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Heartbreak Personification Poems

These Heartbreak Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Personification Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

He Is My Rock
My Darling:
I have a confession to make why i walked away 
Let us connect to talk as it feels a lifetime has gone by
During your...

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Categories: confusion, heartbreak, sad love,

Premium Member Molten
With pure silk curves, wrapped in a rose, 
Loosely sharing her neck,
Those ripples of love along her hard heart, 
Her round and vivid perfect, 


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Categories: earth, feelings, happiness, heartbreak,

is the familiar empty spot in my bed.
walks so confidently, disguised as a man.
weighs down my eager-to-love heart.
shows me that love costs a price. 

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Categories: heartbreak,

Where is Ubuntu
Where is Ubuntu ? 

I wail
I lament
the death of Ubuntu
and forgotten.
I wail
I lament 
the ignored tradition
of Ubuntu proclamation
Ubuntu that has been replaced
by cruelty
by human brutaluty.

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Categories: abuse, heartbreak, sorrow,

Yeah we met and it started out great
We didn’t need words – we were in sync
But then something went wrong and it all came apart

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Categories: heartbreak, love hurts,

A Broken Vessel
A Broken Vessel

Unfixable object
Broken into its pieces
One by one all over the area
With a strange excessive liquid 
That flows like water of the Red Sea.


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Categories: heartbreak, hurt,

De la terre, avec mon amour
To you of broken minds and broken souls, 
For whom do you bow?
Is it the sky’s fyre, who rises west of the east and sleeps...

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Categories: anger, body, earth, heartbreak,

The Sensitive
The Sensitive

sourced from weak
no stand
easily shaken
so frail
like glass
easily broken
far from strong
hardly last
short span
owns contingency
little duration
now and then
so weak so frail.

Drencho POET Loads...

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Categories: heartbreak,

Waiting in the wings
We stand here waiting in the wings, 
Our time to be on stage getting nearer.
There are still a few of you who remember last time...

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Categories: anxiety, autumn, betrayal, cancer,

Scratchy darkness wraps our souls
Leaving us with empty goals
Sorrow sadness without controls
Road of our lives filled with potholes

Boils in our hearts about to erupt 

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Categories: corruption, hate, heartbreak, prejudice,

Premium Member How I Saved My Best Friend
Loyalty is my middle name as I wait for her all day,
oh, and when that door opens I bark and start nagging!
Slobbery wet kisses I...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, dog, heartbreak,

sahare ko sahara
????? ?? ?????
??? ???? ????? ?????
?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??
?? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ???
??? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?

?? ??? ?? ???...

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Categories: anger, deep, children, heartbreak,

What did i do so wrong
my life was never a flower or a song
why did you hit me so much
shoving my face in your crotch


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Categories: heartbreak, loss, sorrow,

The Unquote Promise
It was night when I saw you in my dreams
Dreams that shattered into pieces
Pieces of our memories and hearts
Hearts that seems so tired to follow...

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Categories: heartbreak, hurt, lost,

A mystery it holds, 
deep within itself,
where emotions absolve,
and fit illusions to oneself.

an unending mansion,
with no rooms around,
where path never ends,
and silence is the only...

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Categories: absence, heartbreak, horror, loss,

Highest Of Egos
  Why do they do it?
Put up with chilling
winds and blinding
   I try to warn them
but they don't listen.

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Categories: courage, death, desire, dream,

Premium Member Mother Earth's Plea
Mother Earth's Plea

Once upon a time I was so beautiful

Now my body is cluttered with pestilence,
I’m slowly dying inside.
Hear my suffering,
feel my rain of tears,

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, earth, heartbreak, imagery,

Love and Life
Life! Love! Life!
A slight difference between
Dreamland and reality
One a home for believing
Another a house for insecurities

An unsafe place 
Where your safety is always 
Said to...

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Categories: appreciation,

Premium Member The Old Rocking Chair
There’s another child on the way
I’ll still be here
As I was for generations
Year after year after year
I’ve seen a revolution and a Civil war
Brother against...

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Categories: imagination, timechild, child, me,