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Wisdom's Healthy Passion
"We have an enemy within called the ego who prevents us from using our mind intelligently. It hides deep within our heart and emerges with regularity to challenge and consume our will." Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.) We have a challenger wrestling within called our Ego emerging with regularity to confront and distort our deeper will for more happy and healthy eco-normal, eco-normic economic ecological bi-hemispheric resilience. Not one of us believes in optimizing incarnate power within ourselves, without any Other to laugh and cry and talk therapy together, A State or Nation, Empire, Earth our Solar SystemicFueled Universe, feel incompatible with a total vacuum of any power among, without capacity for co-empowering exchange, transactions barter, borrowing, begging, negotiating, laughing with and not against. I find no faith in omnipotent power of love's one-way intent, without evidence of co-evolving revolving peace-growing practice, good humored more than bad and sad maligned, No omnipotent power of love without all EarthTribe's ecotherapeutic joyous practice. While Earth evolves an orbiting planet composed of diverse tribal species, polyculturing forms, healthy and eco-logical social functions, rich octaved frequencies, Earth is also one holistic cooperative self-regenerating economy; which rises and falls with surfing humor surfacing analogical tipping point balance, sad yet glad of ego-centric Yang's smirking with eco-flexic Yin's prime double-binary quirking regenerative double-negative binomial not not metric nomial and/or symmetric polynomial with logical equivalence. Economics evolved from agrarian and survival instinct origins when our original transactional intent was to sustain cooperative breath and bicamerally balancing heartbeats reciprocal synchronous polyphonic memory of self as interdependently identified from and with healthy and happy-balanced Other, to culturally understand patient Self as parasitic indwelling humor within a sometimes benignly balanced, normative four-seasoned, cooperative DNA-encrypting light/dark predative habitual Host, Co-arousingly displayed by good and bad humored ego/ecosystems of nutrition transactional residency, healthy body, happy home, hilarious family, hot tribe, humorous species, Exchanging bartering fore-giving redeeming values healing economic faltering extensions of eco-political cooperative systemic warm-humoring development. Stimulus-Response as What comes comedy/tragedy around, goes around, as GoldenRules and irritating IrrationalRatios non-zero sum where half-root of two is always one, as nomials predict binomial distinctions, as half of 1 Ego is (0)Soul eco-centric, fully empowered when not humorless zeroed out. What are we health becoming, that commerce and markets and sustainable new economics pause with unholy terror and awed stagnant, flat-line silence, horrific wonder about our erratic change of climate's rhythms and patterns without harmonics? Belonging good humored with joy as this TransMillennial Regeneration's internal healthy happy climate predicts scorchingly manic tragic competition laughing against our own understory in hypothermic silos of homicidal and suicidal depression, a too-polypathic absorption into sadly dying EarthTribe identification. What would we be if we could justly restore multicultural economics of ecotherapy applied within our without synergetic well-humored landscape, and within our without ego-empty (0)-sum not not eco-centric love? Warnings against health interference predict teachings for good-humored interdependence. There are those who would conquer everything and everyone. Their Wins are our Losses And make of us what they conceive in unwise dishumored desire. One cannot ultimately win a win/lose tragic competition game unless there are at least two comedic survivors willing to finish-off ZeroSum mean humored play at war. This Solar-Interdependent System is Earth's own ego-humored normal eco-logical Vessel S/he cannot be made whole by human nature's ignorant humorless interference, stumbling about like trumpeting elephants uprooting tender grass. Those who commodify eco-happy value spoil it. Those who hoard this nutritious well-being wealth lose it. For: Some yangs go happy forward, as some yins follow therapeutically humored behind, like surf surging in, then teasing back out, Some breathe out too hot, so some breathe in to cool off; Some are too badly strong, so some are goodness wilting; Some species have madly broken, so all species may sadly fall. Hence Wisdom eschews human nature's anthro-centric hubris, averse evolving toward extravagant power overing Earth, each transparently laughing Other avoids egocentric pride, dissonant with ecocentric eco-normic comprehensive comprehension of Nature's prime systemic wu wei humored consciousness Of principal tipping point healthy balance toward optimized sustainable comedy/tragedy of all life wherever it can be multiculturally planted, languaged, spoken, sung, healthed, laughed.
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