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Weather Personification Poems

These Weather Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Weather. These are the best examples of Personification Weather poems written by international poets.

2019-nCoV another flu
Hello, guys! am I new to you?
Don't be scared I am  just a virus
I came to the human cycle recently 
As some Chinese eat...

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Categories: allegory, care, engagement, farewell,

Premium Member Night Serenade
The wind rustled through the trees
forming a whispering melody 
the higher pitches made a whistling sound
while the lower pitches were soft moans
As the wind intensified...

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Categories: nature, weather,

I wandered lonely as a cloud* 
to places far and wide
I often thought it would be fun 
to rain down on a bride
Or maybe on...

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Categories: fun, rain, summer, sunshine,


Cold-blooded scales, fiery-hot, languishing,
As she dreamily falls harnessing the icy wind.
Dropping she recalls, and smiles feebly,
That she alone sits on the throne, this...

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Categories: animal, weather,

Premium Member Nature Personified BLIZZARD -
Blizzard disaster, 
Snowflakes meander
Area of occurrence: temperate and polar regions, high mountains
Season usually winter
Effect power outages, dangerous travel conditions
Nature Personified BLIZZARD
It begins with my eyes...

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Categories: analogy, natural disasters, nature,

Premium Member Winter Shuffle
When winter woke and dealt its hand
It froze the heart of Cumberland.
The icy air dispersed in spades
To twist and cut like razorblades.

Small pools of water...

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Categories: personification, nature, weather, winter,

Premium Member S-eason O-f S-urrender
i’m a leaf
crisp and plaid

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Categories: lost, weather,

My Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
For I have found a new direction.
Like the sun shinning on a sundial,
hope follows me whence I travel. 
For its...

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Categories: courage, hope, light, sun,

Premium Member The Wisdom Of A Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
orange light upon the flowers.
In morning mist, the light I kiss;
Crunching numbers I persist.
Each hour of the turning Earth;
another offspring,...

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Categories: planet, sky, star, sun,

Premium Member The Exhibit
One day a rainbow, painted itself upon a still damp sky.  It’s palette of pastel soft orange, yellow, pink, lavender and blue, slowly blended...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, color,

Don't Blow Said The Trailblazer
Some people like to live on the edge or hang on a ledge. Not me.
I'm just Daniel, a trailblazer forging ahead, making a pathway for...

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Categories: anger, god, mountains, natural

Premium Member Raindrop
On cumulonimbus wisps,
I lift and twist.
Surfing the switchback flow,
I’m fast, I’m slow, then oh...
I crash into kith and kin,
Punch-drunk, I spin.

Haphazardly I accrete,
Each friend I...

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Categories: fun, rain, weather,

Premium Member It Watches
A black stormy sky as night fell;
Brought a wonder to my head
And I turned off the TV; 
not hearing the full weather report.
You see, while...

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Categories: fantasy, imagery, imagination, poems,

Whenever I spoke
All they did was provoke 
they took me as a joke
So I would often choke
Is it because I was broke?
they felt comfortable to...

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Categories: soulmate, spiritual, tiger, voice,

It Takes Balls to Live
Life is a ball, bouncing – retrieving 
You never know how far it goes
How it bounces
Like your hopes and aspiration
So you learn, prepare
and like a...

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Categories: 12th grade, best friend,

I met a gorilla on the bus today.
He was genuinely interested in what I had to say.
We talked weather, politics and life.
I spoke of my...

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Categories: animal,

The Storm
As the sky grew grey
People in dismay
But the flowers screaming hooray hooray

Thunder grew violent
And the people went silent
Finally some peace and quiet

For I am dreary

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Categories: death, nature, perspective, poetry,

Cups -Personification-
They like to be held
when the weather gets cold,
they could be worn down to nothing
don't mind growing too old.

They enjoy having a cold drink
even a...

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Categories: art,

Rise Behemoth
Trees like fallen soldiers strewn
Haphazard amid woods, lawns
Sand brine planks: 
runes of nature's 
colossal force, 

A vast- avast! the harbored cry
Spiral'd sinews of vapor vaporize

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Categories: nature, power, weather,

Premium Member Oh, beautiful Rose
Oh, beautiful Rose, how nice to meet you!
Fresh, cheerful, and ready for your day’s work,
Of greeting and cheering up people who care for you, 

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Categories: flower, nature,