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Environment Personification Poems

These Environment Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Environment. These are the best examples of Personification Environment poems written by international poets.

Flower Songs
Oh how lovely are the flowers songs;
Roses singing soprano while tulips belt out baritone notes; chiming songs is their greatest joy.
Bluebells and daisies chime in...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, environment,

Premium Member Spirit of The Singing Waters
Spirit of The Singing Waters

Do you hear her in the forest
there within the winding creek?
If you listen to the water
you will surely hear her speak.

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Categories: beauty, environment, imagery, metaphor,

As feathered fowls* mentioned by the Scriptures
We are God’s wondrous creatures
Of marvelously unique features
Blessed to triumph along freedom-ventures.

Yearning that the Creator would uphold our plight

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Categories: appreciation, bird, blessing, environment,

Rivers Collection
The river pours itself down lakes and streams;
along its way, collecting its baubles;
drift wood, rocks, feathers and leaves for its scrapbook.

  It likes to...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, nature,

Conversation In The Woods
In the woods I asked a pigeon,
If it minded that we talk and listen;
Came the reply, from up on high,
Yes, let’s get on with it,...

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Categories: personification, animal, appreciation, bird, cat,

Dusted by love
Miles went the season of love,
When trees shed leaves to bless the grounds
And the birds chirped to hail the dawns
Happy was the cry of folks.


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Categories: confidence, conflict, corruption, creation,

Lamplight Moon
Lamplight moon sits watching me;
watching her,
through my telescope.
Sister Moon floats 
in centrifugal dance, 
becoming dizzy.  
When she tires, 
brother Sun will dance In her...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, moon,

No Secrets
Wall hears, sees; absorbs all;
Take care with your secrets; 
the walls have their own way of gossiping; 
don’t think you can just leave and keep...

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Categories: environment, image, imagery, imagination,

You Are What You Eat
Okay, in many cases people use this term or expression to distinguish a likeliness to becoming what you eat… The truth, really, is that you...

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Categories: care, creation, culture, devotion,

By: Elicia Spike/Jenson

Beautiful blue sky.
Birds fly high.
Green green grass.
Flowers in many mass.
Flowers of many colors.
Animals in different orders.

Nature Provides.

Herbs, seed, fruit.
Vegetables in many groups.

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Counting The Seconds

i sit lonely. the crowded restaurant is thick with sound. i pick away at it moving back into the stagnant silence of my own comfort....

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Categories: personification, introspection,

When I was Eighteen
When I was eighteen
I entered her virgin land
She absorbed me with esteem
But there was no success at hand

I struggled to raise my head up
To sail...

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Categories: anxiety, education, emotions, encouraging,

Premium Member Hidden Secret Me
I am a cold, flat, black and white rectangle, rounded corners, no frills or curls.
No one could revere me more that thirteen-year-old higher thinking boys...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

The Three Islands Sleep
The Three Islands Sleep!

Sleep, sleep, the islands asleep!
Sleep while the winds blow on her face,
On her trees, and on her mountains and hills,
Sleep when the...

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Categories: change, community, corruption, environment,

Premium Member Egg
I’ve created a family, with billions of billions, 
I’m the reason that we’re all alive,
And because of me, millions of species, 
Have been the ones...

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Categories: environment, funny, nature,

birthday boy
Be close to me and hear what I've got to tell you dear birthday boy. 
From the creation you have set your party in us,...

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Categories: allegory, america, art, betrayal,

Sole Survivor
Tremulous soil plays host to fleeing frightened fauna as
cacophonic outpourings shatter my serenity.

Whilst my delicate limbs shake in symphonic sympathy,
spluttering engines of destruction belch caustic...

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Categories: environment, imagery, inspirational, metaphor,

Taking the proffered ancient torch in hand
In Altamira, Santander and Lascaux
I am the fire, the flickering, burning brand
That leads the artists' hungering below.

Where forms of...

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Categories: art, environment, fire, nature,

I used to be like hulk
Rage was my power,
Until i smoked weed
That strong green,
So i sit in peace
Like i could rest in peace,
The black out...

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Categories: character, dark, depression, psychological,

Spanning the River
I've spanned these banks for many years,
made evident in the rusty tin adorning my roof 
My sides are scarred , colors been stripped
from angry storms...

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Categories: environment, river,