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Pertinent Poems

Pertinent Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of pertinent poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for pertinent.

New Poems

Premium Member Footle Fest 1
Below are 14 footles, separate and distinct, with their own titles in bold font.  A footle fest!

Been her

Paving the Way
Get tar

Muliebral Outlook

Sin's source
Seine's source

Borgana Interior
Dry fur

RN A Cappella
Nurse sing

Comic Vowel
Fun "E"

Blarney Stone
I wish

Out of Time
Stopped watch

Head to Toe
Dress you
Dress...Read More
Categories: pertinent, fun, poetry, word play,
Form: Footle

Premium Member healthy life style
OJ  for breakfast and coffee for reading
eggs Benedict  for my flavored  feeding
bacon on the side  for that serious needing
its pertinent fat and not misleading.

fur lunch I will have a grilled cheese  roll
coffee ice cream with...Read More
Categories: pertinent, health,
Form: Rhyme
Schwenksville Pennsylvania
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
Earthdate/starttime: 11/04/19 01:10:26 AM
Earthdate/endtime: 11/04/19 02:55:46 AM

Poetic snapshot regarding immediate
actual, physical, spatial... environment
pertinent, relevant, salient... yours truly
commenced within fleeting electronic

date/time stamp indicated above bereft
attempts to describe character sketch,
whereat I sit within Apartment B44:
taking immediate lock, stock & barrel

ordinary repeated...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, father,
Form: Free verse
**** Would like to preface my return, and many apologies to fellow poets who may have missed my absence. Though I did not have much luck in love this past year, this poem was written years ago; I think it...Read More
Categories: pertinent, lost love, memory, romantic, spiritual,
Form: Romanticism
Mugabe's Reboot
"Return of another Goliath, is it?"
Of Course the man was fearless
But time always decides when
Every great man shalt cease to inhale,
Run away from us and
Turn into an angel

Much cherished was the way that he
Undeniably handled affairs to do with peace...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 11th grade, art, beautiful, betrayal, birthday, blue,
Form: ABC

Premium Member Honesty
By: Miracle Man

When things go awry,
It’s man’s nature to place blame.
Accusations and innuendos,
Become the name of the game.

While ignoring the shortcomings,
In our own persona.
We explore our list of prospects,
Seeking out our next Jonah.

But when good things happen,
Pertinent facts we’ll edit.
Doing...Read More
Categories: pertinent, integrity,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Natures inspiration
A walk upon a path to the forest that spreads out beyond
This is adjacent to a pond that has many venues
Seeing spectacles of sun flickering amongst the hemlock trees
That aligns this path which leads to bountiful channels of awe.

Morning dew...Read More
Categories: pertinent, introspection, nature,
Form: Free verse
It was a Saturday, October that the world was standing still, 
raining like you won’t believe and all this idle time to kill.
It’s in between the seasons now the ‘granny’ has been won,
and the cricket’s still two weeks away -...Read More
Categories: pertinent, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member the bookcase
A room without a view, unkempt for many a long year
Dusty aging book slanting within a bookcase
Closet doors creaked, the wide boarded floors moaned as I walk
Adjacent to the bookcase is a stone fire place with iron kettles aside.

Am mystified...Read More
Categories: pertinent, education,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member He and She
He and She

was born of a select elite
of servants, maids and special cooks
and he would read his pertinent books
so he could enter Harvard soon
to excel and reach the moon


wished to marry into wealth
her supple body filled with health
she...Read More
Categories: pertinent, irony,
Form: Free verse
Small Medium At Large Units
Small, Medium At Large Units...

Define paradigm since time 
immemorial does find
me defied, electrified, and generated
fascination within my mind,
despite spacious essence invisible to blind
people, or even those blessed to find
pointed laser insight more pertinent

when a visible beam shined
into infinite void of...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 12th grade, fate, father, heaven, imagination, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Nearly all things
pertinent to life
are dispensed
in measured
finite quantities
even relationships
and our life itself
in precious drops
of time

So, thrift in
nearly all things
is merely a logical use
of these resources
in appreciation
of their value
their basic
to our

But even frugality
can go too far-
when it becomes
a competition
us against them
a...Read More
Categories: pertinent, humanity, life, people, perspective, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Velociraptor Victims
Here are the French Connection facts,
Monsieurs and Madames
No need for reverse English translation,
Ladies and Gentlemen

Step carefully ... 
You’re now at the yellow tape border of 
a Jurassic Park murder scene investigation
Here’s robo Rico “Bio-Class II” Suave,
your mechanized splatter sherpa:
A top-of-the-assembly...Read More
Categories: pertinent, allegory, imagery, urban, violence,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A POSTLUDE
gentle one
what is it?:
is it
in embryo-
a subtext
...Read More
Categories: pertinent, friendship love,
Form: Verse
Pesky Poppycock Payback Please Prepare
Prevarication permits pretend perception, presenting
piquantly piqued, pimply pimping playboy, plucky
pulchritudinous previously pusillanimous, prevalently
puckish, psychic packman, pokemon playing proletarian

puppeteer pygmy, peevishly punky, plummy, plumy,
pompously pushy, pampered, prefabricated pinchbeck,
pokily plying plowshear, plodding peregrination, pied
piper pitifully peppy pornographic potato pealing,

parsimonious paradoxical protagonist, proposing
preposterous...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Polarized Planets

Contrived is how it is
incessantly demanding
jaw snap and tantrum
its alarming attention
offers but greedy promises
fulfilled by drooling idiots

The bubble bursting
in miming smashed flowers and peoples heads
extension cables attached
to connect their errant souls

In high rise windows
hides the ecstasy of open skies

Each component...Read More
Categories: pertinent, planet,
Form: Free verse
Panglossian Perspective Pivoting Poze Pretentiously
Pacific, pacifist pampered papa
parading par excellent paragon
parent (parenthetically parochial
particularly partisan) parvenu
passive, passionately paternalistically patient,

paunchy, peaceably pepped, perfectionist,
perceptive, perennially perky, permissively
persevering, persistently personable, perspicuous,
pertinent, phenomenally philanthropic, philharmonic

picturesquely pious, pioneering, piquantly pithy,
playfully pleasant, pleasurably plucky, plummy,
poetically poignant, politely pontificating, popular,
positively potent, powerfully...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, fun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Refugees For Growing Wisdom
I'm listening to my least favorite inside voice
still reminding me in inconsistent Yang denial
of his own internal Yin belonging
to non-violently long for resolutions
toward a more PositivEnergy CoOperation.

This time
"I don't believe in No Gun Zones."

It does echo his bad bully boy
not...Read More
Categories: pertinent, america, caregiving, faith, health, humor, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
The Day Billy Graham Came for Dinner
It was 1991 and Mission Scotland had finally arrived,
My dad's big dream of being choirmaster had come true,
At Murryfield his 1000 voice choir blasted Just As I Am,
In Celtic Park 800 sang When I Survey to the Lamb.

My dad had...Read More
Categories: pertinent, america, bible, books, death, history, jesus, leadership,
Form: Tail-rhyme
mass silent sound cloud plunk from das bad ass monk one
thy macbook pro 
   contracted a ungrateful deadly virus 
disallowing communication 
   between you Pink Floyd, and us
Tom MacDonald (the head 

   hombre honcho) didst tuss
sup hiz hands in utter futility, 
  ...Read More
Categories: pertinent, 10th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Dramatic Verse
Total Time I Spent In Dental Chair Post Adolescence To Present Age first appointment
so much precious existence 
found me rooted with mouth ajar 
as sigh asper the dentin-cementum 
so mud dear reader (with dem perfect 
enameled pearly whites), aye har bar 
envy for those with a complete set 

of eight incisors, four cuspids...Read More
Categories: pertinent, body, depression, feelings, grief, lost, pain, sad,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Pertinence of Compassion
Impertinence of Zealotry

reminds Roshi Susan Murphy,
refers not only to Trumpian rudeness,
but also irrelevance
to Earth's Kingdom 
at Compassionate Hand.

I was watching "Silence" last night
about zealous colonizing missionaries
learning creolizing compassion
of growing relevant to cultures
indigenous to unwashed aliens
suffering the zealous impertinence
of selfishly empowered...Read More
Categories: pertinent, christian, color, culture, earth, integrity, peace, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
something permanent
i follow the babble
streams of thought
with a bottom made of gravel
sand and glass melting
from the pressure set down
a deep abyss with strange creations
these libations with a rain sound
look into the pond
then fall right in
sky is the limit
even when dim
justice just...Read More
Categories: pertinent, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Am Who I Am
I am who I am

Were you to ask where I’m from my past my tale my next of kin
the answer lies in who tells my narrative my twist what kind of spin

My autobiography is quickly shown in who I am...Read More
Categories: pertinent, life,
Form: Verse
Exasperated Inc
I’ve read your status updates
And admit I’m frazzled
Your mind reads like a puzzle
I’m running behind

Much uncovered 
But nothing discovered
Subtle signals. Clever optics 
Quit these tactics
I need time to recover

Some portend collaboration
My approach is one of aberration
Simple policy 
Be more cognitive
Think...Read More
Categories: pertinent, character, conflict, culture, rap, relationship, social, urban,
Form: Lyric