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Writing Personification Poems

These Writing Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Writing. These are the best examples of Personification Writing poems written by international poets.

Death's Cold Hand
Struck by Death's cold hand, I stagger,
heartbreaking loss pulls me apart;
facing His sharp gruesome dagger,
struck by Death's cold hand, I stagger,
undone by His freezing swagger.

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Categories: personification, death,

Premium Member And Early To Rise

"Dayum - that hurts!" cried the waking soil, frozen hard as concrete ...

"Couldn't you wait a smidge longer ... I mean, until I thawed out...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, flower, life,

Premium Member Personification Is My Favorite Poem to Write
Personification is my favorite poem to write.
I can fly to my nest and feed my eaglets, 
or I can scare humans to death with my...

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Categories: personification, introspection, poems, poetess, poetry,

Miraculous Day Of An Early Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours…..

of my life during King Ahaz’s days
when I felt the warm, embracing rays
as that golden orb did shimmer and blaze.


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Categories: memory, miracle, prayer, sun,

Inspiration's Journey
She started out slowly limping, occasionally
  wincing with pain on that cold winter day in which
      she had determined...

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Categories: change, inspiration, perspective, seasons,

This is my first time to spend Christmas
With your gracious family whom I belong…
Festive spirit I feel as expressed by every lad and lass
Especially that...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, cheer up,

In the still of the night,
my thoughts are racing
and need erasing.
All I have to do is use my pen,
then the art of writing begins,
the thoughts...

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Categories: anxiety, body, confusion, emotions,

Premium Member A Halloween Horror
A creepy-looking lit jack 'o lantern takes perverse pleasure in startling 
Trick-or-treating kids. It waits until they get to the door, then lets out 

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Categories: day, halloween, scary, sound,

Poetic pain
Despite the writing skill
The drive,ambition and will
Sometimes I feel 
I should just give up and kneel
Someone else should take the wheel
And drive this Poetic automobile...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, angel, art,

Another Loss
Sad !!
I lost a poem
whose title was 'Loss'
I could not find it
and yet its first line
was 'lost and found'
but not found was the one I...

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Categories: poems, poetry,

Now is the time of youth in poetry
I saw you in your poetry ... 
A bunch of orchid baths
in solitary forests
In your writing ... 
The odd scent of water drops 
in the...

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Categories: beauty, earth, emotions, fantasy,

oy Gevalt - Moi Ongepatchket Married Life - part uno
Once thy future spouse (Abby Zison) found herself in the family way
  (with what would turn out to be the first of our two...

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Categories: how i feel, introspection,

Premium Member THE STRANGER

Stranger: "Who are you?"

Poet: "I am a poet!"

S.:"Where do you get your ideas from?"

P.:"From the Muse of course."

S.: "Is Muse a friend of yours?"

P.: "I...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

A Journey With PoetrySoup
A Journey With PoetrySoup

as I began to walk with poetrysoup
I realised this love
love of poetry
poetry that bring me a smile
a smile that creates courage 

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Categories: future, poems, poetry, success,

Premium Member A broken swing
I’m the swing that swung and now I’m still, 
Never to sail again,
Never to hear the sound of laugh,
I remember the days of when

The kids...

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Categories: children, happy, remember, sad,

Premium Member Page by Page
Teasing twining thoughts as you glance upon my face;
while I'm placed beside your pen, a special creative place

Thoughts pool with emotions in your unspoken heart

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: writing,

Stanley Russell Harris Me
Stanley Russell Harris (ME)
The new Mad Author

When my books begin to sell.
From, ‘feedaread,’ where they dwell!
And I’m as rich as blinking well…
You know, rolling in...

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Categories: adventure, animal, books, meaningful,

Premium Member Ye Get This
Yesterday I had a short circuit
So, I just had to go sit back
And just rework it

Been writing for more
Than a week a half

Boy this download...

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Categories: visionary,

Free verse
I am writing you with  your beautiful garment 
To tell you I will be leaving you for awhile 
Other worlds I want to explore...

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Categories: art,

Premium Member Just A Purple Wall
I am a wall painted purple, oh, I remember that day well,
      a girl of raven hair, standing on a...

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Categories: nostalgia,