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Premium Member Bigotry More Alive Now Than the 60s
Giddiness pretends we love indifference
Desperation in ignorable thoughts
Status quo readies us for church and stuff

Our heads buried like the pink flumed ostrich
Having more in common with us than us
Hatred follows us around like mouse traps

Head clouds are pretty not hearing...Read More
Categories: ostrich, racism,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member That's Fur Out
An ostrich can outrun a racehorse,
And their eyes are bigger than their brains
The only birds that have but two toes
Some may even have saddles and reins!

On the old Batman TV series
They added Aunt Harriet, for they
Feared, two bachelors and a...Read More
Categories: ostrich, cool, crazy,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member A B C for Fun's Sake
Avid anteaters ate artichokes
Blossoming beyond barley’s beauty,
Classic chews can clearly 
Deny delivering dangerous dangling dates
Evening eggplants enormous evolved ecstatic
Ferocious fig fritters furthering Frito’s finesse.
Galloping gingerbread giants gobbling goats gelatin,
Hurrying heavily handsome hindquarters 
Imagining illustriously ignorant
Jealous juried jams
Killing king’s kiwi kingdoms.
Lazy...Read More
Categories: ostrich, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: ABC
Am I invisible... you almost knocked me flying
I’m on the pavement too, can’t you see me!
Too busy on your bloody mobile
Makes me seethe as you can see! 

Head bent, hell bent on concentrating
Your ‘ostrich’ bonce buried, phone in hand
Stop texting...Read More
Categories: ostrich, anger, how i feel, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member FEATHERS
My brother was an ostrich 
Looked a bit strange 
Like Neville from the Grange 
Someone here ,  but out of range          entirely 

His hair was different ,  too
Until he...Read More
Categories: ostrich, funny, growing up, humorous, image, life, society,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Farmer And The Fox
A Farmer built a chicken coop 
    from extra wood and wire.
To satisfy the pent demand 
    for eggs from many buyers.
He hoped to make some money 
    by giving hens...Read More
Categories: ostrich, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Owl Serenade
It was the driest season in years
the animals were running out of food
they gathered around their withering watering hole
looking up at the night sky 
hungrily wondering what the stars tasted like
so they made a plan to reach them.
The giraffe would...Read More
Categories: ostrich, animal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A GOOD SHAKE

Everyone around me's falling
Soldiers in this war of life
It seems so inescapable
Bad news everywhere I turn

I just want to be
an ostrich for a day
Hide my head in sand

Buried deep recoup then
Give my head a shake
Wait for the sunny days

Wherein I'll...Read More
Categories: ostrich, change, hope, longing, people, sad, sympathy, time,
Form: Free verse
A Man from Australia
There was a man from Australia,
Who in life was an utter failure,                            ...Read More
Categories: ostrich, funny, hilarious, humor,
Form: Limerick
I remember the silhouette
From her stares and gestures
How they gracefully slithered
Through minds and seasons
The silk in her demeanor
How it sucked un-weaved roughage
And tilted edges of dispositions
Until moments stood firm
She only had one niddle of hope
With locally done emotional textiles
She could...Read More
Categories: ostrich, conflict,
Form: Acrostic
Boo Land

In Boo Land ...

Every gagged mouth is covered 
by a grave reeker hand
Raven black-cloaked, vomit foul specter
maniacally sob laughing
Someone’s been tilting the tomb bottles again,
tipping thru the Pet Sematary growling 

Inflicting fear is the feral joy of the frightening
Scream suffering
is...Read More
Categories: ostrich, dark, fear, scary, violence,
Form: Verse
Crossing the White Line

Ebony drunk  and burnt rubber   sienna swerving,
I crossed the white line ...
And tragically,
with emotional intensity,
word vehicular hit a vanilla-colored human being

My coal senses were belly dulled 
by the intoxicating,   sepia pleasure liberating pang
Released from the...Read More
Categories: ostrich, anxiety, color, psychological, race, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Serpentine Shadow Dance

First you lemming sway to the left,
then you ostrich sway to the right
No straight talk movement is motive necessary
on Leper Rabbit Foot Devil’s Night

Now a-moral slug limbo very Dixie Antebellum low ... 
just how deep down apartheid dirt South can...Read More
Categories: ostrich, dance, spiritual, wisdom, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member An ancient call to the new
The ostrich feather of justice
weighing values from the heart 
processed from ethical and moral principles
upholding a measure to see right from wrong 
conflicting roles of chaos needs to be addressed 
there is a disturbance against the cosmic harmony 
where blasphemy...Read More
Categories: ostrich, conflict, courage, fate, feelings, truth, universe, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Adaptive Raptor
White bear
Black raven
Olive branch in dove beak
Is sign of savin'

Black plague
Little white pill
Fool won't come down
Up on the hill still

Spotted mammal 
Painted lady horse
Sprintin' cross Serengetti 
Then on the track of course 

Hairy ostrich
Pelon eagle
Fake? no Putin very welcomin' 
To...Read More
Categories: ostrich, devotion, identity,
Form: Light Verse
I forgot how to rhyme
I've forgot how to rhyme right
Lack of inspiration keeping me up for five nights 
Writing rhymes to keep my mind tight 
I'd rather be truthful than a coward who hides behind lies
An average poet, but you might find
a few lines...Read More
Categories: ostrich, confidence, conflict, fun, hilarious, irony, rap,
Form: Free verse
My Wed Ding Anniversary Number XXII
More' n force gore
     and seven years ago
tha youngest daughter of
     Willian and Sylvia Zison
     found her beau
pea ping over a paperback
     (at present...Read More
Categories: ostrich, 10th grade, 11th grade, 8th grade, gender,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Whopper Eggs

Ostrich eggs are 6 by 5 inches weighing 3 pounds
Imagine coming out, screaming is heard all over town
Equal to 2 dozen chicken eggs
So the question it begs
Are they waiting for death to get rid of their frowns

...Read More
Categories: ostrich, pain,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Curious Bird
The ostrich is surely a curious bird
Composed of elements rather absurd
Overstuffed body, resting on twigs for legs
Babies hatch in dump nests of 50+ eggs
  Weighing as much as three pounds each
  ~ No wonder ostriches have ear-piercing shrieks

They're...Read More
Categories: ostrich, bird, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

ALAS ALAS ALAS,cries the red sand 
Something joyful is making the sahara smile
Like the sweetness of the sugercane,you make us smile
Sweeter than the beautiful Debinu is ur adorable smile
Sweeter than fura de nunu is...Read More
Categories: ostrich, 10th grade, 1st grade, africa, anniversary, crush,
Form: Ode
Premium Member I love Animal Facts
I love animal facts.
Could read them all day long.
Could write them in a song.

An alligator can
 live 100 years.
Well isn’t that just wrong?

An elephant tooth is the size of a
Newborn baby, a human baby.
On steroids – a nine pounder.

The female...Read More
Categories: ostrich, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Antithesis

In May, the lion’s ear blooms immaculately,
As if the night sky is on fire.
It excretes a ravishing untarnished beauty,
A mesmerizing compelling beauty
Only the mad mystics and poets can discern.
Here, put on these rubber sandals;
The pair with the ostrich plumes,
For the...Read More
Categories: ostrich, love,
Form: Free verse
Up the splinter tree love lodges in the cold winter
A blizzard charades a feeble allegiance
Remotely an owl’s grasp, peaked a branch
Its fixed eyes study the delicate nest
In the storm, upright wings of chromatic plumage
Wantons, in the season, playing for a...Read More
Categories: ostrich, anxiety, imagery, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HE DOES LOVE ME

 in his cave
 he still loves me
 like an ostrich
 he thinks
 for his time out

 he takes time
 to recharge
 he’ll come back 
 I didn’t notice 
 he was gone

 he’ll come...Read More
Categories: ostrich, confidence, confusion, heart, introspection, men, perspective, trust,
Form: Free verse
The land of Baobab and Acacia sassa trees
The proud land of our forefathers.
The home of the fastest animal on earth - Cheetah
The oldest inhabited territory on Earth, 
Who handed treasure of wisdom down to us
The most-populous landmass. 

The place of...Read More
Categories: ostrich, 8th grade, africa, animal, beautiful, beauty, bird,
Form: Free verse