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Brother Personification Poems

These Brother Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Personification Brother poems written by international poets.

Moon Ponders
I sit here, night after night, watching human children and I am so bored.  They bicker and fight about everything.  It’s the same...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, moon, planet,

Premium Member Frustrated Flammulated Flycatcher
Do not skulk, my mother said, sternly, meanly, and often.
How could I not? I asked myself. We are skulking birds, are we not?
Your bill is...

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Categories: bird,

Premium Member Sh Did You Hear That
I hesitate to get my cool clean drink this morning.
Something is different. The cold air is the same.
The water is still, I do not sense...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member From Our Perch In The Gnarly Gumdrop Tree
Greeting the day's offerings, we cat souls 
Were watching for scampering voles and moles.
Five vigilant cousins and I, perched up high,
watching the sun rise in...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Have You Ever Felt Pain When Everything Was Numb
I wish that nightmares only happened in dreams
Or lives that were so tightly joined together, didn't burst at the seams
I wish that I could find...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Dear Winter
For the longest time, I have been longing,
For your return, my dear are you lodging, 
Months and days I have been standing looking from afar...

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Categories: cry, miss you, seasons,

Tunnel vision
All I need is your trust
And like Gold I’ll never rust 
Solid as the earth’s crust 
It took me time to adjust 
I was nothing...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Lamplight Moon
Lamplight moon sits watching me;
watching her,
through my telescope.
Sister Moon floats 
in centrifugal dance, 
becoming dizzy.  
When she tires, 
brother Sun will dance In her...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, moon,

The Eyes Have it-Dukes Dilemma
If I were you, I wouldn’t walk there

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Categories: dog, humorous, pets,


On my knees, 

mighty life I implored with all the force of my soul


to reveal to me its so many wondrous mysteries! 



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Categories: death, life, mystery,

I am a sister I am a brother 
I am a father I am a mother 
I am a daughter I am a son 

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Categories: endurance, life, meaningful, moving

Loyalty Leo Mbalamana
A loyal mate
Never says its too late
To help you out of your critical state
They will put a chip on your plate
Make sure you ate
And watch...

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Categories: art, betrayal, brother, career,

My Mom is a Wolf
My mom’s a wolf,
So is my brother and my dad,
My sister’s a wolf,
But she’s not that bad.

Mom is a white,
Sister is a gold,
Brother is a...

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Categories: horror, howl,

Good Friend Leo Mbalamana

Born and raised by a woman of great integrity 
This humble beginnings formed his identity 
With the willingness to work hard and remain focus
Adding this...

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Categories: art, beauty, brother, care,

Either a bitter cold night,

Or a hot summer day.

I was always fearless 

Because you were with me everyday.

We grew up together,

With your hands on my...

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Categories: best friend, brother, care,

Premium Member Sunflower Personification of my Seed

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, feelings, how

The man above Leo mbalamana
My father my lord 
My protective armour and sword
The captain of my ward 
The Holy Spirit that keeps me on board 
Forgive me for I...

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Categories: aubade, bangla, blessing, boxing

Like peas in a pod

Like birds of a feather

My twin and me

We stick together

Sharing the laughter

Sharing the tears

United together

We have no fears

My twin and me


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Categories: adventure,

Dear Jupiter
You don't know me, and perhaps you never will. But in my heart I am certain that we have at least one thing in common....

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Categories: adventure, earth, future, humanity,

Premium Member HADES


Death I saw passing by my neighborhood the other day

Some souls to harvest

Intrigued by his austere appearance I approached him and asked:

"Why oh you mighty,...

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Categories: death, fear, life,