Russian Poems and Poetry from Russian Federation

Russian poems and poetry from Russian Federation. Read examples of russian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

CIGARETTE IN HIROSHIMA RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/16/2017
SKY FLOWERS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/12/2017
BEARD MATH RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/12/2017
Alice 5 RussianRussian FederationBorisanov, Gene11/08/2017
Alice 4 RussianRussian FederationBorisanov, Gene11/08/2017
Alice 3 RussianRussian FederationBorisanov, Gene11/08/2017
Alice 2 RussianRussian FederationBorisanov, Gene11/08/2017
Alice 1 RussianRussian FederationBorisanov, Gene11/08/2017
You believe in your dream RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge11/06/2017
ONLY TWENTY YEARS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/21/2017
WINDBREAK TREES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/21/2017
Halfway to Nowhere RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April10/20/2017
Why Wait RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April10/20/2017
Finally Sober RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April10/20/2017
A New Flame RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April10/20/2017
BEAUTIEST RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/15/2017
LIVING IN THE LEAVES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/09/2017
Of course, my dear, you're a little shying RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/30/2017
ABOUT A FAITH RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
FOLLOW THE DREAM RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
THE SUBWAY RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
ABOUT AN UNDERSTANDING RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
THE AURUMN RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
THE ATMOSPHERE RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/29/2017
RAINY HIGHWAY INCIDENT RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/28/2017
ABOUT A LIE RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
AD PARADISUM VIA INFERNI RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
THE BLACK RIVER DAMNATION RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
BONA FIDE RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
FREE CHEESE RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
JUST LOVE YOU RussianRussian FederationAugustovskaya, Nata09/27/2017
DIET OF POETRY RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/26/2017
Borodino part 2 RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/20/2017
Borodino part 1 RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/20/2017
The Easter joy RussianRussian FederationZavertyaev , Sergey09/20/2017
HISTORY IS UNTRUE RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/14/2017
PREDATOR AND PREY RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/14/2017
You are just my obsession, not more RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/14/2017
Outlaw poetry RussianRussian Federationlibera, carlos09/11/2017
outlaw poetry RussianRussian Federationlibera, carlos09/10/2017
CHI - RHO IN THE BOOK OF KELLS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/30/2017
Talk with Fall RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/27/2017
SPOILING CLEVELAND RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/23/2017
Loneliness RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/20/2017
COMING HOME RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/20/2017
PLANE RIDE RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/18/2017
WEATHER FUN RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/17/2017
OCTOBER THURSDAY RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/06/2017
The Good RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/06/2017
There is no love, but jealousy is crying RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/05/2017