, satire,

Trumpiad II - Rant
III Rant

I’m not ranting and raving
not me that’s badly behaving
so dishonest, media people
can’t tell a Trump Tower from a steeple
you just can’t get it right...

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Categories: humorous, political, satire,

Trumpiad I - work in progress
« Fools are my theme and satire is my song. »

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Categories: humorous, political, satire,

Premium Member Art Therapy
My daughter,
with Oppositionally Defiant Chaotic Disorder,
has taught me a role-play therapy,
in which we Both-And build a back-and-forth story,
she plays me,
more or less,
and I play her

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Categories: culture, earth, family, health,

Premium Member Why BlackWaters Cause BrownFields
If I have this right,
and I almost certainly don't have this Left-Deductively right,
our Environmental Health and Safety Protection Agency
and our Public Health and Safety Education...

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Categories: confusion, culture, health, humor,



À Bigly Ugly Orangely Bugly, 
Got voted inly onlee only! 
By Elephantly rudely taunt he, 
Made our nation sad and wantly! 

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humorous, nonsense, political, satire,

(November 2016)

Twas Hillig, but the Limey Gove
Did whine and witter in the Brext.
All Szyddly was the Orban cove
And Grabberwock out-Mexed.

“Beware the Grabberwock, my dear,
The salesman’s...

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Categories: humorous, parody, political,

Least Popular
Hey, Mr. Least Popular!
Self-proclaimed man of the people you are
Rode on a grassroots movement to the White House,
but who was the man who drove the...

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Categories: humorous, parody, perspective, political,

Bantu's Obituary
Years have come and gone
Since Big Bantu lay bedridden
After being brutally beaten like the bembe drum
It seems his world is done.

Bantu the man
Now lay helpless

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Categories: humorous, life, patriotic, philosophy,

Dumb and Dumber
Spells dumb and dumber to me
Which is which, that call ain't easy

is definitely dumb
Yeah, dumber than most anybody
is dumb too
Dumber than...

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Categories: humor, humorous, political, satire,