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Purple Personification Poems

These Purple Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Purple. These are the best examples of Personification Purple poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Desert Bloom
My aorta beats in golden poppies,
pulsing down slopes to pool
in a bruise of purple sage.
Though my eyes gleam
with lemon marigolds
snow caps of porcelain lupine
melt on...

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Categories: flower, metaphor, spring,

She Sleeps in Dreams
She is
 sallow-skinned, salacious, seductive beauty,
  secure, safely sequestered in seclusion;
   sinking, shaking, shattered, submerged 
self-contained, self-centered in selfless solitude
she sleeps,...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, word play,

Premium Member The Antilles Pinktoe Tarantula

I am the prettiest tarantula in the Caribbean Sea
My web is the most intricate of my kind, a cone in a tree.
When I get larger...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Glass art
Frozen to perfect, stiff, fixed and fast, 
Forever replicating exact,
Transparent colours of love and beauty, 
Forever being abstract,

She’s a water kingfisher, with a purple song...

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Categories: art, beauty, growth, peace,

Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal Poem
By: Elicia Spike/Jenson
A bird comes a bird goes, that’s very free.
A bird who loves my green trees.
A beautiful bird.
Red and bright, with...

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Categories: bird,

Premium Member My most intimate friend
Streams of purple flow on your skin, 
While waves of white stamp your smile,
And your top is a choppy ocean of love, 
An unmanageable free...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, self,

Premium Member Personification of a plant
I start blooming in spring with colorful bushes to see
Purple and white flowers hang delicately from me
I spread sweet fragrance blowing far with every breeze

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Categories: beauty, flower, spring,

Premium Member IRIS

Dainty as a maiden embellished in deep violet,
She flutters through grassland, emitting a tangy perfume
And her bodice, luscious, drifts on an organza garment 
That reflects...

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Categories: appreciation, flower,

Thistle's when i'm prickly down
Upon your silky pappus.
Ither on over
Your showy
Purple flower head.
Onorpordum Acanthium
Is where i quenteth
On the pointed end
Of a prickspur
Not knowing the time....

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Categories: flower, romantic, sexy,

Starry eyed!
Petunias gazed into the sky,
The sun shining high,
Daydreaming began,
Petunia’s argued!
Who was the best?
In God’s favour,
“I am!” Chirped up Red,
The passionate one,
“No better flower than...

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Categories: poems,

Aquilegia Granny's Bonnet
Granny’s bonnet
Frilly satin material,
The good old days
How fashion has changed,
And today’s people live,
Their fragrances linger on,
As we gaze upon Aquilegia
With sweetness,
And great pleasure
Pretty purple velvet,

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Categories: poetry,

Lavender infusion,
Straight to the heart,
Beautiful purple,
Aroma for life,
Pleasantly pleasing 
Arousing perfumery,
Fragrance soothing,
Silence and serenity,
My sweet 
Scented elegance, 
Taste of your kisses,
Romancing invitations 
Messages flowering,
Attracting and...

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Categories: poetry, , sweet love,

The Butterfly's Ballad And I
I get a glimpse of you
A soft hue of light lavender
rising in my dawn
Gliding fervently
in a sun-kissed breeze.
An ephemeral bliss
enchanting the depths
of these caramel eyes.

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Categories: butterfly,

Premium Member Just A Purple Wall
I am a wall painted purple, oh, I remember that day well,
      a girl of raven hair, standing on a...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Winding My Tendrils
                      Can you recall...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful,

Premium Member - BEAUTIFULLY BOLD - 10

The purple angel facing the sun, so fair to look upon
has a tenacious grip on the moors; it roots secured.
With its head held high,...

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Categories: beautiful, flower, strength, symbolism,

The voice of our Star
Bumblebee’s soar through

The doors of spring.

Sharp icicles melt pools,

Of crisp, elegant, water

That sprinkles the ground before them.

While the wind whistles its tune;

The sun emits black...

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Categories: autumn, emotions, nature,

Premium Member WISTERIA

Oh how this bodice is dressed in taffeta,
Lined with hundreds of lavender pleats
Spiraling, drooping, whirling
All over my voluptuous contour …
Bare these limbs grinding on soft...

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Categories: beauty, imagery, tree,

Premium Member Butterflies
In summer my garden comes alive
as graceful butterflies make it home.
Peacocks with vivid colours flit
from blossom to blossom

Busily working gathering nectar
pollinating as they go on...

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Categories: butterfly, flower,

Premium Member Orange Crush The adventures of Soda Pop VIII
If you are reading "the Adventures of Soda Pop" for the first time, read the first in the series and the story will make more...

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Categories: adventure, childhood,