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Autumn Political Verse Poems

These Autumn Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Political Verse Autumn poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Liberating Perfect Pride
In a perfect world
maybe everyone would have opposite and same sexual attractions,
ambiguously passionate attachments
of compassion's resilient arousal.

On a perfectly sanctified Earth,
maybe every species would incarnate...

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Categories: earth, health, integrity, paradise,

Premium Member Relationships Difficult to Imagine
It's difficult to imagine
a liberal hearing "capitalism"
where a conservative fears too progressively individualistic
ego-investments in "liberalism,"

It may be difficult to imagine
too liberal with win/lose secular commodification

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Categories: future, games, health, imagination,

Southwold I love you
Southwold (Suffolk).
 Dear Southwold

 How I love to visit you,
 To stand barefoot,
 On your bright yellow sandy beaches,
 To stand and admire your...

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Categories: dream, earth, how i

Premium Member Life On Top
I long to be the top new-green leaf
on the tallest swaying spring breeze tree
in my florid fragrant late-spring neighborhood.

Not to lord myself
as superior to all...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, celebrity, earth,

Premium Member Understanding YHWH
Do I politically understand you
to predict you enjoy your unpersonified ego
as partly successful predator-light
racing against mortality shared by all living species
because we are not yet...

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Categories: destiny, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member Dr Ford and Judge Hyde
Why do we feel increasingly difficult conflicts
create strong-rooted energy?

And depressingly BusinessAsUsual
distracted by runaway toxic chaos?

on my way to a deep rooted tree and shrub...

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Categories: bullying, conflict, destiny, earth,

Premium Member Peace Core Extensions
What are possibilities for EgoHealthy Peace Corps
if death is natural degenerative outgo
but also spiritual regenerate transition--
as Win/Lose risk
is to Win/Win opportunity?

What if Natural
is outside inside...

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Categories: creation, health, integrity, love,

Premium Member Becoming Righter
I could be wrong,
we might become righter
with left bipolarity
now left with right tighter
co-arising dipolar.

A distinction more tangible
as bipolar left science didacticals
against Right sacred muse
teasing twittering...

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Categories: health, humor, integrity, math,

Premium Member Integrity and Mendacity
Integrity of Love
summarizes late summer harvests,
Sacred PositivEnergy vocations
more ego inside during colder hibernated nights
committing to outdoor GreenPeace
through eco-restorative justice
helping EarthTribe learn
when and what
outdoor polyphonic
and indoor...

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Categories: caregiving, color, culture, environment,

Premium Member Dark Fog
Dark fog thoughts
remark against
labor nonparties
early May dazed

Of retiring Birthdays
and annual plays revolving
on Earth
as in Heaven
toward WiseElder North
cold reconceptions
yet bright.

Of 4D SpaceTime
crisp secular melting DisIntegrity
with sacred...

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Categories: analogy, education, health, humor,

Premium Member Impressive Passions
Positive Yin knows 
bilateral awed impression
as Positive Yang grows
healthy-wealth wondrous compassion,

As Negative Yin flows risks
to pride's depression
as Negative Yang down-blows 
humility's oppression,

Winter in as Summer...

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Categories: caregiving, environment, health, integrity,

Premium Member Songs of Suppression
Celebratory stories of devotion to depression
are told not only in absence of light,
but also in excess of dark,

And yet we share an even less spoken...

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Categories: culture, depression, fear, health,

A Nation Silent In It's Shade
Yon under rural trees and countryside,
That sleep in pretence if they think there free.
Before there was t.v.
And each that comes and goes, some
Set us back.

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Categories: art, poetry,

Premium Member Where Winning is Cooperative Play
Compile a list of all your losses,
worst moments,
fears and hatreds,
your defensive fears
and most angry
paranoid dualdark bilateral margins,
boundary issues
and double-binding love-hate dipolarities
of gooey too-yin stuckness

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Categories: earth, games, growth, happiness,

I cannot focus on the focal point to equivocal, the pain in my memory, to memorial site. The night smells gunpowder in the middle galaxy...

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Categories: hip hop, poverty, prejudice,

Premium Member Nutritious as a Tree
I know I will never see
or hear or taste or smell or feel
anything more nutritious than a WinWin Gaming Tree,
unfolding across all four seasons 

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Categories: body, culture, earth, health,

Premium Member God as Archivist
It is at least interesting to turn life's political economy backward
through reverse-time focus.

Life's memories of an uphill journey,
perhaps even a sacred pilgrimage,
toward an ultimate death...

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Categories: culture, earth, health, history,

Premium Member Autumn's Falling Contentment
New England's post election trees
shed a few teary waving leaves.
Morning sky tries to shine resilience
yet lingers in ominous grey overcast
of silent waiting through despair.

In Michigan...

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Categories: autumn, depression, earth, health,

Premium Member Sabbath Morning Harvest
Who am I today?
as I rise out to play
at being again
this ego I  entertained yesterday
with passion plays
creation stories
epic one-day opera
folding into Northern Autumn yet...

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Categories: culture, earth, god, health,